Beyond Binary Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 8

Widening Across the Chest

30 min - Practice


Cultivate the steadiness within to open up to whatever space you've created for yourself. This class will help you feel more open and wide in the chest, a place of tightness for many of us. We begin using props to access some of the tender spots in the upper chest areas, flow through a sequence of standing poses to encourage the chest to blossom open, explore binds, heart openers, and twists, and close in a forward fold. You will feel open and expansive.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Block (2)

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An area where I am rather tight! This was a perfect class for me! And I love your chanting at the beginning and end of each class in the series! So grateful, Miles, for these classes!
Jennifer E I’m so glad you enjoyed and found useful. And thanks, the chanting’s my favorite too! 😉
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The closing chant was so hauntingly beautiful ~ it really touched something in me…Is there any way for YA to put a pdf of the chant and its translation up on the episode page? As always, many thanks to you Miles for a lovely class ❤️🙏🏻
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beautiful class my friend!!!!
Kelly K thanks so much, dear one! 💜💜💜
Hi Miles 🌞 I got a notification that you had responded to my comment, presumably about the mantra and it’s translation?  All I can see are blanks for your responses - seems like we are having technical difficulties which makes perfect sense with Mercury being in retrograde 😨 lol…anyway, just a heads-up 👍 have a beautiful day!
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Jenny S it is true. I don't know what happened. The mantra has an amazing story that goes with it. too long to tell here. you'll have to wait for my memoir to come out hopefully within the next year. and i was saying you can listen to the mantra on my album on all the streaming services- bhakti riot by miles and the monki menace. it is called draupadi's chant. I will chat with YA about the PDF idea. See if they can hook you up. Big love💜
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OMG this makes my day!  I had no idea you have an album out - can't wait to check it out!  And, as I think I mentioned before, I will be pre-ordering your memoir as soon as it's available.  Many thanks Miles,  love from your superfan Jenny 💥 
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Hi Miles, wonderful class! I loved the sequence. Thank you!
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Shawn M thanks so much Shawn! Glad you enjoyed! 
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