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Season 1 - Episode 8

Activating Intuition

55 min - Practice


With courage and steady practice, we can start to rely on intuition and use it as a tool to navigate the world with higher awareness. Kara leads a class to strengthen the nervous system and activate intuition and 3rd eye opening. We begin in an active warmup to get our bodies clear and our minds into a state of receptivity. The powerful seated kriya set in this class includes whistle breath, and is designed to help us connect to the 3 intuitive centers of the body, increase stamina in the face of resistance, decrease tension, and open ourselves up to a neutral space through which wisdom can flow freely. You will feel supported and connected to your intuition.
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Sat Naam everybody. Thank you for joining me on Sacred Kundalini on Yoga Anytime. My name is Kara Looney. We're here for our seventh practice together and today we're going to be working on one of my favorite favorite all-time topics which is accessing our intuitive abilities. We as human beings all have intuitive capabilities. It's not just reserved for certain human beings, right? We all have this intuitive sense within us, but just like anything else, if it goes unattended, unexercised, it goes dormant. It's something that we don't have connection to. If we don't rely on it, if we don't make use of it, then it becomes something useless, right? So today's set, we're going to be working with, it's going to be somewhat of a meditative set, so therefore the warm-up, we're going to have a little bit more activity, more movement in the warm-up in order to really free up any active or energy that needs clearing in the physical body so we can really sink deep into the practice today. We're going to be doing a very powerful pranayama, one of my favorites and it's called the whistle breath. The whistle breath serves to help stimulate and balance the vagus nerve which is a very powerful nerve in the body that meanders throughout the whole body even down into the digestive tract and it really helps kind of serve as the tuning fork for our being. It helps relax and bring us into a very receptive state. We're going to be holding various mudras today in order to help make use of certain energy channels to connect us into our intuitive capabilities and I'm also going to talk to you a little bit about how intuition doesn't just reside at the area of the Arjuna chakra, right? The third eye center which is often coined as being our intuitive center and in fact it is very much so. However, we also have intuitive sense in the heart and in the gut, right? We get that gut feeling or we have this heart centered awareness. We also have an intuitive sense in these areas and so we're going to talk a little bit about that today too. Alright, so let's rub our hands together stimulating 72,000 energy channels. We call these nadis and they run all throughout our body. They begin in the navel center and they end in the hands and the feet. We charge up this these energy channels by rubbing the palms together and we get ready to begin practice by tuning in with our sacred invacational mantra. We call it the Aari mantra which means the first mantra. The mantra is Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo. I bow to the divine teacher within. We're calling on the high self, we're calling on that witnessing consciousness, that witnessing awareness that resides above and beyond all of those labels we tend to confuse with who we think we are. Alright, let's gently press the palms together, bring the thumbs into the sternum, connecting into heart centered awareness. Let's close the eyes down, shoulders down away from the ears, long spine, chin is to the chest. Let's take those eyes up to third eye center, take a deep breath in through the nose and exhale, releasing any thoughts and anticipations of the past and the future. Again, inhaling through the nose, exhaling through the nose. Let's connect into present moment awareness. Acknowledge the space that you're holding in the very present moment of now as we tune in with this sacred mantra. Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo. Three times through. Let's take a deep breath in through the nose to begin. Ong Namo. Guru Dev Namo. Ong Namo. Guru Dev Namo.

