Fall Ayurveda Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 2

Day 1: Happy Joints

55 min - Practice


Welcome to your Fall Ayurveda Yoga Challenge! In Day 1, enjoy this creative sequence challenging coordination as we explore the movements of the joints of the body. We move dynamically through familiar shapes encouraging greater range of motion and creating space in the spine, the legs, wrists, ankles, knees, and hips, starting and ending the practice with Sama Vritti (4-part breathing).

Your Self Care Homework Challenge for Day 1:

Initiate your self care routine by starting the day with these simple steps:
  • Move your joints: Exercise the joints of the body to improve overall circulation, decrease the stress that builds up during the day, and get better sleep.
  • Drink water: Drink room temperature or warm water in the morning with lemon or apple cider vinegar to increase the digestive fire.
  • Oil the skin: Apply coconut or olive oil to the skin to calm the nervous system, combat dryness, and protect you from the external environment. Add a drop of your favorite calming essential oil (lavender, vetiver, rose) for added enjoyment.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block (2)


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This was perfect for me this morning to gently help loosen up a slightly pulled muscle in my back. Love!
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So fun to reconnect with Edgu. I also first experienced it at the lovely Breitenbush Hot Springs. It is sad know the much of Breitenbush burned in the Oregon fires this month. Finding ways to stay happy and healthy is more important than ever! Thanks you for this calming and warming practice.
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Oh I do love your classes Melina! Always so innovative and fun. These joint moves today were deceptively challenging for me, and I’m sure my body will be giving me some feedback tomorrow lol. Now I’m off to sip some cider water 👍
Thanks Martha, I've been enjoying EDGU for some time and hope others appreciate the spinal movements and leg strength that comes from this beautiful system. I"m crushed by the news around Bretienbush Hot Springs and am preparing for a big fundraiser on 10/10 to help raise $$$ to get the center up and running as quickly as possible.   https://www.gofundme.com/f/mtvken-a-cause-i-care-about-needs-help?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=p_cf+share-flow-1
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Love, love, love this practice - happy to have the review of the EDGU series.  Thank you Melina!
My pleasure Pat! Thanks so much for being part of the series!!!
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What an interesting practice! Just what I need in the morning when I am stiffer. Thank you! 
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this was amazing, looking forward to #2, thank you!!
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This practice is perfect and exactly what I needed to move my joints, awaken my balance, and feel grounded. Looking forward to Day 2!
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This was a challenge for me but I am looking forward to the next session!  I am sure each day will be easier. Thank you Melina!
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