Advanced Basics Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 4

Tame the Ribs

30 min - Practice


When our ribs are in the right place, we can find more lift in the spine and more space in our poses. In this class, we focus our attention on finding and maintaining the correct placement of our ribs through various familiar seated, standing, and inverted postures. You will feel aligned and balanced.
What You'll Need: Mat

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hi, Nathan how are you doing? thanks so much for this new series. I am still practicing your thirty day series and I have this one so beneficial as well. taming the ribs really helped me. peace Eliza

Hey Elizabeth H! Good to hear from you. Great to hear you’re still enjoying the 30 day challenge 💪
I’m curious what changes you’ve discovered with the rib taming concept? 
Nice practice! Thanks, Nathan! 🌼🌞💛
Awesome Sandra Židan! Thank you 🙏 
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fascinating stuff. rib awareness really does change the experience of the whole - i can see i was kind of 'cheating' before at the expense of a more unified, grounded experience. terrific - many thanks. :)
Matthew, the unified, grounded experience is exactly what I was hoping to bring forward in this session. Head to toe connection. Stoked you were able to feel it!! 
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Balancing the structural energies to allow for the free flow of energy within and without the structure! (If that makes sense!!)
Kate M, that’s is exactly it! With that free flowing energy, awareness is no longer “stuck” in areas that are over stretched or unsupported or not participating in the pose. Now awareness can reach out to feel all the parts of the body and make the adjustments that will free up the flow of energy :) It’s a beautiful circle! 
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Wow! It was just amazing. Throughout the practice I felt all the energy clrculating easily. I felt like I am using more energy while practicing this way but at the end I was really energetic and felt light.
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That felt… transformative. Thank you Nathan Briner for this series - I think it’s your best yet.
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