Take a deep breath into the nose. Suspended root lock, third eye and exhale release. Gently blink the eyes open. Thank you for joining me here on Yoga Anytime for Sacred Kundalini. Today's class again we're going to be focusing on connecting to our intuitive abilities. All human beings have an intuitive sense. It's just a matter of are we connecting to it? Are we allowing ourselves to make use of that intuitive sense? How many times have you yourself said I should have trusted my intuition? That initial sense that your intuition tells you and then by whatever means of logic and reason you go against what the intuitive sense is and you find that you should have initially trusted that intuitive sense to begin with. I think we can all count on at least two hands that happening throughout the course of our lives and you know oftentimes we rely too heavily on logic and reason in the material world and it is a tool it is a very helpful tool but it is not the only tool right sometimes our intuitive sense is goes against logic and reason but there's a deeper knowing within our intuition that sometimes resides above and beyond logic and reason okay and when we start to actually first create a relationship when those intuitive senses start to make themselves known to us that's the easy part right opening yourself up to your intuitive abilities is the easy part the hard part is following it right if if you've been in class with me before when I tune out and I you know give a blessing I bring the hands up to third eye Center and I bless that will be guided by intuition and have the wisdom and courage to follow it it requires a lot of courage to follow your intuition because oftentimes it goes against logic and reason it goes against what people you know recommend for you and it may go against what seems like a natural order of things and when we start to actually listen to and acknowledge okay I'm having an intuitive hit and actually following through with with allowing it to guide us maybe not in the bigger sense is like I get this intuition that I just need to quit my job and leave town like don't be don't be following those right off the bat if intuition is something new that you're working with but you'll receive intuition intuitive hits on a regular basis maybe follow through with them continue to actually develop a relationship with it the relationship doesn't only begin in acknowledging is at presence the relationship begins with allowing it to help guide you and you taking its guidance now we have three intuitive centers within our being we have the gut the gut brain we call this this is our enteric brain we have our cardiac brain the heart-centered awareness and then we have what's called the salafic brain right obviously in all three of these centers have intuitive connection right and I like to think of them aligning with the energy centers the chakras right the the enteric brain aligns with the first second and third chakra right aligns with action this gives us intuitive awareness on which direction to go or which action to take okay it's very action-based then when we move up to intuitive hits in the heart center this is usually about related to an emotion related to another person an animal sometimes even you know a plant right or a tree or or or some living being it's an emotional and empathic connection to other beings this lives in the heart center then the intuition in the higher center in ajana chakra this is related to psychic abilities right when you have Claire audience or any type of other type of psychic ability this kind of lives in awareness in this in this third eye center so today's kriya set is designed to help us open up access to these intuitive centers and not just the third eye center but the heart center and the gut right we're going to be doing a meditation at the heart center we're going to do some chanting at the Naval Center with the sound hard ha are moving the energy in that belly center and most importantly in the majority of the class today we're going to be working with what's called a whistle breath we're going to inhale through the nose and exhale out through a whistle long slow cool whistles now don't worry if you don't know how to whistle that's okay I encourage you to employ the shape of the mouth and the length of the breath that would be present if you were to be whistling okay so it'd be a tiny little old mouth and slow conscious stream of air coming out through the mouth okay let's start with a warm-up and then we'll get into the kriya let's take our hands on the shins or on the knees inhaling forward exhaling back eyes are up at third eye center and let's start breathing through the nose of the eyes closed and directed to third eye center inhaling exhaling allow the shoulders to move allow the neck to move deep in your breath go beyond your normal course of breathing that you employ during the day go deeper and more conscious into this breath and allow it to really extend down into the belly by use of the diaphragm let's go for four three two and one inhale hold center exhale reverse seeing if you can widen the circumference of these Sufi circles opening through the chest rounding through the back again remaining in present moment awareness if thoughts and judgments are dropping into the mind recognize that that oftentimes keeps us away from the powerful opening that this type of work creates release thoughts the past release anticipations of the future and remain open accessible and present let's go for four three two and one inhale lift through the heart flex the spine forward exhale round and tuck opening up through the solar plexus through the chest through the shoulders through the back all the muscles that support the spine we're opening up the body to support the energy rising through the central channel four three two and one inhale lift high through crown of head suspend the breath