Renewal: A 7-Day Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 4

Day 3: Detox Flow

30 min - Practice


On Day 3, we are ready for a fiery detox. We build strength with Sun Salutes and core work to prepare us to move into deep twists, uprooting all that we're ready to clear out and creating space for new energy to come through. You will feel invigorated and refreshed.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block

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Welcome to day three. We are warmed up. We are grounded. We're starting to get a little bit juicy. We are ready to detox. So today's practice will be really invigorating. We'll build some core strength and energy, and then we'll start to wring it all out. Comfortable seat, ground through foundation, take hands to prayer at the heart. Let's take a nice big inhale, warm. Dropping into your intention, let it source your practice. And as you're ready, let eyes open, take a big inhale, let's reach the arms out and up. And then with your exhale, twist to your right, take your hand to your opposite knee, spiral the spine gently, gaze back and let's deepen here for three, two. With the next inhale, draw it back to center, arms up. And with the exhale, twist to the other side, spiraling the spine, gazing back, breathing three, two. Then we inhale, come back to center, reach arms up. And with the exhale, go back to the right. We're going to repeat this and deepen. With the inhale, back to center, with the exhale to the left, inhaling center, again to each side, exhale to the right, inhale center, exhale left. And then with the inhale, draw it back to center, reaching the arms up. And with your exhale, rock it forward, come up onto the hands and the knees, grounding hands deep into the earth. Simple cat cow, inhale, lift, tailbone, heart, gaze. Exhale, rounding, belly draws to the spine. And again, inhale, lift, tailbone, heart, gaze, exhaling to round. And then once again, inhale and exhale. And then with your inhale, draw it back to a neutral spine and just ground on the exhale. And then rooting left hand deep into the earth. With the next inhale, reach the right arm out and up to the right. With your exhale, thread it under, but don't come all the way down quite yet. Inhale, reach it up again. Exhale, thread it under. Inhale, all the way up. And this time, exhale, come all the way through and down, rest on the back of the shoulder side of the head. You can root left hand, you can walk it out, or you can reach it up. Breathing three, extend through right fingertips, move away through back of heart, two. And then if the left arm is moved, release it, root left hand back into the earth and inhale, reach right arm goes back to the sky. With your exhale, release, return to hands and knees, pause for a breath. And then second side, inhale, reach left arm out and up. Exhale, thread it under without touching down yet. Inhale, rise. Exhale, thread it under. And then once again, inhale, all the way up and exhale, come all the way through and down. Release two, back of shoulder, right hand rooting or walking out or reaching up. Breathe across, upper back, back of shoulder, another breath. And then if you've moved the right arm, release it, root right hand back into the earth. And on your inhale, reach the left arm back to the sky. Exhale, release it, return to hands and knees, pause, neutral spine. Take a big inhale, tuck the toes and exhale, go up and back, downward facing dog. Three breaths, play with it as much as you'd like. Still warming the body, opening into backs of legs, lengthening spine. And then it's a slow walk forward on the inhale, finding the front of your mat. An easy fold, Uttanasana, just let the hands fall, let the head fall, relax the neck, couple breaths. Head stays heavy, slowly on the inhale, rise, roll, all the way to stand. And then exhale, melt shoulders back and down, feet together, hands to prayer at the heart, big inhale, and grounding exhale. Surya A with some twists. Inhale, reach arms out and up. And with your exhale, spiral to the right, right arm back, left arm forward. Inhale back up, exhale to the left, left arm back, right arm forward. Inhale back up, exhale to bow out and down. Inhale, we lengthen halfway, hopper step back. Exhale, lower knees or chaturanga.

