Beyond Binary Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 11

Pride Meditation and Chant

15 min - Practice


If we all belong, then I belong too. Miles guides a maitri meditation to cultivate self-love, letting go, forgiveness, and belonging, and then leads an uplifting chant to celebrate Pride, accompanying on his harmonium.
What You'll Need: No props needed


Oh I so love this meditation - and you’re right, it is always wild so see who pops into the slots. Today my “enemy” was someone very unexpected but upon thinking about it, it makes sense. One thing that seldom changes is the first slot - of course that spot is occupied by my sweet love Ellie Mae 🐶 I’ve loved this season and learned many things…thank you Miles ❤️
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So true! And of course Ellie Mae is at the helm on the love beam!!! It’s the same with booboo🐺❤️‍🔥!
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Thanks Miles, rock Om , 
Linette C hahaha! Nice!!!💜
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Wow! You´re such a kind sweet soul and you helped me bring some joy into my day. Thank you so much!
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Hortensia G thanks for this, your comment made my day. Happy holidays and I hope the New Year unfolds softly for you! 🤗

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