big belly and exhale already noticing perhaps a shift in your awareness hands come up onto the shoulders shoulders down away from the ears inhale twist left exhale twist right eyes are drawn up strong to a third eye center and extend through the crown of the head ringing out low-body organs realigning the vertebrae the spine the head moves in the same direction as the shoulders are twisting keeping with this posture in the breath lift the hands off the shoulders gee on mudra index finger and thumb join feeling that deeper stretch through the front of the chest elbows gently pull back as you rotate inhale exhale keeping with this posture and breath extend those arms up straight 60 degrees nice strong arms no bend in the elbows shoulders are down away from the ears tipping the chest up to the sky and connecting to a high vibration emotion gratitude love compassion enthusiasm allowing the vibration of that emotion to carry over to every cell into your being four three two and one inhale center and let's exhale sweep through the energy field strong hands energized through the fingers and the palms sweeping through the auric field around the body we have this beautiful energy field that all of the cells in those organs like the heart and the brain that emit a charge everything in the body that emits a charge down to the cellular level emits a field collectively this becomes our auric field we have the ability to strengthen and expand that field this work we do with Kundalini yoga it's powerful medicine for the auric field good inhale exhale let's go for four three two and one inhale both arms rise nice and high exhale reach forward and hinge stretching through the low back and let's rise up through the head and come on to tabletop hands are under the shoulders knees are under the hips and as I mentioned we'll be doing a little bit more of a warm-up today just to free up some of that blocked energy in the low body hands are under shoulders knees are under hips and let's begin cat cow eyes are a third eye center distributing chronic life force energy throughout the whole body opening up the central channel of the spine moving cerebral spinal fluid through the central channel let's go for four three two and one inhale chin and tail exhale round tuck and dome and then please ground through the hands spread through fingers engage into fingertips and knuckles curl toes under and press back into a downward dog navel draws into the spine we pedal and wag head hangs heavy and just open up through the back of the legs shake that head loose lengthen through the spine eyes of the elbows turn up toward the sky take a few deep breaths feel the back of the legs opening up then then ground through the heels press belly to thighs inhale lift up high in the toes bend the knees and then step in toward the hands gently rise up to come standing let's take a wide stance okay about shoulder width or maybe a little wider than shoulder width I'd like you to take a gentle bend in the knees just a gentle bend so you're not putting too much too much anxiety into the low back and I take my arms up nice and wide okay so look like a bright starfish right I'm gonna inhale exhale hinge bow forward and reach to my opposite foot that's where that bent knee can really be helpful here inhale rise exhale bow here we go if your balance allows close the eyes and bring them to third eye center if you feel a little out of balance keep the eyes open this is a posture that really helps with digestion helps with the sciatic nerve helps balance right and left hemispheres of the brain right this cross bilateral movement here things don't really need to be too complicated to be powerful in Kundalini yoga all right let's just keep going for a few more opening up the back of the legs stretching and opening through the chest ten nine eight seven six five four three two and one inhale rise now let's reach those arms overhead exhale bring them down one more time inhale lift all right let's come down seated and begin this really powerful enjoyable Kriya I have a feeling this is a practice that you'll come back to time and time again to tap into a deeper sense of who you are and open yourself up to some of these capabilities that may otherwise be inaccessible because we tend to rely so heavily on the logical and rational mind to help us navigate the material world intuition serves as as a giant leap into into a realm of awareness that helps guide us all right now I'd like you guys to close your eyes just for a moment take a few long deep breaths not whatever agitation anxiety inflammation exists just let it go let's start with this beautiful Kriya I'm gonna take my left hand directly onto my chest I'm gonna take my right hand up to my side gentle in the elbow gentle in the shoulder right it's nice and relaxed my thumb is closing off my middle ring and pinky finger my Saturn my Sun and my Mercury finger my Jupiter finger my index finger remains extended to the sky now as I've mentioned in the past and I'm glad to go into further detail at any time each finger is aligned with a planet we consider in Vedic astrology we consider the Sun and the moon a planet and the Jupiter finger is connected with high wisdom it's connected with intuition so we extend the Jupiter finger to the sky to give it preference to give it preference here to really allow it to come into its own okay the eyes are gonna be up at third eye center I'm gonna take a deep inhale through my nose I'm gonna exhale through a slow whistle mouth now again even if you can't make the sound of a whistle I encourage you to please take a tiny little mouth and just allow the breath to come out slow and consistent as if you were making a sound okay eyes are at third eye here we go relax shoulders and neck long spine connect to the frequency of the sound connect to your patience third eye center four more in this posture take a deep inhale