Vin to Yin Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 6

Light Warrior

45 min - Practice


Connect to the light that you are. Leave the heaviness behind as we harness levity and ease in this inspiring flow class. We begin in supine hip openers and core activation, move through a Warrior flow, and explore lightness in Frog hops, Crow Pose, and Compass Pose. We melt into hip opening supported Pigeon and Child's poses to be in a space of non-doing while Wade leads us in a body of light meditation. You will feel light and easeful.
What You'll Need: Mat, Square Bolster, Strap, Block (2)

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Welcome back to the mat. Today, we are working on a little core activation. And lengthening the hamstrings and stretching the hips. So find yourself in a nice comfortable reclining position We'll be using a bolster two blocks and a strap today. And we're gonna kind of channel this feeling of levity or lightness.

So go ahead and lie on your back. Get comfortable. Saddle in. Connect with the rise and fall of your breath. As you settle into the earth, choose whether you're actually, let's straighten the legs today. That sounds like a good thing.

Go ahead and straighten the legs. Let the arms move a little farther away from the midline and enjoy connecting with your breath. Stretch out all four parts of your breath, the inhale, the pause, the exhale, and that short pause before you do that all over again. And this is an opportunity to use the power of your inhalation to help you cleanse and purify the mind. As you breathe in like a wind passing by the mind's eye, clearing any busyness, as you hold the breath and joy stillness, and as you exhale, move out any physical, mental, emotional stuff.

Just let it go. And as we connect with lightness and levity today, Let's invite the white light of the divine, whatever that means to you to encircle us visualize the white light encircle in your body clearing and purifying. All energies, all light may all negative energies go back to the light or back to where they came from. When you're ready for that next inhale, reach the arms over the head and point the toes. Keep the arms reaching back.

And as you exhale, flex the feet, flex the quad, engage the core, draw the navel at the spine. Keep the arms reaching back as you inhale point the toes Feel the lower back lifting off the floor. A little cow tilt. And as you exhale, flex the feet, engage the quad, engage the core, navel with spine one more round. Point the toes as you inhale.

Reach a little farther back. And this time, exhale hug the knees into the chest. Wrap your arms around the knees. And as you inhale extend and straighten the legs, take the arms over the head. And as you exhale, recross the legs, draw them into the chest, a little deeper cow and cap tilt mobilizers for the spine, helping us move into the front of the back body for our journey ahead.

Next time you exhale, hug the knees into the chest, Keep the knees hugging into the chest and just let the knees rock left and right. You can hold on to the knees, or you can just let the knees rock left and right. Massaging each side of your back, your glutes, lower back. Great. The next time you rock back the center, hug the right knee into the chest, let the left leg slowly lower to the earth, bring your right leg into an easy, happy baby pose, reach for the pinky toe side of your right foot And a little massaging here rock to your right and back to center.

So you're rocking on that outer right, glute, an area of the glute connects to the lower back. Giving it a little TLC time right here. Great. Keep the happy baby leg and bend your left leg, place the right ankle on top of your left thigh, cactus the arms. And once again, we'll windshield wiper go over to your right, massage to the right, and then back to center this time in figure 4 right ankle on top of the left knee. You should feel nice.

A little release and a little release on the left side of your back. The next time the knees rock back to center, go ahead and pause, reach through grab onto the left hamstring and then lift your left heel just a little higher than the knee so that you can feel that focus on the outer right hip. Bring the fingertip behind the base of the head, the massaging is over. The core is happening. As you exhale, pulse up, look straight up, And as you inhale, lower the head, extend the left leg 6 inches above the floor, keep the right ankle on top, exhale pulse up.

Inhale extend the leg. As you're pulsing up, try to look straight up so that you're not using as much of the neck muscles and you're focusing on the deep abdominal muscles to lift the upper back and shoulders off the floor. Fill out your last three Make sure you're drawing the navel to spine. 2. Last one.

Reach through, grab onto the back of your left hamstring and slowly extend your left leg. And just give yourself a little pulse forward and backward. This pulsing forward and backward will release the up back and shoulders. If you let the head and neck relax, you'll feel a little traction, a little space in the mid upper back and shoulders. Another little massaging moment for us. Rebend your left leg, bring your palms to the earth next to the side body.

