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Yoga of the Christ Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 7

Day 6: An Instrument of God

55 min - Talk


Can I become an instrument of the will of God? In Day 6, Ravi guides a meditation on the question “Am I breathing or am I being breathed?” We explore the concept that will, knowledge, and action are not of the individual but rather expressed through the individual by God. We are asked to relate these concepts to our own lives.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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I remember a phrase from the Gītā that particularly struck me: be the mere instrument of the Divine (I paraphrase). And from Christian circles: to let go, and let God... That is simply why we are each here.
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Thank you for a  very illuminating presentation on knowledge and action - free from knowledge and free from action...that will set us free!
This lesson really touched me. Although I do “believe”, I have not felt particularly spiritual in a long time. I was moved during the exercise about being “breathed “ by God, and could FEEL the love of God. Thank you. 

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