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Season 1 - Episode 2

Tips for Success

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Bex offers 5 tips in starting and completing this challenge, including committing to you, setting boundaries, creating a practice space, finding an accountability partner, and celebrating your success.
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Mar 31, 2021
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Welcome, friends. Here are five tips for success in supporting you in starting this challenge and completing this challenge. The first step is to commit to you. And that means if you have a phone or a planner to write in the 20 minutes, to block out the time, this is my time not to fill it with something else 20 minutes each day, five days. I know you can do that. I believe in you. And most importantly, you believe that you are worthy of taking 20 minutes for you. The second set boundaries, those 20 minutes are for you. So if you have little people around you, do those 20 minutes when they're out of the house. If they're always in the house, if you allow them screen time, cultivate that 20 minutes for them to have their screen time. Or put a sign on your door. If they can't read and you don't have a door, let them come in and out. Know that you are still solely committed to being on your mat for those 20 minutes. And when you do that, you'll teach them a valuable lesson about you continuing to learn and being committed to yourself. The third tip is to create a sacred space. So that could look like somewhere in your home or outside. For me, I have a yoga mat in my bedroom laid out at all times to remind me to meditate and practice. There's no guilt. There's no shame. Even if it's one minute for me, then I know I have my mat there. You're going to commit to 20 minutes. You can do this. And the fourth and the most sweet one if you ask me is to be generous, find an accountability partner, friend, another mom, someone you know, needs the 20 minutes as much as you do. You can phone them, you can practice together, you can practice together apart. Then you'll know you have that visible if they're next to you or invisible support if there's someone else and they're practicing at the same time as you. And then finally, celebrate. That's a tip for you. Give yourself room to breathe. Know that breathing is a gift and taking care of your body is a blessing. So when you get on that mat, you win just by showing up. You know you're worthy. You stay on that mat for 20 minutes and you surprise yourself by showing up because yes, you can. Thanks so much.


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