Press into the palms, inhale, lift your hips for a hip opening bridge. Exhale, lower your hips once the sacrum is touching the earth lift the head and shoulders off the floor. So we're bringing a little hip opening backbend to our core pulses. Feel free to keep your hands on the floor as you lift and lower. If you'd like a little bit more work, take the arms over the head as you lift and as you exhale, reach for the knees or beyond. We've got 5 more of these really pressing to all four corners of the feet.

And as you're lifting, once again, try to track your focal point up a little bit so you're not using as much of the neck. To help you lift the torso away from the floor. Fill out that last one. The next time your arms are over the head, pause right here, feeling that hamstring firing up and the glute firing up, and then lower all the way down, cactus the arms, walk your left foot off the mat to the left, and we'll take a little massaging windshield wiper over to the right one more time releasing the lower back, I t band on the left side. And once again, giving that nice hip, glute massage Remember all this massaging because it's gonna get a little harder later.

So remember that we did this all of the nice, loving TLC in the beginning. Good. Go ahead and unwind the legs. Keep your feet, hip distance. Hug the left knee into the chest. Straighten the right leg.

Happy baby with a left leg. Left knee just outside of the shoulder. From here, you can give yourself a little rock left and right. That rock will help you feel that area at the lower back of the glute where they meet. After that next pulse, rebend your right leg, place the left ankle on top of the right knee, cactus the arms, figure for windshield wipers rocking to the left and back to center.

Releasing that lower back on the right side and massaging the glute and lower back on the left side. These are great ones to release from a long day, especially if you're feeling compression at the lower back. Next time you come back to center, draw the right knee into the chest, lift the right ankle. Just higher than the knee. So you can see the foot at this downward angle. You'll feel a little bit more on the outer left glute and hip.

Let the core practice begin. Finger tips to the base of the head. Excel pulse up. Inhale lower, extend your right leg 6 inches off the floor, exhale draw the knee into the chest. As you inhale, extend and as you exhale, engage the core and flex, looking straight up, drawing the navel to the spine, keeping the elbows wide, So you're using a little bit more core integrity.

As you work on these nice little pulses here, these hip opening pulses. Fill out your last 3. Last 2. The next time you pulse up, reach through a grab onto your right hamstring extend the right leg. And a little traction for the mid and upper back, a little rock forward, and backward.

We're gonna combine those core activity with our hip opening backbends, rebound the right leg, press your palms to the earth, pressing to all four corners of the right foot, Inhale lift the lower back, hips off of the floor, exhale lower all the way down. Once the sacrum's on the earth engaged the core, lift the head and shoulders. Remember you can keep your hands on the floor for these hip opening pulses and these core contracting pulses. Or you can take the arms over the head as you take hip opening bridge and reach for the knees with the exhalation. Find a rhythm that connects you with the breath and try to check check-in to the lightness and this posture.

Even though we're doing some nice core activity, you can really feel that ease if you let the breath guide you. The next time you lift up, stay reaching the arms back or palms by the side body, whichever you're doing, firing up the right hamstring and glute. And it's slowly lower all the way down to the earth Walk your right foot off the map to the right and let the knees drop over to the left for a little IT band stretch releasing that lower back lute on the right side and opening the hip on the left. Slowly draw the knees back to center unwind the legs, hug the knees a little wider than the chest, cross your shins, and give yourself a nice massaging rock forward and backward. Think of this more as a massage than trying to get anywhere for the next two pulses.

And then using a little bit more momentum will rock all the way up to the seat. And you can either swing the legs around for table or plant the palms in front of your ankles push down and walk or float back for your table. Place the knees underneath the hips, palms underneath the shoulders, Let your belly soften after that core work. Let the belly soften and just allow the hips to rock left and right. We're gonna do a little churning variation of cat and cows today. So the next time with a belly soft that you rock to the right, pause, exhale, draw the navel to the spine, cat tilt the spine, lean your hips over to the left, lower your hips, take a cow, tilt, and keep the cow tilt as you slide over to the right.

Cat tilt midline up and back over to the left, pulse with your breath feeling that softness between the shoulders as the belly softens and pushing the earth strongly away. As you round the spine. The next time your belly is softening and you're finding the midline, pause, and give yourself a lower rock left and right? And we'll do the opposite direction if we can figure this out. If you can't, you'll still get all the benefits, soften over to your left, round the spine, Lien to your right. Let the belly melt to the earth. Look forward.

