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Angel welcomes us to Season 1 of Yoga and Faith. Faith makes everything our heart desires feel possible. The gateway to the wisdom and insight Faith offers us is through the body. In these classes, we gather the devotional energy of the heart before diving into the lower regions of the body to experience our shared humanity.  Together, we'll explore mudras, Yin style shapes, and a bit of dynamic movement to meet tensions in the neck, heart, and hips with loving awareness. You will feel grounded, supported, and relaxed as you experience the presence and freedom of pure being.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Dec 02, 2022
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Welcome Angel!  It’s always such a gift to open Yoga Anytime and find a brand new show.  I feel like I know you already from your blog posts, and now we get to practice together ✨❤️✨The show’s theme is the perfect way to honor this time of year when people of so many religions and beliefs gather to celebrate the light and their faith.  I’m excited to dive in!
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Yes! So good to meet you, Jenny. I look forward to getting to know you more. : )
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It is so wonderful to be in your "Angel" realm again. I have missed you and am so grateful you are here!
Nancy K soooooo. wonderful to know you're here! Love you, friend.

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