big belly suspend the breath long spine eyes up at third eye to feel your heartbeat on the held breath and exhale release let the hands rest up on the knees for just a moment gently blink the eyes open bring the hands together and rub them rub them together generate some energy in the palms okay I want to get you energized in the hands even let the fingertips press together energize every part of the palms center and fingertips in the hands and then we're gonna take the right arm nice and gentle palm right over the crown of the head okay so as if the energy of the heart which radiates out of the palm it's shining right down on the crown okay shoulders relaxed elbows gentle okay and it's postures like this that are gentle that over time start to maybe get a little intense in the shoulders this is where you can start to reframe your experience of suffering in your mind right the shoulder can hang here for a while it's the tension it's the resistance that your mind applies to the posture that may make this a little bit uncomfortable so I encourage you to try and reframe your experience in this posture tell your mind that it's wonderful tell your mind that it's doable tell your mind that it's soft and relaxed we're gonna take the left hand again with the thumb closing down on the Saturn Sun and Mercury finger middle ring and pinky and the Jupiter finger the index extends to the sky shoulders down away soft in the left shoulder and elbow long in the neck let's again do a whistle breath into the nose out through the mouth why is it third eye acknowledge yourself energetically is self-supported still self-sustaining reframing your experience neutralize any tension who are you thinking about your suffering feeling or are you thinking about assimilating it feeling your way into assimilating it four more in this posture last time take a deep inhale suspend the breath root lock third eye and exhale release palms face up on the knees gee on mudra for a moment through these kriyas I encourage you to reflect upon how when we can release the sensation the feeling the experience of our grasping and our resistance we open ourselves up to a neutral space through which wisdom can flow gently blink the eyes open final part of the kriya with the whistle breath I'm gonna take my arms up overhead this is a mudra that helps kind of activate the crown chakra shoulders are plugging down and away elbows are nice and straight spine is straight Saturn Sun and Mercury finger middle ring and pinky are interlaced Jupiter fingers are that to the sky women or female identifying individuals please take left thumb of a right male or male identifying people please take your right thumb over the left shoulders down away again inhale through nose exhale whistle mouth this posture gives beautiful opportunity to rise above the resistance of the experience and step into neutrality eyes at third eye notice if you're maybe over gripping in the hands or over straining in the shoulders soften yourself stay in it notice if you have a tendency toward indulging in distraction stay in the space with me four more last time inhale through the nose big belly root lock third eye spend and reach up through the arms like you're a tower emitting a signal eyes at third eye and exhale hands come down around palms face up on the knees gee on mudra that last part of the whistle breathing experience might have been very visceral for you the trust that in the early stages of your practice there will be a lot of that right that is how we strengthen the nervous system arms over the head like that maintaining calm receptive awareness is something you have to practice takes time there's a reprogramming that you have to give time for of the nervous system of the mind the energy in time that type of posture will bring you so much relaxation this is how we strengthen the nervous system to allow a greater bandwidth a greater threshold to allow this helps evolve us energetically the nervous system in our consciousness take the left hand on to the heart right hand on top we're going to gain in a deeper awareness to the heart-centered intuition as I mentioned this is the center that connects us to our empathic awareness the experience and the emotion of other beings take a deep breath into the nose inflate the belly in the chest and exhale through the nose follow the sound of my breath eyes at third eye you are a vehicle of communication of high order for more breaths into the heart last full breath deep inhale through the nose suspended root lock third eye big belly feel the heartbeat and exhale please slide your hands down to the belly and we're gonna gently press onto the belly as we chant the sound her her HR okay ha the sound ha generates a lot of heat a lot of energy at the belly center moves it up through the solar plexus into the heart when we say her we take the tip of the tongue right behind the front teeth and kind of in and flick the tongue at the roof in the mouth there that connects to a meridian point that connects to the glands in the brain okay so this is a way to promote glandular stimulation and hormone hormonal balance in the body eyes are a third eye further supporting that endeavor here we go ha ha ha ha ha project the sound ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha keep going connecting to the enteric brain that gut centered awareness ha ha ha ha hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi Hut, hut, hut, hut. Four more. Hut, hut, hut, hut. Inhale. Now take those arms up on the suspended breath, grab over opposite elbow, big belly root lock, squeeze and suspend the breath. Eyes at third eye. Stay in the posture. Exhale. Again, inhale. Exhale. Last time, very deeply squeezed. Suspend the breath. Third eye. And exhale, release. Palms face up on the knees. Ghee on mudra. Eyes at third eye. Let's take four conscious breaths with the eyes at third eye here.

