Vin to Yin Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 5

Open Hearted Warrior

45 min - Practice


Flow with an open heart. Wade guides us through a Vinyasa sequence of heart openers leading to Warrior 1, before moving into deeper back bends in our Yin poses. We feel our hearts bloom in Dhanurasana (Bow Pose), supported Fish, and Fetal Pose, while Wade leads chants with his harmonium. You will feel strong, open, courageous, and loving.
What You'll Need: Mat, Square Bolster, Block (2)

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Welcome back to the mat, and welcome to our heart opening flow today. Some backbends, some hip flexor, releasers. We're going to move a little deeper into the heart today and end with a really nice, hard opening Shavasana. So today, you'll need two blocks and a bolster. Get yourself set up and join me on your mat you can come to the front of your mat with your feet hit distance and just kinda ground into all four corners of the feet.

Give yourself a little shift forward and backward until you feel really steady and grounded a little bend in the knees, lengthen the pelvis down, lift the hearts, sternum, and chest up. Turn your palms so that they're facing each other and keep a little bend at the elbows. XL out of nice, long, slow, exhale. And as you inhale, move the palms away from each other and lift the heart a little bit, as you exhale draw the palms back towards the midline. As you inhale, move the palms away from each other, then you'll start to open up the front of your chest as you do this, pec major, pec minor, exhale back in, and inhale open.

This feels good. Lift the chin up just a little bit. Look up with the inhale, and then bring the palms back with your exhale, drawing the navel to the spine. Let's take 3 more of these, inhale, separate the pumps, maybe chin up, looking up, exhale, engage the core, palms back. It's a little subtle cat and cow tills.

Last one. Keep the left hand where it is. Just open the right arm and let the left ear drop to the left for a pick stretch. Excel back to center, keep the right hand where it is, open the left, drop the right ear towards the right shoulder, and we'll take a couple more of these back to center, inhale open the right, drop the left ear to the left, exhale back to center, in how open the left, right ear drops to the right, to release a little peck tension. Bring the palms back to center, place them right on top of your thighs, for an easy bench chair pose, palms right on the quads, lengthen the heart forward, inhale look forward slightly up, exhale press down, engage the core around the spine, cat tilting, and chair.

In hell, the heart forwards, sternum chin, and chest. Axale, engage the core. Pull the navel up and back. Let the chin draw towards the chest. Feel out those last two.

Coordinate the movements with your breath. Last one. The next time you're lengthening the spine with your inhale lower the torso on top of bent legs, bring the right hand to your right shin, straighten the left leg a little bit or a lot inhale the left palm to the sky. Reach back with a left hand, drop the arm to the earth, and circle it up, and back a little back stroking through the air to explore your range of motion on that left shoulder. Let the right ear soften towards the right shoulder.

Great. The next time that left arm is reaching to this guy, stacking, stay here, or open turning the torso slightly to the left. Rebend your left leg, place it on top of the left shin, straighten the right leg, right arm to the sky, Ex. I'll reach back. Let the arm drop. Inhale. Sweep the arm forward and open the shoulder.

Take a couple more of these back strokes through the air, exploring your shoulder mobility here. Next time the right arm is reaching for this guy, stay right here, lengthen the spine, and twist to the right or drape the right hand around the waist. Bend both legs. Engage your core muscles straighten, strengthen the quads, and roll all the way up. Inhale the palms to the sky.

Rise up to the very tops of your toes and really reach up with your fingertips, really find some space feel the power in the muscles and the feet and the calves and the toe pads. Lower the hips. Take a side bend to your right. Stay here or lift your right heel off the floor, keeping the right leg straight, accentuating the side bed on the left side. Any variation with those arms If you're choosing that right heel to lift, make sure you're not feeling any compression on the lower back. In how back to center, very tops of the toes lift and lengthen.

Play with the balance, and then lower the heels. Big inhale. Side stretch to your left. If you wanna feel more keeping the left leg straight, lift the heel up, which will lift that left hip up, creating more side flexion on the right side body, If you wanna grab onto that right wrist with a left hand, go for it. Last one, inhale back to center, tops of the toes. Exhale.

