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Yoga of the Christ Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 9

Day 8: Sacrifice and the Sacred

60 min - Talk


The maintenance of cosmic order requires periodic sacrifice. In Day 8, after our opening meditation, Ravi discusses the miracle of Lazarus’ resurrection and the concept of spiritual death and awakening. We explore the difference between suffering and sacrifice, the idea in both the gnostic gospels and in classical Yoga teachings that sacrifice is required to maintain cosmic order, how Christ approached his own crucifixion, and the role sacrifice plays in our lives. We are asked to investigate how we sacrifice in our relationships, and how this might relate to “God is Love”.
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Learning that the root word of Sacrifice is Sacred while caregiving my mom changed the whole experience from one that is innately prone to great stress, to one that was filled with great JOY, ( and a little stress,).  Which led me to researching more root words and translations, especially from the bible and I think you are absolutely right Mr. Ravindra, the Christian world, for the most part, has the whole thing wrong.  Would you be willing to recommend a Bible with the Greek and Aramaic translations? I've been looking for one to continue my studies, but am not sure which one to pick, do you have a favorite one? thank you for this work, I really appreciate you. 
Hi, Maria Elena D! Please see the following response from Ravi:
Hi Maria! You are blessed to be deeply struck by some aspects of the teaching of Christ, perhaps brought to your attention by some remarks of mine. I don't know Greek or Aramaic, but I studied John's Gospel in Greek with Professor Hilary Armstrong, the great Plotinus scholar who did not have to even look at a Greek dictionary. You can find many translations of the Bible in many languages on the internet. 
Also I recommend not to be against the Christian world. As in any other religious tradition, there are many scoundrels who claim to be twice born, born of the Spirit, but there have been some remarkable sages in the Christian history also.
Best wishes in your journey!
Ravi Ravindra 
There are so many favourites in this talks one is "oneness and uniqueness both exist".  What I really like about the series is how many sides are considered, particularly the Indian and the Biblical traditions highlighting both differences and similarities.  And I am starting to see the benefit and the richness of studying many traditions, I have been inspired thank you !

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