Sacred Kundalini Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 9

Kundalini Rising

55 min - Practice


Awakening Kundalini energy opens one up to the experience of enlightenment. This refreshing class will help move energy up through the chakras, leading to spiritual expansion, awakening, and transformation. After our opening chants and warm ups, we move into a fun and playful kriya set to to balance our energy fields, direct energy up through the upper chakras, and clear blocks in the navel center. We sit in meditation chanting the Laya Yoga Mantra, and settle into a nourishing Savasana. You will feel bathed in heightened awareness and expansive consciousness.
What You'll Need: Mat


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What a sweet and enlightening journey these past 8 weeks have been...thank you for sharing your teachings here on Yoga Anytime! Much joy to you until we (virtually) meet again 🙏🏻🌺🌞
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Jenny S Thank you! Its been a wonderful journey connecting with this community - If you'd like to stay connected on Social Media you can find me on IG @kundalooney 
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Thank you for leading us on this journey and for sharing your knowledge and energy!
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How wonderful practice and wandeful show. Just to say that I would love this to continue and not also with the practice but also with more kundalini yoga beyond the mat with daily recomendations and guidelines. Thank you Kara, you are a lovely teacher!
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Diane C & AnaSofia thank you so much for your interest, enthusiasm and participation! Feel free to stay connected with me on IG @ Kundalooney to stay tuned on any future adventures with YogaAnytime.  You can also get on my mailing list at
Rejection. Where it lives in me, in the lower chakras. It rose slowly and I was not sad just wanted the truth of me.  Thank you for all your help

Sara S thank you for your vulnerable share.  This work can be very powerful and healing  - I'm so happy to know its resonating with you and unearthing that which wants to be healed.  Thank you.
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It's been a pleasure working the program

Sara S thank you! I’m so happy to know you enjoyed it! 
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Kara, I am overjoyed to learn you will be filming another season of Kundalini Yoga for Yoga Anytime! I have continued to repeat this series many times and look forward to more classes!!!
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