Lower the heels, bend the knees, bring the palms into prayer, right in the front of your chest, and hook the right elbow outside of the left knee. Lengthen the spine, and then press the left palm into right. Length in the spine, and press the left palm into the right. Inhale, reach the palms to this guy. If you want extra credit, you can lift the heels off the floor. Why not? Right? And as you exhale, lower the heels, bend the knees, palms down the center line of the body, hook the left elbow outside of the right knee, Lengthen the spine, and then press the right palm into the left.

Length in to rotate. One more round of breath, inhale back up, and then exhale your palms right into prayer at the center of your chest. Place the right hand on your heart and the left hand on your stomach. We're gonna do a little vocalization starting with the the parts of at the very base, right, where our third chakra is, we'll make an ah sound. So clear and let something go without next exhale.

Take a nice big inhale, and then make a deep ah sound. Should feel it all the way down at the belly. Now, bring keeping your hand at the heart, bring in the o sound. Nice big inhale. And then bring one hand to the throat area for the m sound. Nice speaking.

Let's try those altogether, all the way up from the 3rd shock or all the way to the crown of the head. Nice to begin, speaking. Hell, let's try it again. Last one. Nice big inhale. Great. We'll be checking in with a heart center and the throat center throughout the practice. Get your blocks set up on just in front of your feet.

Can set them at the highest level for right now, and we'll see if we need to lower them at all. Bring your pumps into prayer. Let's take that home all the way down to the earth. Inhale the palms to the sky, oh, to the earth, or oh, to the blocks. Inhale flat back palms to the shins.

Take a bend in both knees. Bring your hands to your block. Shift your way to your right leg. Supported warrior 3. As you lengthen the spine, keep a gentle bend in your right leg.

Left leg stays straight. Bend deeply into your right leg and straighten it. So some little power in the right quad, bending the right leg, and straightening it. You can come up to the fingertips, or you can even play with one palm into prayer as you work with bending and straightening. That right leg. If you're feeling it, you can do both palms into prayer for a little supported warrior 3 or a little balancing warrior 3 pulse.

Lower your palms back to the block. Step the left leg all the way back. Keep your hand, blocks handy bring the left palm to the floor and inhale the right palm to this guy for an easy twist. Length in the spine, and rotate. The right arm is gonna sweep in front of the left wrist as you exhale and sweep back to the sky as you inhale.

Inviting in a little thoracic twist, a little bit more depth in your thoracic twist, exhale it across, inhale it up. Pulse with your breath. Last two. Exhale it across. Last one.

And then go ahead and lower the right palm to the earth. Lower the left knee and straighten the right leg, pull the toes back for free to use your blocks. I'm gonna use a block underneath my left hand here as I pull the toes back and get set up for our little journey into our twist and hamstring stretch. Pulling the toes back with the right foot, rebend the right leg. Take the right arm in front of and across the left, exhale it.

And then as you inhale the right arm to the sky, look to your right, and slowly straighten the right leg. Pull the hip back. Pull the toes back. Squeeze to the midline. Ex, I'll bend the right leg. Sweet. Inhale squeeze to the midline, straight and pull the toes back.

Take a couple more pulses just like this. That action of squeezing to the midline and adducting will help you stay balanced in the posture. The next time you straighten the right leg, enjoy the twist here, lengthen the torso, and see if you can find a little bit more rotation in this twisted version of Artahaneman, our half split. Great. Lower the right hand on top of your sacrum Bend your left leg and inhale the left palm to the sky. Following that Sowaz from the top of the quad, all the way up to the spine, we'll take a little side bend over to our right.

And as you give yourself a little pulse into the front right leg, and make sure that telbone is anchoring down, you'll start to localize and feel your solace and the hip flexor. The next time you pause into that low lunge stretch, stay here or reach up with your right hand grab the left wrist, give yourself a little side bend to your right. If you're enjoying this, bringing the left forearm behind the head, lean the head back, and then melt into that easy so as release. Great. Keep that low lunge.

Free the arms, soften the shoulders, but reach up with the fingertips at the same time. Lower the pumps to the earth. Move your blocks out of the way. Give yourself a little space. Inhale the right leg to the sky.

