Sacred Kundalini Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 6

Courage and Adaptability

55 min - Practice


The technology of Kundalini Yoga allows us to become more adaptable to change, bringing us out of resistance, reactivity, and fear and into awareness, harmony, and embracing of what is.  Kara leads a practice to cultivate energy for tolerance and adaptability. After our warm ups, we begin by charging our energy with breath of fire and Ego Erradicator, move into breath retention while employing Bear Grip to reset the navel point and tap into eponic energy, Sat Kriya in Rock pose to draw energy from the lower energy centers up through the highest crown chakra, and spinal flexes to find release in the upper body. You will feel balanced, uplifted, and empowered.
What You'll Need: Mat


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Great class Kara. Two things I noticed. I had difficulty completing the pose where you lean back on the arms and lift the legs while doing breath of fire. I believe this has been my most challenging pose in Kundalini, perhaps due to my chronic low back pain, generally on right side. I also noticed quite an imbalance in the meditation with breathing through the left then right nostril. I do have a deviated septum. I noticed wonderful vibrations when holding the right nostril, and difficulty breathing with less vibrations when holding the left nostril. May I assume my right energy channel has blockages, possibly causing the right sided back pain? Very interesting observations today. Thank you so much for sharing your passion and wisdom.
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Hi Diane!  Keep up the great work and continue doing what feels good and holding off on that which does not! This wonderful type of observation you are making is exactly the type of attention one is asked to pay to their state of being when practicing Kundalini Yoga.  The awarenesses you gain provides insight to where imbalances reside in your being to enable you to regain harmony.  The "Pingala" energy resides in the right nostril.  This is our masculine energy channel.  Perhaps there is an imbalance in your masculine energy that is resulting in some of the manifestations of imbalance/distress on your right side.  Ask your self if you tend to rely too heavily on your "masculine" qualities to navigate the world (logical, rational,  goal oriented, driven)  Perhaps the feminine energy "Ida" is under utilized causing an imbalance on the masculine right side.  I'm glad to explore this with you further, feel free to email me
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Wonderful practice! I found it essential. Thank you very very much! 
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I also found that pose very difficult! 
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AnaSofia Thanks for your note!  What a beautiful way to describe it "I found it essential".  Thats good that you and Diane C found it difficult.  It's often in the difficult aspects of the kriya that we can clear blocks and gain awareness around our nature of "resistance".  Lean in to the challenge with self love and balance, and ease up when it feels that it may be dis-serving. See you in next class!
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Loved your messages that we are universal beings in space and that the universe always provides the information we need if we stay aware. Also love feeling the tone of the bowls in my different chakra centers. Thanks for being on Yoga-Anytime and sharing this nourishing practice.
Christel B Hello! thanks for your sweet message.  I'm glad the verbal and tonal offerings resonated with you - I look forward to knowing your experience with the other classes in the series! 
A powerful & challenging practice. I don't have the strength to do the pose with the legs up straight (or bent) leaning back on arms with breath of fire. But I found modifying it with my feet supported up on my bed and still activating those muscles (shaking like a tree in a storm) I was able to participate - so I was very happy about that.  Savasana is so sweet when one has worked hard.  Working hard but in a relaxed, open & aware way: Eyes up to third eye effectively combats my tendency to scrunch up my face when I am trying really hard, and when that doesn't work adding a little smile does the trick.
I completely agree with Christel too - the image of the universe & being cosmic beings does help me tune in to a helpful reality bigger than myself and thereby become more aware of everything. What a helpful learning that if we can remain open & aware through change, we will find we have what we need to adapt.
Thanks so much Kara!
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Carin D I love your enthusiasm with these classes! Thanks for keeping me in the loop with your progress and perspective. A little smile to the practice always brings some charm :) This whole practice of Kundalini Yoga is about availing ourselves to the large expanse of reality! I'm so happy you're feeling good about it.

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