Advanced Basics Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 3

Twisting from the Core

30 min - Practice


Dive deeper into the muscles of the abdomen and experience how they support us in twists. We practice setting the pelvis and engaging and twisting from the abdominal muscles, bringing additional attention to the obliques and the internal organs. You will feel light, strong, and cleansed.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block

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Hi Nathan, nice to see you back with us again ! I am finding that it is definitely taking some concentration and extra focus to get the 'tucks' right every time, but I magically felt the lower abs doing their thing properly in some of the twists in today's class. Love all your alignment cues, always super helpful. Namaste X
Catherine A, great to hear from you again! Yes, the action I’m going for does take a little time to feel. But I think you’ll pick it up in no time. And then you’ll start to feel how to find it in other poses. 
Stay in touch and let me know if you have any questions 🙏
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your prompts helped me connect my top half to my bottom half - and i felt stronger and more secure for it - i was sure i'd wobble more coming into the lunge twist but managed it much pretty well with your guidance. thanks Nathan. 
Matthew, that’s an awesome thing to hear! It makes me happy to know you’re gaining a feeling of strength and connection from this lesson. That is exactly what I’m going for. And from this connection thru strength I hope to show how to consciously improve blood flow to various parts of the body. More coming soon!! 🙏
Hope to hear from you again. 
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Catherine and Matthew relayed similar experiences as mine. I didn't hear Savasana so well as my dryer and washer were rumbling, but the earth definitely had me after this practice. The nuances of the waist band cue locked in my mind. Thanks. 
David G-, try this waistband idea in forward bends (I share a little of this in later lessons). Gently waistband tilting is essentially synonymous with restraining the forward roll of the pelvis as you enter the pose. This helps reduce the risk of over-stretching. Remember that eventually there should not be much sensation in the poses, just stable, alive space 💛 This is what allows blood to flow without straining the heart and to calm (rather than annoy) the nervous system. 
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Very transformative practice, Nathan Briner ! It felt fantastic. I'm excited to explore further, and share with my students!
: )
Hi Kate M! These concepts of grounding are where I often start and I find it helps students feel strong and present in the poses.  I would love to know how it Lands with your students.
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Nathan Briner , I integrated a bit of this into class this morning! I didn't have  a chance to ask students about their experience of it yet, but I want to continue with this cueing. It creates such stability and balance in the twists : )
Kate M I’m really stoked that that stability is coming through on these lessons. It’s one of the biggest things I’m hoping to share. 

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