3 legged dog. Keep the toes pointing down. Then the standing leg, the left leg, and send the right leg up a little higher. Keep the right leg hot. And then melt the left heel to the floor to feel the hamstring and calf connection. Bend the left leg, chest towards the thigh, right leg a little higher, keep it there, and then slowly straighten the left leg.

You got one more of these. Bend the leg, right leg high, chest towards the thigh. Straighten the left leg. Your hamstring should feel a little different in how lengthen forward for plank pose, exhale bend the elbows, lower all the way down. Untuck the toes, replace the palms with the elbows, easy sphinx pose, draw the ribs and heart forward, and then bring a little bit of movement to the upper back and the neck as you're facilitating this back bend here, stretching the front body forward, you can bring a little bit of movement into the upper back of the cervical spine.

Great. Let's see what's happening on other side. Replace your elbows with your palms. Press up through table or plank on the way back to your down dog. Give yourself a moment for some intuitive movements here in our first grounded down dog with both feet on the earth. And then go ahead and bend the knees and start your journey forward to the front of the mat.

Set your blocks up in front of you, supporting you for that supported warrior 3. Take a little bend in the knees. Give yourself a little hang time. And then with your knees bent, come back to your chair pose. Palms on top of the thighs, supported chair.

Inhale the right arm to the sky. Hope the right elbow outside of the left knee for a deeper twist. Lengthen the spine and rotate. Inhale the palms to the sky, right hand on top of the right thigh, hook the left elbow outside of the right knee. Length in the spine, right palm presses into the left.

Inhale up for traditional chair pose, either palm straight in front of you, or reaching to the sky, tailbone down, navel up, and back, and then inhale straighten the legs, cactus field goal of the arms, soften the shoulder blades down as you lift the heart. Excel your palms right into prayer at the front of the chest. Let's connect one more time with that three part. Take a nice big inhaler. Inhale the palms to the sky, hinge at the hips, forward fold.

Palms to the shins, lengthen the spine, flat back, A little bend in the knees, palms on top of your block. Shift your weight to your left leg this time. Inhale the right leg to the sky for supported warrior 3, hug that right inner thigh to the midline, try to keep the glutes nice and even, and keep lengthening the spine. Bend the standing leg and straighten the standing leg. More weight on the hands, easier for the support of that left leg, less weight on the blocks, maybe one hand into prayer or fingertips, or playing with both hands into prayer to give that quad and glued a little bit more of a challenge.

Great. Hands to the blocks of the floor. As you step that right leg all the way back, place your right palm on the earth Inhale the left palm to the sky. Ex. I'll sweep the left arm in front of the right wrist, and then inhale. Send it back up.

Take a couple more of these sweeps just to invite that rotation of the spine to move with a little bit more ease. Kind of massaging and opening up into a new spot on its own accord. And then lower the left hand to the earth, lower the right knee to the earth, and straighten the left leg. You might need a block underneath that right hand, so set yourself up. Pulling the toes back on the left leg squeezing towards the midline, and then guiding the crown of the head forward for Artahanama and the half split.

Place your right hand on the block, bend the left leg, inhale the left palm to the sky, Excel sweep. The next time you inhale the left arm to this guy, pull the left hip back and straighten the left leg, pull the toes back, flex the foot. Ag, exhale, bend, and sweep. Inhale, squeeze to the midline and twist to your left. Find the rhythm and pulse with your breath.

Inhale it up. Rotate Excel sweep it across. Last two? Last one. The next time you sweep the left palm to this guy, go ahead and pause right here, pull the toes back, squeeze to the midline, lengthen the torso and take a soft twist to your left. Look forward. Bend the left leg.

Place the left hand on your sacrum. Inhale the right arm to the sky. Take a little pulse into the front of that right hit. Just a little massaging to release the front of your hip flexor here. And then the next time you pulse, hang out right here.

Take a little side bend to your left. This might be a great spot, or you can reach up with a left hand and pull the left wrist over the right wrist over to the left or bring the forearm behind the head and then feel that front of your hip and see if you need to move a little bit deeper that so as muscle comes up and attaches to the spine and a lot of the time it is in a state of flexion. So you're giving it a nice little break here. Great. Lower the palms to the earth. Tuck your right toes under.

