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Yoga of the Christ Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 8

Day 7: God is Love

60 min - Talk


A rose does not decide to smell like a rose. In Day 7, after a grounding meditation, Ravi discusses the prevalence of the concept of Love in both gnostic and canonical gospels. We learn that the highest reality is Love, that one must not try to love but that one must be Love, and that love can mean many different things depending upon the relationships of the individuals involved. We are given exercises to explore these principles in our own lives.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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For me, the action that corresponds to me loving God is total surrender - an opening to allow God-as-Love to flow through me and into the world. As Krishna says, to be "the mere instrument"... 
I am struck by the fact that as a Greek speaker I didn't know that faith - pistis, is receiving and love - agapi, is giving - which goes to show that we get so stuck in a particular usage of a word in our world / culture and cannot see beyond it.  Thank you so much for this guiding principle which was strongly brought to me by these two words here

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