Suspend the breath on the fourth inhale. Hold it. Strong third eye focus. And exhale, release through the nose. When you're ready, please gently come laying down onto the back. Feet and thighs turn out naturally. Tailbone turns down toward the heels. Palms face up next to the hips. Shoulders rotate back. Heart opens. Shoulders down away and chin to the chest. Long through the back of the neck. Tongue relaxes in the mouth. Ears fall back. Eyes sink back. I have a gentle awareness of the crown of your head. Crown chakra is our most subtle energy center, connects us to universal consciousness through which we are able to tap into our intuitive powers, our intuitive capabilities. When we allow ourselves the space above and beyond a logic and reason, we can connect into the vibration of intuition. Through faith, through trust, through practice, we can start to rely on our intuition.

Use it as a tool for navigating the world with higher awareness, allowing your body to feel nice and heavy, soft and receptive. Breath is self-regulated. Take a few moments to just be. Maybe start wiggling your fingers and your toes. Please draw your knees into your chest. Wrap your forearms around your shins. Rock from side to side. Roll onto one side into fetal position, releasing the tuck and just laying there for a moment with a deep inhale through the nose, sighing out through the mouth. Using your top hand to press yourself up seated, cross-leg position, hands come to the heart center. We tune out with our sacred blessing. May the longtime sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you guide your way on.

We chant this mantra one time through and then close out with three vibrational expressions of the mantra satnam, declaring truth is our identity. Take a deep breath in through the nose to begin. May the longtime sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you guide your way on, guide your way on, guide your way on. Satnam, satnam, satnam. Take a deep breath into the nose, suspending it, bringing folded hands to third eye center, feeling that you'll be guided by intuition and have the wisdom and courage to follow it. Exhale, bowing forward, satnam, namaste. Thank you, everybody. Satnam.


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Absolutely beautiful! Thank you very much! 
Jenny S
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Perfect new moon practice...🌚✨
Kara L
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AnaSofia You're welcome! Thanks for your note and participation
Kara L
Jenny S Indeed!!!
Dayna Wildern
Hello Kara, thank you again for this kriya. I have been really loving practicing Kundalini online with  teachers like yourself, Amandeep Singh, Gurmukh and some local teachers when we could attend classes in person. One thing I am curious about however is if every kriya, like the ones you offer have to be practiced 40, 90, 120 or 1000 days in order to be effective, or can you do various practices each day for them to still create lasting changes? I committed to my own practice of "Har" for prosperity for 40 days but missed yesterday and am starting over today. I would also like to include this practice intuition is so important! Thank you again, Sat Nam.
Kara L
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Dayna Wildern thanks so much for your message and your value placed on the classes with me 💕🙏. Yoga, be it Kundalini or otherwise is a practice that is one that you can take with you throughout your whole life. As such In Kundalini Yoga, we have a good amount of time to practice and gain awareness  around and experiment with meditations, kriyas and pranayama. The layers of awareness cultivated through the practice of a Kriya done once, or everyone else in a while, is different that the layers of awareness that can be facilitated through creating a 40/60/90/120/1000 day Sadhana with a Kriya. There’s no “best way” to do it. I’d recommend to just play with them all and see what you learn about yourself. 
Kara L
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Dayna Wildern  ...As yogis, we are reminded that there’s no such thing as a “lasting change”, the only lasting thing is that change is always changing. Through this work we can gain a stable point of reference- a connection to our awareness that can be reconnected to when we meditate, chant, breathe & practice. It serves us not too be too rigid and militant in this endeavor - remaining open, responsive, flexible and allowing brings us more of that connection. 🙏 thanks for asking!! Kara 
Diane C
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Thank You for this spiritual practice. 
Kara L
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Diane C My Pleasure! Thanks for joining me :)
Michelle F
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Hi Kara,
Whistling yoga in a wild wet windy thunderstorm- what´s not to love! 
This was fantastic - haha funnily Ive always wished I could whistle! So here I am---sometimes it comes out in perfect pitch with the screaming wind, sometimes in comes out in spurts and starts with ooooooooo breath in the spaces sometimes it doesnt come out at all.....just a sort of pursed splutter ----it makes me laugh and Im able to "keep up" with all the kriyas without niggling shoulders or creaking anything - this series is proving a real blessing for me and Im very grateful to you for sharing your wisdom and experience of these subtle medicine techniques. I certainly will be returning to this one again!
Have a beautiful day!
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