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Season 1 - Episode 5

Yoga and Connection

60 min - Talk


With practice, we will feel more peaceful with ourselves, navigating the challenges of life a little more steadily, more skillfully.  James discusses how the yogic path helps us unify our selves, cohering our thoughts, expressions, and actions so that we may experience a blissful sense of oneness. James opens with a song to Ganesha, then discusses that we have trouble understanding who we are and our place in the world, and how the practical approach of yoga helps us unify the tattvas and the ganas as a roadmap that can help lead us to saccidananda.

Please see the attached pdf for a helpful list of the tattvas and ganas.

What You'll Need: No props needed

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Mar 22, 2021
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This was brilliant! From the Bob Marley shout-outs to the the way you parse out the roots of everyday words to bring an enlightened new meaning to them, to the myriad of quotable one-liners ( my favorite: “sutras are stitches”); this had it all. Very engaging and highly recommended!
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Really enjoyed this, James! So happy to hear that you'll be presenting another series , this time on Sankhya philosophy! I come back to your classes again and again. We're very lucky to have you on this platform!
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Thank you for your encouragement Kate, I find that the teachings just keep revealing more and more and always provide rich support through the seasons and trials of life. And I'm grateful to be sharing more here again!

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