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Season 1 - Episode 7

Hip Hinge in Backbends

35 min - Practice


The primary hinge in backbends is the hip. In this lesson, we combine all of the alignment cues we have learned this season and add in hip hinging to create safe and energizing backbends. You will feel uplifted, confident, and focused.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Having just recently recovered from a minor pulled muscle injury in my lower back, I can honestly report that this method of backbending is a game changer. I’ve been a bit wary of backbending lately, afraid I may re-injure myself. Pulling the waistband back and gently tucking the pelvis rendered a completely safe backbend. There was no pain or pinching. Amazing technique Nathan! 🙌
Jenny S!! This makes my heart sing. You have made my Thursday 😊
Thank you for sharing your experience! I am happy to hear your back is feeling better. 
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Thanks Nathan!  I love all of your classes.  As a seasoned yoga instructor with far too much flexibility and subsequent injury it's very restorative and calming to find more consciousness  better ways to hold myself in all these postures. 
Sylvia K, this is so great to hear. I am in the same boat. For the longest time I couldn’t figure out why the practice was hurting me because I was doing all the poses and reaching and extending as I kept hearing I was supposed to do. It finally dawned on me that the muscles have to be used to restrain excessive movement. And wow! What a transformation. And on so many levels. 
I’m so happy you’re feeling positive changes with these lessons 😁🙏
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I used to injure my pelvis frequently but now since applying the principles you've been teaching it's been years since that frequent injury used to pop up. I've done all of your classes on YogaAnytime and they have been game changers. Thank you Nathan.  Namaste.
Christel B absolutely wonderful 💛🙏
What do you think made the biggest difference? 
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Thank you for the clear and helpful guidance on how to protect the back.  It all felt so much more comfortable.
Awesome to hear Deborah O!! 
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Hi Nathan, great tips for me in all the classes so far I especially found this back-bending session helpful and also enjoyable as I often experience 'pinching' in poses like Dhanurasana and Ustrasana.Following the cues produced an almost miraculously sweet result........ 🙏
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Thank you so much for sharing these discoveries with us, Nathan. I have a question. In some of the quad stretching poses, my back felt safe when puing the waistband in, but I felt a lot of stretching and pulling in my knees. Is this normal, or am I overstretched? This was especially true in camel.
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