Inhale, lift the heart. Exhale, downward facing dog, long spine, shoulders roll away from the ears, heels to earth, the bones to sky, another breath or two. Dropping in. Bottom of the exhale, soft bend in the knees, hop or step to the front of your mat. Inhale, lengthening halfway. Exhaling to fold from center. Inhale, all the way up. And exhale, hands to the heart. Good. Again, inhale, out and up. Exhale, twisting to the right. Inhale, back up. Exhale, twisting to the left. Inhale, back up. Exhale to bow out and down. Inhaling halfway. Exhale, hopper step it back, lower knees or chaturanga. Inhale, scoop the heart up. Exhale, downward facing dog, deep full breath, three, two. With the exhale, bend the knees, hopper step, front of mat. Inhale, halfway. Exhale to fold from center. Inhale, all the way up. Exhale, hands to heart center. One more cycle. Inhale, out and up. Exhale, twist to the right, spiraling the spine. Inhale, back to center. Exhale, twist to left. Inhale, back to center. Exhaling to bow out and down. Inhale, halfway, long spine. Hopper step it back. Exhale, knees or chaturanga. Inhale, cobra up dog. And exhale, take it back, downward facing dog. Breathing here. Deepening in. All right, we're going to play with this a little bit. Some balancing, some twisting. Stay connected to center. Keep rooting down through your right hand and walk the left hand about halfway back towards the left foot. You're welcome to stay here or take that left hand over to the right calf or ankle. Let the left shoulder drop. Let the body twist, maybe gaze up and under that right arm. Yeah, another breath. And then with the exhale, just release left hand back to the front of the mat, stabilize for a moment. Good. Keep pressing left hand deep into the earth. Walk the right hand about halfway back. You can stay there or right hand to left calf or left ankle. Drop the right shoulder and spiral. Another breath. And exhale to release. Come back into downward facing dog. Take a breath. Okay, here we go into a little core strengthening. As you inhale, just ripple forward into plank pose. Shoulders over rest, soles of the feet pressing back. Super strong through your center. Pace yourself, do what you can, rest whenever you need to. From here on the inhale, lift the right foot just a little. As you exhale, draw right knee outside, right elbow. Stay here for your inhale. Exhale to center line, knee to nose. Stay here for inhale. Exhale straight back into plank. Good. Inhale, left foot up. Exhale, knee outside, left elbow. Stay for the inhale. Exhale, knee to center line to nose. Stay for inhale. Exhale, straight back to plank. Nice work. Let's do it again on each side. Inhale, lift right foot. Exhale, knee to elbow. Stay for inhale. Exhale, center line. Hold, inhale. Exhale, plank. Last one. Inhale, left foot up. Exhale, outside elbow. Stay for inhale. Exhale, center. Stay for inhale. Exhale, plank. Excellent. Stay for the inhale, buoyant center. Exhale, downward facing dog. Good work. Take a big inhale through the nose. Open the mouth. Exhale. With your next inhale, take the right leg to the sky. With the exhale, open the hip and the knee. And then we're going to inhale, reach the right leg up. And with the exhale, float the right foot forward between the hands. Step the back foot in just a little bit and spin the heel to the earth. We're going to move into triangle from a different approach. So right hand to earth or ankle. With the next inhale, sweep left arm to the sky wide open. And then exhale, let it release back to the earth. Finding fluidity here. Inhale to open it. Exhale to release. Fluid shoulder. Last one. Inhale to open. And then we just pause. Ground. Expand into the shape. Another breath.

Press the feet deep into the earth. Use the strength of that center. Inhale, rise and ground in warrior two. Steady the gaze. Steady the body. Strong foundation. Lift from center. Holding three. Two. Yeah, keep the foundation strong. And then inhale, let's reverse, letting left hand down, right arm up and over. Breathing into the side body. Three. Two. Yeah, let's keep this. And then just slowly with the inhale, lengthen the right leg. Reach out through right fingertips. Create space, opening. Even a little liberation. Another breath. Good. As you're ready, inhale. Let's draw it back up into warrior two. Exhale, just ground. Stay for your inhale. With the exhale, hands come down to the earth. Then inhaling, lift the right leg all the way back to the sky. Exhale, open the hip again. Bend the knee. Give it a breath here. And then inhale, reach right leg up again. Exhale, step right foot forward again. Pause. This time we step the back foot in a little bit more. It's a fairly short stance. Right foot, right of center, left, left of center. Inhale, lengthen halfway. And exhale, just release. Variation of pyramid, just to settle in. Then inhale halfway. Re-engage the center. Exhale, belly to spine, hands to hips. Press the feet deep into the earth. And then inhale, rise all the way up. Exhale, ground. Good. Inhale, reach arms out and up. And with your exhale, take the arms back behind you. Lots of options here. Listen to the body, listen to the joints. You can hold wrists or elbows, or you can slide the hands up into reverse prayer behind the heart. Ground down through the right foot. Inhale, lift all the way up front body. And then with your exhale, extend way, way out. It's your choice. You can work with a straight spine just pausing here, or you can fold all the way forward, letting the head fall, gazing towards the navel. Breathing, breathing, breathing. Lift the elbows a little. Okay. If you've taken the full fold, inhale, just come halfway up, chest parallel to the earth. We're going to meet here. Engage through the center. You've done a lot to fire up the core. Use that as you inhale, extend the arms out alongside the ears. Hold three, two shoulder blades down the back. One more breath. And then with your exhale, simply release hands to the earth, either side of the front foot. Inhale, lengthen.

