Beyond Binary Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 7

Look, Mom, No Hands

30 min - Practice


Sometimes it's nice to just be dramatic. In this fun, creative hands-free class we focus on functional range of motion and mobility in the legs and hips as a complement to our yoga practice. We explore "body riddles", squat sequences, and untraditional transitions, moving in potentially unfamiliar ways, which creates new neuropathways in the brain and improves our moods. We close in deeper hip opening poses, leaving you feeling supple and sweet.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Strap, Block

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Loved this playful, experimental practice 🙌 I also enjoy using the strap because it allows me to go in a bit deeper and it feels so supportive and cozy. Also, I’m getting a kick out of the titles of these practices - adds a little brightness to the day! 🌞
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Hahaha. thanks Jenny, I appreciate you so much. You are my biggest fan. Thank you for that. And yes, I also love the use of props, they can be such help in going deeper and harder or also in making things a little sweeter. 🤗
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I've enjoyed the sequence with Warrior 2, skandasana and ½ moon!
Lina S thanks! So glad! 
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thank you... I'm a new mom that experiencing wrist pain... so glad having this 
Congratulations! So glad. Not for your wrist pain, obvi, but that I could offer something for you. 🤗
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So good that you’ve incorporated getting up in such creative ways.  It’s so interesting as you said that they can base longevity on the ability to get up off the floor without using your hands to help. Another great class,
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Christel B glad you enjoyed. I know! It’s fascinating. 

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