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Trust the Connection: 20-Day Yoga Retreat Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 17

Day 16: Fearless Flow

60 min - Practice


Are you ready to trust your higher self? In Day 16, Wade leads a heart-centered flow to help us trust in self. We challenge the legs and hips to establish a steady foundation as we muster the courage to fly into balancing poses, then play into back bends feeling the heart open, welcoming fearlessness. You will feel a deeper connection to your inner guide and Source.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block (2)


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Just getting used to your style Wade and we will keep following you. We especially liked the leg workout today. Thank you. 
Your Canadian friends, Don and Leesa 
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Wow! What an incredible innovative practice, Wade. I feel transformed. Thank you. 
HI Leesa H So glad you and Don could join and Yes! its like dancing with a person you don't know and aren't sure what they are going to do next! Stay on your toes :)
Thank you Hope H It's so great to hear from you and I'm so glad you felt the shifts from the Fearless Flow!!
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Super-duper! Wade's yoga classes are always good, fun medicine for the body & spirit!

Oh that makes me so happy Erika H thanks for sharing the after glow with me and the forum!
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Many thanks Wade! Your positivity is contagious and gives me the confidence to have fun in what otherwise would be challenging poses. I really appreciate you & your practice.
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Thanks so much for a kind words Sue M Im so happy you are going for the challenge and building confidence is a win-win!
Thank you, Wade. I was craving a practice with you today. This was really needed. I'm staying in the hospital with a sick child for 2 weeks straight and even in this environment it was possible to tune in and benefit from this time together. Thank goodness for yoga and, as always, for your guidance. Much love from Berlin. xo
Shawn oh wow you need Yoga more than any of us in this situation! I know you were able to share the healing love with the child. Sending some healing energy your way!
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