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Season 1 - Episode 2

Sweat, Tears, & the Sea

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For Shelley, nothing heals like salt water: sweat, tears, the sea. Movement, connecting with loved ones, and getting out in Nature help her change perspective and settle the mind. In the end, it just takes a simple smile to brighten someone else's day.
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Mar 09, 2023
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The cure for anything is salt water, sweat, tears, or the sea. How I feel in my body, that changes also how I feel in my mind. So laughing and crying with a friend, or getting in the ocean, or really getting into nature, that immediately changes how I feel for certain. Connecting with my family, with my friends, these are the things that kind of just remind me of who I am and settle whatever is going on that feels like it can't be settled, it just brings it into perspective. A simple smile or a reach out can brighten somebody else's day so much, and it also brightens yours.


Kate M
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Awwww... this is so sweet and so true : ) (And so "Shelley"!)
Shelley Williams
Kate M Kate, thank you so much! You are always so kind, I appreciate your reflection! Have an awesome day!! 

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