Beyond Binary Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 8

Changing Perspective

30 min - Practice


As we change perspective, we become more malleable, more flexible, more adaptable. Miles leads a practice to help us change our perspective and get unstuck, on and off the mat. We strengthen the core, find space and stability in the shoulders, and warm the body in a standing flow before playing into Headstand variations. You will feel more centered and spacious, with a more curious and compassionate outlook on your obstacles.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block


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Buenas dias preciosa!
loved this - your tone of voice  during the headstand when you talked of imagining the ceiling pressing o the soles of the feet and said " nooooo" made me burst out laughing, wobble and fall! What I took from that is that a little sprinkle of humour  would go a long way in alleviating  my sticky situation....or dejar de tomarme tan en serio!!!
Gracias Miles - es un placer estar aqui contigo virtualmente!
loveandpeac exxx
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Michelle F jajaja, ay no! Te tumbe! Pero me gusta mucho la conclusión que sacaste del caso. I always try to approach things with a little humor. Life is so difficult, I don’t think I could’ve survived this long without it. 🤗

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