Inhale to deepen. Right. In a moment, we're going to move into really deep twist. Parvrita trikonasana, twisting triangle. You're welcome to stay right where you are. Modify as you choose. The block can be supremely helpful here. So take it at any height outside of that right foot. Left hand onto block. And then take your right thumb into your right hip crease. Pull it back and let the heart go out. We want length first, and then the twist. Spiral from deep belly all the way up through length of spine, right arm to the sky. Yeah. Ring it out. Three, two. Stay for a big inhale. Maybe heart opens a little more. And then exhale, just release. Melt back down into the fold. You can remove the block. Pause. Yeah. Okay. And then we inhale halfway. And with your exhale, step your left foot way back. Nice long lunge. Grounding the hands. Inhale, take the right leg back to the sky. Exhale, open the hip just to release a little. You can shake it out, circle it, whatever feels good. Downward facing dog. Take a moment. Feel into the breath. Beginner's mind for the second side. As you're ready, inhale, left leg to the sky. Exhale, open the hip and the knee. Inhale, reach it up. With your exhale, float the left foot forward between the hands. Step the back foot in just a little and spin heel to earth. Left hand to the earth or the ankle. Inhale, reach. Right arm opens you into triangle. Exhale, release. Float down again. Inhale, we rise. Exhale, release. Deepening with repetition. Inhale, rise. And this time we pause. Feel that expanse. Breathe beyond the tips of the fingers and the toes. And then inhale, rise all the way up. Finding warrior two, grounding, settling. With your next inhale, reverse, reaching it back, opening side body. Yeah. And then we keep all of this and just slowly with the next inhale, lengthen the left leg, press the foot deep into the earth, reach away through the fingertips. So spacious through that side body. Yeah.

And then inhale, return to your warrior two and settle. Inhale here. Exhale, hands to the earth. With the inhale, take your left leg back to the sky. Exhale, open the hip and the knee. Give it a breath. Then we inhale, lift. And with the exhale, step the left foot forward and then step the right foot in quite a bit. Pretty short stance. Left foot, left of center, right, right. Give the hips some room. Then inhale halfway and exhale, fold. Just a moment here. Yeah. Inhale halfway up. Exhale, belly to spine, hands to hips. Inhale all the way up and exhale to root. Good. Feel into that foundation. Then inhale, take the arms out and up. And with your exhale, reach it back. You can hold wrists or elbows or reverse prayer, hands to the back of the heart. Ground that left foot. Inhale, lift all the way up the front body. And then exhale, take it out and down. And again, it's your choice. Pause with a straight spine. Gaze at big toe or let the back round. Gaze at the navel. Lift, elbows, breathe three, two. If you've taken the full fold, inhale just halfway up. We pause. And then with the next inhale, reach the arms out alongside the ears. Strong through center. Three, shoulders down the back. Two. With your exhale, just release, hands to the earth. Neutral here. And then moving into that grand finale of twists, parvita trikonasana. Block outside of the foot and then take left thumb into left hip crease, draw it back and reach the heart out. Yeah. Spiral from the deep belly all the way up and reach left arm to the sky. Anchor through the back heel. Open through heart and left shoulder. Breathing three and two. Big inhale. With the exhale, release, melt back down into the fold, removing the block and just pause here. Neutral spine for a moment. Then inhale, lengthen the torso halfway up. As you exhale, bend left knee and step the right foot way back. Ground the hands. Inhale, reach, left leg goes to the sky. Exhale, open the hip again, bend the knee and just give it a moment. Shake it, circle it, whatever you need. Yeah. And then returning to your downward facing dog. Pause here. Take a big inhale through the nose. Bend the mouth, exhale. Let it go. At the bottom of the exhale, soft bend in the knees. Let's come all the way through to sit, landing in dandasana, seated staff. Extend the legs out. If it helps, move flesh out from under sit bones so you're firmly rooted. Ground the hands outside of the hips and just feel into the length, vibrancy of central channel. Rising all the way from root to crown. Steady gaze, tip of nose or top of thighs. Three, two.

