Sacred Kundalini Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 5

Charging the Auric Field

60 min - Practice


Cast a wider energetic net and increase the healing potential of your auric field. Kara leads an energizing practice to help us expand our energy field, increasing our ability to heal ourselves and others. We start this invigorating kriya set using sound, breath, and movement to ground the energy, move into Ego Erradicator and holds in familiar poses, stoke the fire in the core, and practice a breath mediation to charge the psycho-electric field. You will feel strong, bright, and radiant.
What You'll Need: Mat


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Another great hour. Thank you Kara. I want to learn everything
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Thank you Kara. Lovely class. I felt a wonderful release in my solar plexus during the sound healing. Just lovely. 
Joseph H  thanks for your message! I’m so glad it resonates with you and that you’re excited for more classes 🙏
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Diane C  I love it when that happens! Sound instruments are a powerful tool in Kundalini Yoga 🙏
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Lovely class. Thanks.
Thanks AnaSofia  I’m glad you enjoyed it!!
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thank you for the class, and especially the sound healing. i went into a meditative state, i could hear you asking us to get come back, and i continued to lay there. it felt nice.  i had a question regarding the fire breath, if we are in the first three days of our cycle, you mentioned it should be long breaths, is it the same nose and belly, but longer breath? or is it a long inhale and then exhale through the nose?

Sue L Hi and Sat Nam! I'm so happy you felt transported with the sound bowls-They are magical tools! Breath of fire stimulates our Apanic ( eliminating energy ) through not only the rhythm of inhale & exhale, but also through the diaphragmatic pulsation, therefore I'd recommend keeping is slow and long so as not to offset the balance of pranic & apanic energy that is in place while menstruating.  That said,  we are tapping into our innate internal wisdom here in Kundalini Yoga, so feel free to trust your intuition of it is encouraging you to keep the rhythm but slowing it down.  
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Wow that was amazing. Thank you
Nanci S so happy you enjoyed it! 
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