Inhale the left leg to the sky. 3 legged dog. Toes pointing down. Left leg high. Inhale. The right heel away from the floor.

Bend your right leg, send the left leg a little higher, keep the right leg bent, and then slowly straighten the right leg, lower the heel to the earth. Bend the right leg, chest closer to the right thigh, left leg a little higher, and then straighten the right leg. Bending and straightening the standing leg, feeling that hamstring calf connection by the same time pushing actively forward with both hands. The next time you straighten the right leg, move forward to your plank pose. Lower all the way down.

Untuck the toes, low cobra pulses, elbows back, heart forward, inhale lift, Exhale lower down. Inhale lift. And exhale. Lower it down. Replace your palms with your elbows for a sphinx pose.

And we're gonna play with a little forearm plank, tuck your toes under, engage the core, pull the navel up and back for forearm plank, switch your weight to your left leg, scorpy and tail the right leg and move your heart, your sternum, and your chest forward. Kickstand plank over to the left. Pivot your left foot to the left. Step the right foot behind. If you need to swing that left arm across the mat, for your shoulder.

Give it a little bit more stability here. Push down into the right toe pads. Lift your left hip. Right arm to the sky or bring it behind the head and lean back and open the shoulder. Breathing and enjoying the space.

You're creating on that left shoulder. Going back to your forearm plank. So if you can stay without lowering all the way down, keep the core engaged, shift your weight to your right leg. Scorpion tell the left. Guide the heart forward so you don't feel any compression on the lower back. Pivot your right heel to the right.

Step the left foot behind, push down into the left toe pads and lift that left hip, opening up with the hip flexor. Left arm over the head, or maybe even behind the head, leaning the head back, opening the front of your right shoulder at pec muscle. Lower all the way down onto your core, tee the right arm up, but keep it bent in a cactus arm. Bring the right ear to the floor, push into the floor with your left hand. Don't expect to go too far.

Listen to your shoulder. If you need more space, you can send that left kneecap to the sky and open the hip a little bit more. See if you can breathe slowly and fully into the right side of your chest. These hard openers, sometimes we feel restricted in our breath. See if you can create space, and then let's unwind and try the other side.

Cactus the left arm, push into the earth, and roll over to the right. If you need more, Ben the right knee and step the right foot behind you. Such a nice way to open the heart rehabilitate the shoulders. Sometimes we get that shoulder roll forward and creates bad posture. His ones really help us with a posture.

Slowly unwind. Untuck the toes. Guide your ribs and heart forward really stretch your front front body. And then once again, cactus the arms lift your toes off the floor, press into your fingers, and then lift your chest. So you can keep the hands on the earth for the Shalombasinopulse and then exhale lower down.

As the toes lift, move the heart forward, maybe come up to your fingertips and pull the ribs and heart forward. We've got 3 more. If you wanna try to lift the fingers off, make sure you're moving the ribs and the heart forward as you lift. And lower. Slow full breath. Last one is your Superman pose, fly superman, fly super woman, lower your palms next to the ribs, release the toes, heart forward, elbows back, cobra updog.

Exhale back to your down dog. Any little clearing movements in the shoulders, the muscles of the face, the jaw, the hips, And let's start our journey forward to the front of the mat, a walk, a float, a fly, easy fold. For me, easy fold. Set up your blocks in front of you. Bend the knees, engage the core, and roll all the way up to a stand.

In how the palms to the sky, Exhale the palms are right into prayer. Close the eyes for a moment. Connect with your breath. Connect with your heart. Notice the space around the heart.

As you open the eyes, bring your hands to your hips, establish your focal point. We're gonna shift our weight to our right leg is gonna be the standing leg. So take a little bend in the right leg. Lift your left heel off the floor. We're gonna take a little l shape with the left leg.

So extend the left leg, keep your focal point in front of you, Stay here with your hands on the hips or reach your palms to the sky. When we send the left leg back, we're bringing our palms to the block for supported warrior 3. So you either bend the left leg or keep it straight as you hinge at the hips, bring your hands to your blocks for warrior 3. Same thing, making sure the hips are equal, lengthen the spine. We did this once before.

