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Season 1 - Episode 4

The Gift of Being Present

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For new mom, Alana, the joy of being with her baby, Cedar, has led her to sing and play more than ever before, letting go and finding her goofy side. Stepping out into Nature is a great way to find awe, feel present, and make troubles seem small.
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Apr 13, 2023
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I think when I'm in nature, it helps me realize how small I am. When you're like in your stuff, everything is like amplified and full on and when I step out into nature, just be in awe and be really present with the moment. At the theater I find that when I really slow down and get on the floor and present with him, that's when he is a delight. One thing as a mom, I am just discovering that I am playing more and more and singing more than I've ever sang in my whole life. Maybe it's because I'm completely exhausted and just goofy, but really allowing myself to just let go and be present in the moment with him, it's such a gift and it's so freeing at the same time.


Jenny S
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Alana ❤️ Cedar exudes pure JOY!  I had a giant smile on my face watching the two of you soaking up all that vitality…I’m so happy for you!
Jennifer Love
So WONDERFUL to see you as a Mama with your little one! Thank you for posting! My heart leaped when I saw a new video from you and I have missed your teaching so much!  It looks like you are cherishing this season of your life and what a blessing it is to witness.
Sarah Beston
I love this, Alana Mitnick. So beautiful.
Rebecca R
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You brought back memories of my young motherhood days…such similar times, and cherished in my heart, forever.
Enjoy every moment, every breath…
Love and many blessings to you! 
Alana Mitnick
Thank you Jenny S! Cedar brings me so much JOY! So grateful for your steady presence and support over the years. Love, Alana 
Alana Mitnick
Jennifer Love, I so appreciate your kind words and encouragement. I love being a Mama to Cedar. Life has taken on a whole new meaning and practice! Grateful to be in this together. Stay close! Love, Alana 
Alana Mitnick
Wonderful to hear from you Rebecca R. Thank you for the reminder to soak up each moment. The days seem long but it’s amazing how time flys! Our time together is so precious and brings me so much joy. So happy you’re here tuning in! Love, Alana 
Alana Mitnick
Thank you Sarah Beston! XoA
Ali Cramer
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Honest, thoughtful and wise as always, Alana Mitnick thank you for sharing. Jai Ma! 
Kate M
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Mothering... so so so heart opening... so utterly transforming (omg I'm going to cry now)... remembering when mine were little... This is such a beautiful, authentic capture of the transformative beauty of mothering. 
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