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Trust the Connection: 20-Day Yoga Retreat Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 18

Day 17: Nourishing the Yin

55 min - Practice


A willingness to soften the grip and open to new possibilities. In Day 17, Arturo guides us in a practice to nourish the Yin energy, helping us soften and stretch layers of connective tissue. We begin in Goddess Pose, using the breath and gentle arm movements to tap into a sense of grounded safety and community. Arturo guides us into Dragonfly to release the back body, a calf muscle stretch using a block, and supine poses to making space in the side body, before slipping into a restful supported Savasana. You will feel relaxed, receptive, and connected.
What You'll Need: Mat, Square Bolster (2), Blanket (2), Block

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Hi Arturo, That felt nourishing indeed! I liked the block “massage”.
Do you have any thoughts on nurturing achy big toe joints?
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Thank you so much for your sessions Arturo,  the breath work at the start was wonderful and has so deepened my breath, calmed me and connected me.  Thanks for your calming sessions.  I have enjoyed them.
That opened me up so much, thank you
Yin practices are my favorites, thank you for sharing this one.  I so  needed this release, wonderful calf stretches. Lovely🌾💮
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Dear Arturo, this was the perfect tonic. I was still wired after a shift in a mass vaccination centre last night, but this brought me back to THE centre! I am constantly amazed at the richness of practices here, and how the team at Yoga Anytime seem to read the mood and provide what is needed. Thank you all.
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Great connecting with you and your practice Arturo! I have adapted the practice of thinking of my legs as stable rather than tight- it really helps. Many thanks!
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Massaging the calves using the edge of a block was incredible. Iwas amazed at how many trigger points I found in that area. Thank you, Arturo. Your sessions are always so healing and calmly energising ☯️
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Arturo, wow. Your classes are so profound for me. Especially this one, I felt myself entering different planes of awareness, ending with a deep love. Thank you for the connection.
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Amazing!! Thank you so much!! I love your yoga mat, what kind is it?
What a great practice! Thanks, Arthuro! I used a roller instead of the block and it was also good! Kind regards from Croatia!

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