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Yoga and the Somatic Experience Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 3

Day 2: Tasting

45 min - Practice


When we refresh the action of tasting, we widen the map of sensation. In Day 2, Suniti helps us connect to our sense of taste with a fresh perspective. We move through new and familiar poses exploring the intentionality of moving the face, mouth, and lips towards what you desire and away from you want less of, an action we have been performing since infancy. We explore how our movements express approaching and withdrawing, bonding and defending, allowing us to gain awareness of the relationship between the mouth and the abdomen, connect to our animal beings, and feel freedom in the body. After this practice, try eating and drinking without expecting what you will experience.
What You'll Need: Mat


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mouth-wateringly marvellous! many thanks Suniti!
have a wonderful day
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Lovely! Thank you Michelle F
Suniti, thank you for your beautiful and skillful guidance. I enjoyed every moment of this exploration. Love! 
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Alana Mitnick!  What a treat to see your name here!  Thank you for supporting me in creating this series! I appreciate you so much.
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Thank you !!!
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Laura M, you’re welcome! 
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Very yummy experience.
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This kind of blew my mind... there are deep deep layers to this exploration of embodiment. I want to work on this one... mnay thanks, Suniti  : )
 Thank you Suniti :)
Every time it is a marvellous experience :)
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Kate M, Yes the study of the human body involves both mystery and facts. Embodiment is quite deep and profound. As always, so nice to hear from you! 
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