Okay. I'm going to play with little Marichyasana here. So keep the left leg extended and just bend that right knee, rooting the foot. Have a little space between foot and left thigh. And then inhale, reach the right arm up. And as you exhale, come inside of that right leg and wrap the right arm around. You can pause there. You can grab a strap. You can make the full bind, whatever is available. And then inhale, reach through heart again and exhale fold. Let the background, let the head fall. Three, two. Good. Keep the bind. Inhale, just halfway up. And then exhale to release. From here, we're going to move into Marichyasana C. So inhale, reach left arm up. And as you exhale, twist. Take the left elbow outside of the right knee. Keep that knee gently pressing out so it doesn't collapse into center. And then spiral and gaze back. If that's enough, it's enough. If you want, you can explore that left arm wrapping all the way around right leg and right arm finding the bind. Breathing three, two. Good. And then just gently unravel. And let's extend the right leg, kind of rock and roll the legs a little bit. Keep right leg active and extended. Draw left knee in, at the foot. Inhale, left arm up. Exhale, wrap and bind. Inhale, extend. Exhale, fold. Breathing three, two. And then inhaling halfway. Exhale to release, preparing for C. Inhale, reach right arm up. Exhale, take the elbow outside of the knee and gaze back. If that's enough, excellent. If you want to play, then ease that right arm all the way around. Left leg, reach back. Gaze back. Three, two. As you're ready, unravel, unwind. And then just nice and easy, roll all the way down onto the back. Hug the knees in towards the chest. Wrap arms around the legs. Rock yourself side to side. We'll twist to the left, legs as is, or either leg binds on top. And then right arm goes right. The final twist. Really deep detox, building the heat and the strength. And then moving into really strong, deep twisting to clear it all out. Beautiful work today. Inhale, back to center. Let the hips move to the left a little. Cross the other leg on top if you're binding. Legs to the right, left arm to the left. Ring it out. And if you respond to visuals, you might even imagine anything you'd like to clear. It's kind of leaving the body, the mind, the heart on an exhale. Let it go. And inhale, drop back to center. Exhale, hug the knees in, wrap the arms around, release that low back. Then take a big inhale. And exhale, release. Shavasana, open the legs. Let them roll open. Rest the arms. Let them roll open and lay it all down. Let it all go. Inhaling through the nose. Open the mouth, exhale. Just rest.

Inhale, inhale, exhale, open the nose. Inhale, exhale, open the nose. Inhale, exhale, open the nose. Inhale, exhale, open the nose. Inhale, exhale, open the nose. Inhale, exhale, open the nose. Gently draw a little awareness back. Deepen the breath. And in any way that feels good to you, transition back to a comfortable feet. And let the hands rest, soften the gaze or close the eyes. A breath or two in stillness. Next to prayer, heart center. Exhale, empty. Inhale. Gently inhaling and bowing forward to seal your practice with the exhale. Namaste. Really strong, deep work. Thank you all so much. Drink lots and lots of water to keep that all clearing and cleansing. And I'll see you on day four. Namaste.


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I loved the twisting in Day 3, this spring renewal coincides nicely with other detoxing I am doing: nutrition/alcohol/media consumption. Wonderful way to start the day with the shining outside my kitchen window and this great flow. Thank you Rosemary. 
Rosemary Garrison
Oh this is so beautiful, Sue D . Brava on the detoxing and cleansing. Thank you for joining us. I hope you continue to enjoy! 
David G-
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Detoxing (same bad habits as Sue D) was my visualization this week with Mia's Day 6 challenge. Drinking plenty of water right now. Loved this practice, even at 5:30 am. The revolving triangle was difficult, but rewarding. Thanks for all your comments; it motivated me this morning; I didn't hit the snooze button a third time. Yes, I have been doing camel as it shows up in my Yogic journey. Lydia did it last week I think. Hard to keep track. I love it. Ashtanga is in my future for sure as well. 
Francesca Venturini
Just what I needed today. ThanK you so much Rosemary!!
Hope H
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Beautiful sequence and feeling detoxed. I think I finally understand the benefits of revolved triangle… Thank you! Off to drink some water.
Rosemary Garrison
Yay, happy to hear it, Francesca Venturini !
Rosemary Garrison
So wonderful to discover revolved triangle benefits! Thank you, Hope H . Yay for water. ; ) 
Rosemary Garrison
Happy to hear you're detoxing too, David G- . Right on time! Also happy to hear you felt motivated and got up for the practice. Yay for camel! And for Lydia- she is so lovely. 
Kate M
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This practice was TAPASYA!  I just crawled out of the deepest śavāsana... 
Christel B
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Lovely practice! Great to wring out and get the juices flowing.  
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