Round as you exhale, pull the navel up and back. Glad the heart forward, take the drishti softener you forward, soften between the shoulder blades. Fill out your last round. And then go ahead and come to your neutral spine. Walk your hands up palm print forward.

Tuck your toes under. Lift into that first down dog, press actively forward with both hands. Peddle the legs out one at a time. Push actively forward, draw the navel to the spine spiral, your biceps forward. Give yourself any little intuitive movements here.

Let's find the stability of plank pose, move forward, shoulders, right over the wrist. We'll play with a little core and shoulder stabilizer. Lift your right foot off the floor. See if you can tap your left hand to your right shoulder and lower it. I'll lower the right foot.

Lift the left leg. Tap the right hand to the left shoulder and lower. And just keep moving back and forth. Keeping the inner thighs drawing towards the midline, the core active. Take 3 more.

Last 2. Last one. From your plank pose, bend the elbows, use the knees if you need to, lower all the way down. Untuck the toes, replace the elbows with or the palms with your elbows for a swank's pose. Guide your heart forward, soften the shoulder blades down bring a little lightness to the space, at the neck, and the shoulder, intuitive movements where you're letting the head explore its range of motion.

Nice everyone. Come to a neutral cervical spine, lower back down, palms next to the ribs. Press up through table or plank on the way back to your down dog. I think my shoulders needed that press up. Teddle the legs out one at a time.

When the hamstrings are feeling a little bit more spacious, lift your heels away from the floor, tops of the tote, pivot your heels to the right, turn your toes to the left, Side stretching down dog, bend one leg at a time. You should feel this on the left side body. If you want to feel more, walk your left hand closer to your right or place it on top of your right, press actively forward with your right hand, accentuating the side stretch on the left side. Right hand's doing all of the work right now. So let's move to plank pose and take side plank on the left hand. Feel free to bring the knee to the floor.

Modify if you need to, or stack, lift your left hip away from the floor, stack your right arm on top of the left, or take it over the head first side stretch. Pushing actively away with each finger. Move back to your plank pose. Then the knees lower them to the floor if you need to, or just lower all the way down. Setting up for our low cobra pulses, untuck the toes.

Elbows back, heart forward, pushing it index and thumb, inhale lift, exhale lower. Find a nice rhythm with your breath. You'll get levity on that inhale. Feel it helping you lift away from the earth melting back into the earth with each exhale. Enjoy that last round.

The next time you lift up, press down into the knees. Talk the toes under, move right back into your down dog, squeeze the biceps forward, lift your hips off of the earth chest towards the thighs. Inhale the heels to the sky, pivot your heels to the left this time, toes to the right. Push forward strongly with your left hand as you pedal the legs out one at a time. You'll feel a nice side stretch on the right side body.

Stay here with the right hand or walk it closer to the left. Or place it on top of the left. Push actively forward with the left hand and breathe into the right side stretch there. Trading more space for the lungs, for the power of that breath. Moving forward to plank pose, taking side plank on the right hand, the hand that had a little vacation, you can bring that right, neither the floor, stack, or Take that left arm over the head push actively forward with a right palm. Length them back to your plank pose.

Then the elbows lower all the way down to the earth. Untuck the toes. Let's give you a time to explore your own cobra. Any little intuitive movements. Feel it out. Take time to check-in.

Make sure The heart's moving forward, so you're resisting that compression in the lower back as you explore, and then bend into the knees, tuck the toes under. Press back to your down dog and slowly journey your hands to the back of your mat towards your feet. When you get there, bend the knees deeper, grab onto the elbows and let the torso sway left and right. Feeling that nice separation between the torso and the limbs, and that space, lower back, glutes, hips. Keeping the knees bent place the palms on top of the thighs for supported chair posts, guide the heart forward, look forward, and up, engage your core around the spine as you exhale.

Easy chair, cat, and cow tilts. Feeling out some of those little spots in the spine that maybe need a little extra attention. And the next time you exhale round the spine, Rise up, inhale the palms to the sky, exhale right to the heart center. Let's connect with that light source. Once again, whatever your connection is with the divine as you inhale reach the pumps to the sky.

Pull that light source, that energy all the way to your heart space. Feel it moving from the crown of the head to the brow, to the throat, all the way to the heart, let yourself be energized, with the light of the divine. As you exhale, bend the knees, take us off full to the earth. Walk your hands forward. And we're gonna walk or step our feet outside of the hands. This is where we need a little levity.

