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Season 1 - Episode 6

Yoga and The Battle

55 min - Talk


If yoga is about peace, why are so many of our beloved yoga texts set on battlefields?  James discusses Yoga and the Battle, where the battle resides, and how it is that we may all become “yogic warriors”. We learn that the true weapon of the yogic warrior is 360-degree global equivision and equipoise, allowing us to draw on and unify all of our intuitive resources in order to move from fixation and towards centeredness. We each are individually responsible for our own engagement with this path, which, with constant, steady, vigilant effort, can help us learn to compromise without compromising integrity. In this engaging talk, James references the Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and uses the example of Luke Skywalker in the movie Star Wars to illustrate the internal battle between the inertia of our habits and the deeper wisdom of our soul.
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Mar 29, 2021
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Fantastic! I could listen to you all have a real gift of making sense out of things and passing your knowledge along in a way that helps the listener make sense out things as well.
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Thank you for your encouragement Jenny, I am looking forward to sharing more in the coming sessions
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Amazing James, Thank you.  I Love listening to your talks and  the mantras at the beginning of the practice.  
Wondered if it'd be okay to ask for the translation / meaning of the opening mantras. 
I'm familiar with some of it but only a little.
Looking forwards to your next talk and listening to the ones that are here already again. 
Thank you 


Thank you Jenny and Rachel. For the mantras at the beginning, thanks for asking, maybe we provide a pdf. The mantras that I have sung to Patañjali and the guru-s at the beginning of a couple of sessions will be explained in more detail in the upcoming Yoga Sūtra-s chapter 2 course. I also have some videos on Sanskrit mantra on my youtube channel:
I will speak to my colleagues at Yoga Anytime and see about linking pdfs to the slides and mantras referenced in Yoga Now to the show page
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I was in high school when the first Star Wars film arrived, and for me, then, it held the meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything! So your discussion of yogic themes in terms of the Star Wars Universe resonated strongly : ) I also love when you chant, or break into song! Wonderful series. Thank you again and again.
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Thank you Kate, I sometimes think of the first three Star Wars films' story as the first Purāṇa of my life. They were very present in my consciousness in my early years and I am grateful for that introduction to the world of archetypal story I find so nourishing and helpful.

I just watched the first the Stars Wars films.  Yes!! Pure Yoga and I wonder now why I resisted for so long.   I am grateful James for mentioning them here and so many times in your other courses.
360 degrees equipoise and equivision - we are a sphere, the most perfect complete shape, all round consciousness.  I love this definition of the state of yoga and meditation.  I often think of that when I meditate, it is worth more than a thousand techniques, thank you James x

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