Advanced Basics Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 6

Stability for Standing Poses

30 min - Practice


The integration of the core and legs creates a strong, stable base from which we can find more openness in the internal body. After we warm in Sun Salutes, we explore Side Angle, Half Moon, and Crow, feeling the supportive resistance, connection, and spaciousness created by an engaged support system.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Great to keep being reminded of the stablelizing positions which make the poses so much stronger.  It was an awakening to find I could apply the beltline idea in my standing postures as well. Also creating an awareness of the circle of energy  connection from heel to hamstring and hip providing strength and support.  I felt very solid in doing crow in today's manner. Having this series of classes helps to ingrain these supportive positions into my practice, working to having them become second nature.  
Christel B! I love everything about what you said. This sounds like a beautiful practice!! 🙏
I am really enjoying this series. It is making my practice so much more effective I am able to use the visualisations and body scans I use in meditation to find the connections you are suggesting. Thank you so much.
Sarah-Jane Stephens, that sounds like an excellent way to practice! I believe that it is the ability you’re describing, to be able to dive deep into the body with awareness, that truly unlocks the power of yoga. That awareness will help you see where you’re stuck, where you’re absent, where you’re fully present, and illuminate the knots on all levels that are asking to be undone :)
All my best! 
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something prompted me to do this outside on some decking (could have been the autumn's evening sun) - i had a lovely time of it. thanks Nathan for another great session.
Matthew, nothing like a little nature and sunlight to brighten up the mind. 
I hope you are having a great Sunday. 
All my best!
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Nathan: that was my best crow. ]Still a work in progress, but the lift in the chest works. I mirrored you to internalize the cues quicker. Good for the nervous system. Like that sit bones and shin cue in Warrior 2. Thinking of the standing leg as a wall. Very effective! You are the first teacher who spoke of core organs, as opposed to the core being muscle. Curious. Thanks again! I needed a lesson to distract me from having to work tonight at the school I teach.  
Hi David G- congrats on the solid crow pose! 
More and more I’m trying to lure yoga students beyond the focus on muscle and draw them deeper into the body and physiology. My hope here mentioning the organs is to feel that the whole inner content of the core is being drawn back and up. The web of our body extends from the skin to the center and we can connect with every layer through these poses :) 
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Loved the feeling in Virabhadrasana 2! Thank you for this guidance, Nathan.
Kate M! If you have a minute I’d love to hear what you discovered in that warrior pose. 
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