Renewal: A 7-Day Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 2

Day 1: Essentials with a Twist

30 min - Practice


Our journey begins with a foundational practice designed to warm and awaken the whole body. We flow through Sun Salutes and standing poses, play into Bird of Paradise, and explore twists to prepare the body for deeper detox later in our journey. You will feel grounded, open, and strong.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi Rosemary,
What a great gift to be able to practice with you as spring begins. 
Loved this wee wake up, great pace with just enough tricky challenges to stay totally focussed - your  tone as always encouraging and soothing.
Look forward to day 2
Have a wonderful day
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I was not in a yoga mood, but I saw new episodes by Rosemary and had to do one. This was perfect, thank you so much!
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Thank you. I appreciate your energy. However, 30 minutes is too short !
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Happy spring Rosemary! Always such a pleasure to practice with you 🌞 My biggest challenge here would be the peak pose, one that even in my youth was elusive to me. What I loved was that you provided encouragement to go only as far as felt good, and that was enough. This is a lesson I must constantly remind myself. I’m so looking forward to playing with my edge for the rest of this challenge! 🙏🏻❤️
Hi Rosemary! I'm so glad to practice with you again! Hope the spring will be great for you and everybody here on the mat!
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Kudos to all my teachers for giving me the resources to show to this challenge. Not sure I will ever do bird of paradise, but I always get motivated for the vinyasas with your tempo and energy. Thank you! 
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Such intelligent and elegant sequencing. And your kind and compassionate guidance... Thank you Rosemary : ) Love!
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Wonderful to have you back, Rosemary, with this new challenge! Really enjoyed this class & looking forward to Day 2 ❤ ! Many thanks as always .....
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wonderful practice! Thank you :).

Thank you, Michelle F ! And Happy Springtime! I'm glad you enjoyed the pace and the tricky challenges. ; ) I am so grateful to share the practice with you. Enjoy the rest of the challenge! And let me know how you feel at the end. Be well. 
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