We're gonna take a little walk or hop around the hands, a little frog hop. Make sure your toes turn out. Take a little walk or hop, and then walk your hands forward a couple of inches. Frog hopping or walking to the front of the mat outside of the hands. Play with a little pull up of the navel to the spine.

Find a little hang time. When you find the front of the mat, come into Malasana. This is a great spot to hang out and just be. If you'd like to move into crow pose, that pulling up is what helps us get our toes and our knees up into the chest in crow pose. If you're doing crow pose, walk your big toes together, lift your heels off the floor, turn your knees out to 10 and 2, place your palms in front of you.

Knees around the triceps, and then lengthen forward from here. Push into the palms, draw the knees up into the midline, and then you can lift one foot off the floor at a time. Push down, lift the knees up, lift the heels up. Either touch the toes to the floor and flow back to plank poles or from crow posts flow back to plank. Lower down, elbows back, hard forward, inhaled a cobra up dog.

Excel back to your down dog. Settle into your dog, push actively forward with both hands. Shift your weight to your right leg, inhale the left leg to this guy, then the knee open the hip, hip opening dog, push actively forward with both hands. Ex, I'll step the left foot between the hands, pivot your right heel to the floor, and windmill up to set up for warrior 2. Bring your hands to your hips, straighten the left leg.

Drop the back hip just a little bit so it's even with a front and bend into that left leg. Anchor into your back foot, right foot. Tee the arms and connecting with your breath. Each inhale, the palms come to prayer at the center of the heart straight in the left leg. Each exhale tee the arms out. Each inhale coming back to the center of you.

Each exhale, sending that energy out, maybe with a mission, love, patience, compassion, drop back in, connect with a heart, anchor into the back foot. It's like a little tai chi movement connecting with your energy. Feel out that last one. The next time you bend into the left leg, anchor into the right foot, and pause into your warrior 2. Tailable lengthens down, heart lifts, fingertips reach out. Good.

Windmill your hands, frame the left foot. Draw that left knee up and into the chest. Pivot your right foot to the right. Step the left foot behind for kickstand side plank or wild thing. Push actively forward with the right hand, send the left arm over the head.

With or without the help of your left hand, we're stepping back to warrior 2 Look to the front of the mat. Draw the left knee up and into the chest. Pivot the back foot. Come into warrior 2. You've been here before. Back hips slightly down. Shoulders, square, and, shoulder stacked over the hips.

Feel out the strength of that warrior too. Great. Straight in the left leg. Make a fist with your right hand. Left hand wraps around the wrist. We're gonna do the little hammer hammer fist right here.

So press the hammer down. Your right hands the hammer over to your right to stretch the left front body and then bend into the left leg. Each time you straighten the left leg, see if you can push down a little bit more with that right fist and then bend into the resistance. So getting a nice side body stretch, press down, and sink into it. Feel out that last one.

And pause into this peaceful warrior, breathe fully into the left side body. Release the arms to warrior 2. Frame the left foot. Send the right heel to this guy. Send the left leg up hip opening dog.

Tap the left knee to the left tricep. Send it back. Open the hip. Tap the left knee to the left tricep. Finish off that last run. Look between the hands.

Step to your last warrior, 2. On the left side, it should feel really strong and grounded from your feet, bring that lightness all the way up extended out the arms. Straight in the left leg. Left arm to the sky. Reach up with a right hand.

Make your fist. Draw that right bicep away from the ear and sink into the left thigh. Keep the left hand up. Drape the right hand around the waist behind the back. Left palm cups the right ear for a little trapezius stretch.

A little shoulder stretch moment for the trap, draw the chin towards the chest, and away from the chest. Enjoy little trapezius stretch while you hold this variation of warrior 2. Great. Release the arms frame the left foot. Lower the right knee to the floor and straighten the left leg. Pull the toes back.

Let the toes turn to the left. Move your hips to the right. Tell those turn to the right. Move your hips to the left. So we're gonna channel some of that lightness You're probably gonna use your blocks, and we're gonna try to slide our right foot through and lower to a seat.

So place your blocks on either side of the right foot. Give yourself enough space to let that right leg slide through. Tuck the right toes under. You may have to use the left hand or not thread the right leg through. Lower down.

And step it back. This is challenging. Lift the blocks up a little higher to help you lower. Cool. Tried 2 more.

