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Trust the Connection: 20-Day Yoga Retreat

Welcome to your Trust the Connection 20-day yoga retreat. We filmed this retreat live with some of our favorite teachers, exploring the themes of Relief, Connection, Joy, and Trust, and are so happy to offer the recordings as a full course. Together we’ll drop into our bodies, access a sense of safety, and taste the sweetness of being. We're so glad you're here. Let's begin.

All episodes were originally broadcast live from each teachers home studios.

Season 1

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Looking forward to these live classes in January! Committing to a daily practice is a wonderful way to kick off 2021!
Kira Sloane
Sue D, us too!!! We are so happy! xoKira
Lisa Pellicone Arce
so excited to do this. love love love YA #groovylotusyoga, @GroovyLotusYoga
Elizabeth M
Lisa Pellicone Arce Yay! We can't wait to practice with you! 🙏 
Michelle F
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This retreat is the ideal self gift for the new year- i will be joining as many as i can live in the evening here till i go back to work on 11th so grateful to have the opportunity to catch up on them all later
Thanks everyone- yogaanytime has been such a source of joy and support all through this difficult year. I really am deeply grateful!
Have yourselves a merry little Christmas
Kira Sloane
Michelle F! We are so grateful for YOU! Merry Christmas! xok
Brenda S
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I’m interested but will be vacationing on the beach. Will I be able to view the classes after they have been presented live? If so, then I can do them I. The mornings, but will be a day late. Thank you for letting me know.
Elissa P
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I work during many of the "live" time slots. Can I still watch the classes after the fact on the days I can't attend "live"? 
Gitte J
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This is so great. Looking foreward to join I am already a fan of some of the classes I already am following from some of the teachers,- and would love to be on online for a common retreat  
Mary H
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I so want to participate, but know that noon CST does not work everyday.  Will I be able to pull up the daily live session at another time later in the day?  I'm sure hoping so!!!
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