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James welcomes us to Season 1 of Yoga Now. Yoga is about ongoing, deepening, life-long inquiry. In this series of 60-minute talks we'll explore time-tested teachings from the living heart of the yoga traditions through stories and songs, so that we may connect more deeply, cultivate balance and skillfulness, and experience harmony and efficiency in all aspects of our lives here and now. Let's dive in.
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Mar 09, 2021
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Yoga is about inquiry. Ongoing, deepening, lifelong inquiry. I'm James Bogue. Welcome to Yoga Now on Yoga Anytime, the show where we explore the time-tested teachings from the living heart of the yoga tradition. As we do this, we'll be using stories, sometimes we'll be referring to songs and mantras, and the whole series is really intended as an opportunity to help us connect more deeply, to help us cultivate greater balance and skillfulness, harmony and inefficiency in all aspects of our lives now. So let's dive in.


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