And then maybe a one handed version, just the right hand, left hand at the hip. Go ahead and lower all the way down. Keeping your blocks handy. Draw that left knee towards your left armpit. For a seated happy baby, press the right palm into the earth.

Let's do a little test bend for compass. Left hand, the inner arch, As you straighten the left leg, turn it out and to the left. If the left leg straightens, you're probably okay to either stay on this pose lifting the spine or putting the knee behind the shoulder. If you're newer to this one, grab your strap, strap the left toe pads, Hold on to the strap on your right hand. Bring the left knee by your tricep.

Slide the shoulder under and through and place your palm to the earth. And then see if you can extend your left leg. If that's easy, bring the strap behind your head and open your shoulder. So a little compass prep. For those of you that are doing full compass, left hand stays under, draw back with the shoulder, right hand on top of the left foot, keep the elbow bent, extend the heel to the sky, and roll the right shoulder back in space.

And then push down into the left hand to lift the hips. Give it 2 more breaths. Invite that right shoulder back. Beautiful. And then go ahead and release coming back into our down dog.

You can give yourself a little rock and roll vinyasa or swing the legs around in table pose, plant the palms in front of you, lower down. We'll meet in down dog after your backbend. Once you find yourself steady in your down dog, shift your weight to your left leg, inhale the right leg to this guy. Bemini, open the hip. Excel, step the right foot between the hands. Pivot your left heel. Windmill up to warrior 2, straighten the right leg.

Bring your hands to your hips, lower the back hip just a little bit so your shoulders stack over your hips, bend into the right leg. Tea the arms, remember to connect with that energy, hugging back to the midline, straighten the right leg, bring your palms into prayer. Sending the energy out as you bend the right leg. Inhaling back into prayer. Exhale and sending it out.

Think about what you're sending out into the world. And send it out with your next exhale. Fill out that last round. Pos and your warrior 2. Take your focal point over your right thumb, anchor into your back left foot.

Great. Windmill your hands around the right leg. Inhale the right leg to the sky. Bend the knee open the hip, move to plank pose with the hip open, pivot your left foot, step the right foot behind, kickstand, side point. Push forward and down with your left hand, right arm to the sky or up and over the air. Find your breath.

Look forward with or without the help of the right hand. Draw the right knee up and into the chest. Step it forward. Pivot the left foot. Windmill back to warrior 2.

Find the posture, shoulders over the hips and green it to the back, left foot. And then go ahead and straighten that right leg. Send the left hand to the sky, make a fist, grab onto the wrists, of the fist with your right hand and throw the hammer down over to the left to really stretch the right side body and then bend into that side stretch. As you straighten the right leg, if you need to go down a little farther, go a little farther. Keep that new sweet spot.

Make sure you're breathing into it. The next time you bend into the right leg, pause, breathe fully into the right side body. Great. Free the arms warrior to frame the right foot. Once again, right leg to the sky, bend the knee open the hip, tap the right knee to the right tricep two more times. Inhale it up.

Tap it one more time. The next time you send the right leg to the sky, pause with your inhale, Last round step to your warrior 2. Should feel steady and strong at your base and lighten this as you come up through the torso. Out the arms to the limbs, to the fingers, straighten the right leg, left palm to the sky, make the fist, right hand reaches for the wrist, Bend into the right leg, find that full side stretch. Keep the right hand up to wrap the left hand around the waist behind the back right hand cups the left ear for a little trapezius stretch while you strengthen the right quad.

Maybe draw the chin towards the chest. Great everybody. Windmill the hands frame the right foot. Lower the left knee, and straighten the right leg, pulling the toes back, turn them to the right, and then back to the middle line to the left. Little hip, opening hamstring connection here.

Alright. Let's play with our step throughs. You might need your block low, medium are high. Maybe start with a high version. Bend the right leg. Slide through.

And then step back. It's really kind of like a great floss for the knee joint and the ankle. Just make sure that you feel supported here. Maybe lower. Maybe just your left hand.

Bring your right hand to your hip. Good. Settle in. Place your palms by the side body, left palm to the earth, and then we'll finish up with our happy baby on the right side. Remember your opportunities here, grab the inner arch and extend the leg, wrap the foot Take the arm over.

