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Season 1 - Episode 3

Yoga and the Medistate

60 min - Talk


We practice steadiness in Yoga so that throughout the fluctuations of life we return to that steadiness, re-membering our innate capacity for unity and our eternal essence.  James focuses today’s inspiring talk on Yoga and the “medistate”, our natural state of balance and centeredness, to which we strive to return throughout life. James discusses pulsation and cycling and pairs of opposites, which are challenges to maintaining our medistate, and how the Yoga Sutras indicate that an asana practice helps us prepare and center ourselves for our day, like the members of an orchestra tuning their instruments in preparation for a concert.
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Mar 08, 2021
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Thank you so much James. A beautiful talk. So alive and inspiring.  I Love to listen to you chanting the beautiful sutra's. The way you describe  Sthira Sukham asana  takes me to awareness  of the description one of my yoga teacher's  wiuod guide us with in every asana and throughout the practice. " Evenness of touch to the ground and the space around you ." After several minutes of gentle focused concentration of embodying this in practice it would lead to evenness of touch and space on the inside too. ( facilitating the ease and movement of the breath and prana ). It was really effective and direct . Amazing. Thank you.  Om Santih.  Namaste . 
Thank you for your encouraging feedback Rachel, great to hear how the content of the talk connects to your own ongoing practice and exploration. Thanks for sharing your experience of attentive āsana practice bridging the internal and external.
An inspiring talk that invites us to find that place of re-integration on an ongoing basis. The "work" is never done! Thank you, James!

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