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Season 12 - Episode 4

Sutra 2.28

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In sutra 2.28, yoga anga anusthanad ashuddhi kshaye jnana diptih a viveka khyateh, Patanjali explains that if we can diligently cultivate the "limbs" of yoga, we can remove samyoga and avidya, cleanse the field of partiality, and establish clear-sighted awareness.
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Sep 02, 2023
Jnana, Raja
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So sutra 27, Potani has given us this map of a very comprehensive journey from this state of being afflicted and being identified with partiality all the way to the individual soul being returned to the source and able to navigate life without getting caught up in all this enmeshing Avidya. Okay? Wow. So then the question, well, how? Suited 28. This is what potentially goes on to tell us now.

From now till the end of the chapter and further is really the elaboration of this method of how we can make that Viveka Kjatir more and more Avi Plava, how we can make our Kragya more and more established. So we can get more and more established in that clear sighted, clear awareness. So to make that discerning awareness, more and more clear, what can we do? Yoga, anger, Anushtarnart, So from the establishment, from the diligent cultivation of the ungers the members or the limbs of the body of yoga practice Giana Deepdi, the lamp of clear understanding and awareness reaches up or is able to reach up to that level of discerning clear awareness. So What's this telling us?

If we can, diligently, with that constancy, that steadiness, that care, that presence, practice and cultivate the ungers the limbs, the members of the body, the collective of yoga practice, then we can create a situation where the pilot light of our conscience, and the illumination of clear insight can accede to that state of Viveca Kyati. The potent potentially is already mentioned is the means to remove the sanyogga and the Avilla. To get rid of that strong conduction to false senses of identification and eventually then cleanse the field of partiality so we can see clearly. Okay. So then what's the next question? What are these fungus? But before we go into the next sutra, just one other thing I'd like to mention here. The the word hunger. So we're gonna hear about the Ashhta anger, the ashtanga, the eight limbs.

Anger. It means a part of something. So it's just just the thing I'd like to highlight is that the angers, they are all members of one body. Yoga is always about working with the whole system. So it's not that I do one thing and then leave it behind. Just like we saw with the 7 stages.

1 becomes and enables and allows the other. Similarly, with these different members of the group, they are all playing a mutually supportive role. Let's find out more about them now.


Christel B
The timing is off and it keeps stopping.

Elizabeth M
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Hi, Christel B - this is Elizabeth from Yoga Anytime. I was able to view the video without issues. Please email for troubleshooting help with video playback! They'll get this sorted out for you. Thank you for being here! 🙏 

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