Sacred Kundalini Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 8

Activating Intuition

55 min - Practice


With courage and steady practice, we can start to rely on intuition and use it as a tool to navigate the world with higher awareness. Kara leads a class to strengthen the nervous system and activate intuition and 3rd eye opening. We begin in an active warmup to get our bodies clear and our minds into a state of receptivity. The powerful seated kriya set in this class includes whistle breath, and is designed to help us connect to the 3 intuitive centers of the body, increase stamina in the face of resistance, decrease tension, and open ourselves up to a neutral space through which wisdom can flow freely. You will feel supported and connected to your intuition.
What You'll Need: Mat


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Absolutely beautiful! Thank you very much! 
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Perfect new moon practice...🌚✨
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AnaSofia You're welcome! Thanks for your note and participation
Jenny S Indeed!!!
Hello Kara, thank you again for this kriya. I have been really loving practicing Kundalini online with  teachers like yourself, Amandeep Singh, Gurmukh and some local teachers when we could attend classes in person. One thing I am curious about however is if every kriya, like the ones you offer have to be practiced 40, 90, 120 or 1000 days in order to be effective, or can you do various practices each day for them to still create lasting changes? I committed to my own practice of "Har" for prosperity for 40 days but missed yesterday and am starting over today. I would also like to include this practice intuition is so important! Thank you again, Sat Nam.
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Dayna Wildern thanks so much for your message and your value placed on the classes with me 💕🙏. Yoga, be it Kundalini or otherwise is a practice that is one that you can take with you throughout your whole life. As such In Kundalini Yoga, we have a good amount of time to practice and gain awareness  around and experiment with meditations, kriyas and pranayama. The layers of awareness cultivated through the practice of a Kriya done once, or everyone else in a while, is different that the layers of awareness that can be facilitated through creating a 40/60/90/120/1000 day Sadhana with a Kriya. There’s no “best way” to do it. I’d recommend to just play with them all and see what you learn about yourself. 
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Dayna Wildern  ...As yogis, we are reminded that there’s no such thing as a “lasting change”, the only lasting thing is that change is always changing. Through this work we can gain a stable point of reference- a connection to our awareness that can be reconnected to when we meditate, chant, breathe & practice. It serves us not too be too rigid and militant in this endeavor - remaining open, responsive, flexible and allowing brings us more of that connection. 🙏 thanks for asking!! Kara 
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Thank You for this spiritual practice. 
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Diane C My Pleasure! Thanks for joining me :)
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Hi Kara,
Whistling yoga in a wild wet windy thunderstorm- what´s not to love! 
This was fantastic - haha funnily Ive always wished I could whistle! So here I am---sometimes it comes out in perfect pitch with the screaming wind, sometimes in comes out in spurts and starts with ooooooooo breath in the spaces sometimes it doesnt come out at all.....just a sort of pursed splutter ----it makes me laugh and Im able to "keep up" with all the kriyas without niggling shoulders or creaking anything - this series is proving a real blessing for me and Im very grateful to you for sharing your wisdom and experience of these subtle medicine techniques. I certainly will be returning to this one again!
Have a beautiful day!
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