Or if you're moving into the fuller expression, hold the foot with your right hand. Draw your right shoulder under and in hug the elbow in, flip the left palm, inhale the heel of your foot to the sky. Keep a little bend in your left elbow so that you can open to your left and use the right bicep, tricep to push the knee back. Have a couple breaths, settle into the posture. And then slowly, slowly unwind.

Let's take a moment and just shake out our legs a little bit. Before we move into our yin postures. Great job of the first part. Let's melt in to the second part. So for the second part, we're gonna use our bolster, and we're gonna take a little of inventory of how the body was feeling when we worked with the hamstrings and the hips in Kormasana, your heels will be a little farther away from your seat creating a diamond shape And then you can place the bolster up a little bit higher if you wanna do a block underneath It's a little bit easier for the forward fold.

If you're moving a little bit deeper, lose the block Think of each inhalation as an opportunity to lengthen the spine, and each exhale is an opportunity to move into the space that you created with your breath, lengthening with the inhale, maltine with the exhale. As you find yourself moving a little bit deeper into the experience, tune out the world as you have the eyes closed. Take your time. Just experience in that sense of lightness in the hips and the legs. The arms, the upper back, and the shoulders. This posture is gonna set us up for a deeper expression of pigeon posts into another round, a broth or 2 right here.

Beautiful. Come on up nice and slow. Take your time. Let's start with pigeon on our right leg. So slide your block over your bolster over to the right.

And we'll come into table right behind our bolster, and we'll step the right foot in front of our bolster and walk it across the mat. This is the opportunity to use Two Blocks as you lower down The closer your right heel towards the glute, the more you feel. So you might have to move a little farther forward so that the bolster is really under your hip If you're a little bit more open, you can back up your seat. We're gonna use our blocks so that we can open the back body There's why we do yoga so we can stretch for these things. And playing with a little moment in proud pigeon internally rotate your back leg, lengthen the tailbone down and then lift the heart from there, and you'll find a lot more space.

This is so good for the back hip flexor a nice way to release this before we move deeper into the forward fold, which is everybody's favorite. So go ahead and walk your hands forward. If you want to use one of the blocks and place it right underneath the forehead, you can The idea is to find some ease and stillness in your pigeon. Sometimes we hold and grip in our right glute. So one way to release it is to purposely contract it and then soften and see if you can find some lightness there.

If you found some lightness, you might even lengthen forward a little bit more in your folding pigeon. As you settle into this deeper hip release, See if you can send some ease to the area where you're feeling the tension. Like, a wave of relaxation to that spot, even if you need to do a little wiggle or a little movement or another contraction and release And let's see if you can just let everything just soften and let go of the doing for the next couple breaths. Even the jaw, the muscles in the face. Notice how the breath is starting to lengthen out longer inhales, longer pauses, longer exhales.

Sending a message to that area that we're stretching that you can really soften and relax and move into a deeper layer. When you're ready to come out of it, come out really slowly, so slowly walk your hands back. Take a little bend in your back leg so you can free that front leg and unwind. Then you can move your blocks to the other side of your mat. Set up your bolster just like you did But this time, on the left side, bring the bolster close to the knees and table, keep the left leg, a right leg where it is, and step the left leg forward.

Walk your left foot across the mat. The closer your heel is to the bolster, the easier the prep is, the farther your heel is away, the more challenging the posture. So listen to your knee, especially Listen to your knee and your hip. Bring your blocks in. Internally rotate the back leg, pressing into the pinky toe side of the foot.

And then as the tailbone lengthens down, lift the heart, lift the sternum, lift the chest. This is such a powerful opener for your hip flexor, your solas. This is the hinge of the body. So giving it this time to really open especially in life as we sit in chairs longer, as we drive longer distances, we can really give this time to release the hip flexor, really important, muscle, deep, deep muscle in the body. If you need to feel anymore for this last couple of breaths in your proud pigeon, really lift your chest, lift your heart.

And then you could soften into it. You can use one block to place underneath the head The more you lean to the left, to the softer the experiences, if you lean a little bit more to the midline, you'll stretch the outer left, glute, and the hip a little bit more. If you're enjoying this and your spine is able to lengthen, you can move the block forward a little bit more And then just find a spot where you're completely surrendering to the posture. Feel the arms and shoulders relaxing. Feel the breath lengthening, especially the exhale, sending a wave of relaxation from the crown of the head, down the spine over the hip all the way to the toes.

