Mindfulness in Motion 10-Day Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 4

Day 3: Lengthen and Stabilize

30 min - Practice


In Day 3 of our challenge, we bring mindfulness to the muscles of the inner and outer legs, which in our modern sedentary lives often become shortened, leading to discomfort. This sequence flows through familiar standing poses and mobility work, offering relief and rebalancing to the muscles of the legs and hips. You will feel soft and stable.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block

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This was the first time I tried your class! It felt wonderful! Perfect stretching for my right hip and lower back. Happy Holidays! Thank you for sharing your practice! Sincerely, Anda
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I really enjoyed this. Your style suits me well. Thank you x
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Thank you, Quamay : ) Nice to cultivate that awareness in the legs. Thanks for the guidance : )
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Anda Seale Ooph! Those are the spots! I'm very happy you had an opportunity to try class with me and I hope you felt supported and got what you needed. Enjoy the Holidays!
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Caroline T I am happy to hear that Caroline! I try my best to share from my heart and if it resonates I can only be grateful. You are very welcome! 
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Kate M Kate I get so happy when I see your name in these comments! I hope each day of the series is giving you a new experience and you connect to your SELF more and more each time you practice. Your gratitude gets me through and I appreciate you! Keep going :) 
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slowing for a brief time focusing on the leg muscles with your guidance Quamay on this New Year Day.  All the Best for 2023 to you.
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Excellent practice and loved the bountiful background.  My lower back and hips are loving you right now !
your vibe and sense of humour makes come back to the mat even after a hard day. thx .
Thanks, Quamay, for this great practice! I do feel my hips and legs after doing it! Namaste! 🌼🤗💙

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