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Season 4 - Episode 5

How To Be Here Now

60 min - Practice


Follow the stream of pleasure and let it melt you. Kira’s guest, Suniti, offers a creative, grounding practice moving fluidly and with fresh curiosity through familiar seated and standing shapes with the purpose of knowing gravity and that you are here. You will feel an expanded sense of possibility, love, and vastness.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Subtle, soft and intriguing...sprinkled with a lot of self-hugging that feels quite necessary these days. Thank You Suniti 🌺
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Self hugging feels soo gut, thank you so much❤️
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I love all your classes Suniti , but this one made feel sooooo good!!!! Just what I needed!
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.. oh, and will there be more of your classes in this series Suniti  ?
Jenny S  Thank you for your share! Yes to more self hugging!
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Katrin P hi! You will see more of me on Yoga Anytime this January! I'm so glad you enjoyed this practice.
Marina N Thank you! You are so welcome.
What a beautiful, deep and elegant practice! Thanks, Suniti! I really loved doing it! Kind regards! 🌹🌼💖

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