Try that contraction of your left glute. And then release and see if you're able to find some more softness in that area. See if you can be in this space of non doing for the next couple of breaths and really appreciate this opportunity to let go of the doing. Relax the face, relax the jaws, and that relaxation all the way down, the length of the body. And then in your own slow time, try not to rush as you move out of the posture, move slowly out of the posture, take your time with each of the movements.

Lien to your left. Swing that right foot around to keep that knee safe. Swing the left leg around, and we'll come back to table. And our final resting posture is child's pose with the bolster under the belly. While we're in this posture, if you need to turn your head the other way, just take your time, and do that. If you need the forehead on the bolster or beyond the bolster, take that option.

But just get really, really comfortable here. Feel the support of the bolster It's like you're defying gravity here, feeling that lightness connected to the earth, but kind of letting the joints and the knees and the ankle feel a little bit more space than traditional child's pose. Tap back into the light of the divine that you were connecting with earlier, whatever that divine source means to you. And feel that light encircling you. And feel that light growing at the center of you.

Let's focus it right in the heart space, the center of your energetic heart. And allow that white light to expand throughout the thoracic spine throughout the chest With each inhale visualize that ball of light expanding throughout the chest. And then expanded even deeper to the abdomen, the belly on the next inhale. So that your whole torso feels with light. And then expand that light down into the legs, knees, the ankles, the toes.

Expand that light on the next inhale to the arms and the fingers. And finally expand that light up the throw to the head all the way up to the crown so that you feel like a body of light connecting was the energy of source recharging you, returning back to that deep remembrance of who you really are beneath all those layers of self that you call yourself. And as you're feeling this expansive body of light, imagine it very safely, very safely, move through the layer of the skin layer so that it's expanding outward without any resistance, just energy expanding outward. So now you're this big ball of light without a shape or without a form. You are the energy that you're made of.

Does you feel this lightness notice the lightness in your mind, and the ease in your heart. Feel free to stay here for a little longer if you're enjoying this expansiveness of your energy. And if you're ready to come to a comfortable seat, on your bolster, maybe with your eyes closed or softly out of focus, you can start to come up to your table pose. Shift one leg over to one side of your bolster and swing the legs around for an easy comfortable seat. Taking a moment to feel and receive all the effects of the practice, your journey on the mat.

Thinking yourself for coming back to the mat. Thinking yourself or coming back to the heart and your true nature. Remember the pathway back here? So that you can come back at any time. Let it take you 2 or 3 breaths before your eyes fully open. Let them be heavy and relax and slightly out of focus as you integrate back into the room, back into your story.

But hopefully, with a sense of lightness, I share the light of the divine with me, I'll send it out to you. And I hope you're feeling it too. Namaste.


Christel B
1 person likes this.
Just loving these balanced sessions with the yang and the yin.  Feeling so peaceful after the visualizations and filling up with the light. Thank you Wade for putting these sessions out for us.
Kathleen M
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Hi Wade,
Second time is a charm. Had to revisit this wonderful practice today. Thank you for your guidance  and wisdom. Onward to your next one…

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Kathleen M Oh this is great and sometimes you pick up so much more when you have the opportunity to do it a few times!
1 person likes this.
Christel B so good to visualize you all filled with light afterwards, thanks for the beautiful share!
Laura M
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An absolutely wonderful, smart, and creative practice. here's to light warriors and returning to our true selves. Thank you so much  
1 person likes this.
What a beautiful message Laura M Thank you for the share- Light Warriors unite!!
Jenny S
3 people like this.
Vin was 🔥🔥🔥!  But thanks to your trademark good vibes, I persevered and was able to enjoy the postures that my body said “yes” to today - AND  also enjoyed watching you do the postures my body said “maybe next time” to.  Melting into the yin sequence at the end was bliss…thank you Wade 🙏🏻❤️
Lina S
2 people like this.
Amazing class! I like the way you intertwined massages, stretching, and powerful poses. I enjoy you're giving options. My body allowed me to do pretty much as the poses, except the full expression of compass! Thank you for your creative classes.
2 people like this.
HI Jenny S Yes the Vin was spicy on this one! We were bringing the sauce to a boil so we could simmer into all the flavors in YIN hahah...Im sure your body did exactly what it was supposed to with you as the guide :)

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Wonderful to hear from you Lina S and so glad you liked the massage movements- they always feel so good and can help release so we can move deeper into the postures- what ever expression of compass you found was perfect!!

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