Renewal: A 7-Day Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 7

Day 6: Inner Freedom

30 min - Practice


Replenished by Day 5, today we're ready to fly! On Day 6, we flow through invigorating lunge sequences to open the outer hips and IT bands on or way to Eagle Pose. You will feel balanced and spacious.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Loved this refreshing, stretchy flow…feeling blissful! 🦅💥☮️
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I woke up at 5 am, did some chores, then launched into this. My that was some balance sequence. The clasp behind the hands actually helps stabilize. I want to return to this one. 
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My favorite class of this challenge! Thank you!
I love garudasana! Spreading the arms out it really feels like freedom..... Thank you!
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Today my four year old son joined me for much of this practice. I loved watching him have fun with the poses. At the end, in savasana, he reached over to hold my hand and said "I love yoga!" It was such a beautiful experience and another amazing practice.
So in need of feeling connected. Thank you for this series
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...another great class, Rosemary. Thank you!
Love, love.
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I really enjoyed this sequence of balancing, wringing out and stretching.
Thank you very much, Rosemary, for this great practice- it made me feel happy and free! Namaste! 💝🌹🌼
Yay for feeling blissful, Jenny S ! And for eagle energy. Enjoy!
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