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Season 4 - Episode 7

Heart Softening with Miles

60 min - Practice


Take great care of yourselves - that’s why we’re here. Kira’s guest, Miles, leads a mindful practice to challenge the strength, flexibility, and stability through Moon and Sun Salutes, holds in standing poses, slow careful transitions, and moments to soften into stretch. Miles also inspires us with chanting accompanied with his harmonium. You will feel buoyant and blissful.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Wow! This is awesome!!! I definitely hope to see more of miles on here!!! 
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Gratitude for such a beautiful practice, Miles!!!
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Ty for the helpful block backbend prep. Besides stretches what prop do you suggest during wheel for extremely tight wrists. FYI your creative child pose to cobra and vise versa was fun.
An unexpected delightful practice and language, especially "scrub" 💚.  What is a suggestion for tight wrists in wheel pose in addition to wrist stretches?
hi nadine, 

I'll respond with what I just wrote Laurie. Thank you . 

you can use either a wedge, which is a thing that looks like a door wedge, you would slip the shorter side looking toward you and the taller side away from you under your hands. 

You can also lay down with the top of your head right up against the wall and the blocks the widest width and smallest height right next to your ears, you would tip the blocks at a slant leaning the taller end on the floor board and the shorter end toward your shoulders. and it is basically the same as a full wheel, heels of the hands on the blocks, fingers drape down the side. that's going to give you a little more lift so it might be a bit harder to get up but it will take the decrease the angle at the wrists which will hopefully feel a lot better.

or use dumbells under your hands and grip the bar. and that will take all the break out of the wrist and make it sweeter if the wrist is an issue. 

hope that helps.

Miles  M, 
Ty so much for the fabulous thorough info. I’ve used blocks before and really think wedges would be better but first i want to try the dumbells (lol funny word isn’t it). Lauri
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yo the cue on getting out of full wheel was so helpful...chin into chest is a game changer. thank you thank you, miles :)
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Oh yes! beautiful class... thank you miles 🙏🏽 fingers crossed we have a few more 60 min classes with you soon! 💚
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Gracias por esta  clase tan maravillosa!!! espero se repita pronto, mi cuerpo, mi mente y mi corazon terminaron completamente balanceados. Namaste.
Great class!  It's been awhile since I've down headstand or wheel.  Perfect cuing.  Love the Of Mice and Men reference.  haha

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