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Season 3 - Episode 6

Breathe in a Sense of Safety

60 min - Practice


Use the breath to calm the nervous system and find a sense of safety in this careful practice with Kira’s guest, Arturo Peal. We begin standing, brushing the energy throughout the body in a cleansing meridian massage. Then we sit and work into spinal circles, forward bends, and neck stretches, before lying on our backs and freeing up the hips, pelvis, psoas, and hamstrings. You will feel relaxed and secure.
What You'll Need: Mat

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just lovely :))
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Wow, thank you! This was so great. It’s such a delight to practice with Arturo. Much appreciation from Groaners Anonymous 🌀
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So awesome to experience a new class with Arturo! Tons of gratitude! 
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I’m in total agreement with my fellow yogis...this was pure therapeutic gold. That you shared your vulnerability with us was really touching. I feel less alone, more held. Thank you Arturo 🙏🏻❤️
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Thank you. I must’ve really needed you today because I felt so many releases. Letting go was really nice.
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Thank you Arturo! What a fabulous class! Just what I needed during this pandemic! Love your humor and sensibilities ! Reminding me to stay breathing was what I needed also and allowing space for individual difference! Peace and love!
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What an incredible practice!  Pure gratitude 
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This practice lifted my spirits and soothed my soul. Made me laugh and feel connected. A jewel!
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I am so glad that y'all came to class and enjoyed your practice! 
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Loved the honesty and humour (still chuckling after the class). A genuinely theraputic class, thank you so much
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