Yoga and Faith Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 2


30 min - Practice


Yoga is a devotional practice. Experience the devotional energy of the heart while lovingly meeting and releasing tension in the chest, shoulders, and back. We begin in a seated mudra practice to connect to our devotion to the earth, to our loved ones, and to all that is. We then move through Yin shapes with various teachings on devotion and how it shows up in our practice and in our lives. You will feel soothed, peaceful, and in awe of the heart.
What You'll Need: Mat, Square Bolster, Blanket

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I did this practice facing a gorgeous December sunrise and it was just “aaaaaahhhhh”. So blissful. And your gentle words really got me thinking of how I want to move through what is generally a hectic time of year. I’m inspired to bring a devotional mindset into my daily walk of life as best I can. And yes - less Netflix! Thank you for this practice 🙏🏻❤️
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Dear Jenny! I am so glad you enjoyed the class.  Yay! You are most welcome. Your sweet words are such a blessing. Thank you. See you in the next episodes. xo
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Hi Angel,
I saw Jenny S comment here - hello there Jenny! so I KNEW i would love this practice . Such a wonderful pause in a busy Saturday that really gave me the opportunity to see what I was devoting my time and energy to and just dial it all in! The afternoon looks sweeter now!
Thank you!

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This is a wonderful practice that will slow you down to meditate and stretch, loosening all the “stuff” that makes us crazy at this time of the year. I so hope this series continues and grows. We need it. Thx to Angel!
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Michelle F Awwww! Thankful for Jenny S too. Grateful this class brought a little peace to your weekend! Much love. Angel
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Barbara S Wonderful! You are so welcome, dear heart.  I look forward to more yoga together.
This was my first practice after 8 days of very bad flue. It was so nice feeling my breath back, connecting with mother earth and with my heart. Feeling alive is just so sweet and beautiful.
Francesca Venturini It surely is!! I am so grateful this class helped you reconnect after such a challenging time with the flu. Hope you continue getting your strength back. xo Angel
I love this practice so much. I have found myself resistant to stillness lately. This practice with my yoga sister Angel reminded me of my need for balance, quiet, and stillness. ❤️💕❤️
Beth Fegley YAY for stillness! I love that you experienced that. ♥️
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