Skip the bending and straightening and just find your supported warrior 3 with your hands on your blocks, or your hands into prayer, or any variation that's calling you for a little flight time. Yeah. I feel on this side. If you're feeling it wobble and enjoy it, 2 more breaths. One more. Step back to your high lunge and check your feet distance. Make sure they're a hip distance.

Take your right hand around the waist behind the back Keep it there, and straighten the right leg as you inhale the left palm to the sky. It's kind of like that hip flexor so as released that we were doing before. Lift the left rib cage, lift the heart, drishti forward, or slightly up, and then go ahead and bend into your right leg. And bend slowly so you kind of feel the opposition of the posture Try to keep the breath fully in the chest, breathe into the heart space. Look forward. Reach forward with your left hand.

Either touch it to the earth or on top of your block. Half moon twist. Slide your left foot halfway to the right. Release that right arm to the sky, lengthen the spine, and then twist to your right. Keep hugging your right hip to the midline, make sure the sacrum is nice.

And even as you lengthen with more space on that inhale, you'll be able to twist with a little bit more rotation. Feel out your next two breaths here. Step the left foot three quarters of the way back, shorten your stance just a little bit into pyramid pose. You can use your blocks on either side. We're really just kind of checking in here for a breath and setting up for the posture.

Bring your hands to the hips, lengthen the spine, and rise up. So this is the really nice way to set up for warrior 1 with a little bit more time and focus, interlace your hands behind the back flip your knuckles so that they're right at the sacrum. And then start to bend your right leg just a little bit. Now imagine pressing that area where your sacrum is into your knuckles. And when you do that, it lengthens the tailbone down and lifts the heart up. And if you find your right ankle is right over the knee, then either step the left foot back a little bit or the right leg forward, straighten the right leg, lift the sternum, lift the chest, Press your sacrum into your knuckles to lengthen the tailbone down and then bend into your right leg.

And you should find that right ankle close to being over the knee, right knee close to being over the ankle or somewhere nearby. Take your right hand around the waist behind the back and then inhale the left palm to the sky. One of the most challenging things about Warrior 3 is turning the torso forward with the back end, keeping the lower back from feeling compression So, keep lengthening your tailbone down and if you're feeling it, send the right arm up to join the left. And if you can't get enough, cactus the arms and really open the heart. Anchor into the pinky toe side of your back foot. Lift the heart so you don't feel compression in the lower back and bend the right leg.

Yay. Lower the palms to the floor or to your block. Slide your blocks forward like you're coming back into supported warrior 3 and just pause for a moment there and lengthen the spine. Inhale the right arm to the sky. Instead of twisting, keep the spine lengthening. And if you're feeling it, scorpion tail that left leg keeping with our theme.

If you're enjoying this, grab the left foot with a right hand. Invite the knee away from the earth as you move your heart forward. Remember to go back to the breath. These blocks help you keep this by nice and long. As you lower that left leg, tap the left knee to your right calf, bend the right leg, keep the toes untucked, if available, and lower all the way down to your twist.

Left hand wraps around the right knee, lift and lengthen the spine, and give yourself a little release for the lower back. Lyft and lengthen, and rotate. We are gonna do the other side, sneaky way to get into it, Turn, place your palms on the floor, or on your block, shift your weight to the right foot, inhale the left leg to the sky, and step the left foot next to the right. Take a little lengthening of the spine, bend the knees, engage the core and roll up to your stand. Your blocks are right where they need to be for side 2. So shift your weight.

If you need to lift the blocks up a little bit, Go for it. Bring your hands to the hips. Shift your weight to your left leg. And inhale the right leg to the sky. L shaped either with the palms at the hips or extend them to the sky, squeeze to the midline. As you reach that right foot back with a bent or straight leg, bring your hands to the blocks for supported warrior 3.

Lower the right hip. So it's the same height as the left hip. Length in the spine. As you reach back with the right toes. Maybe one hand, left hand in prayer.

Maybe right. Enjoy those moments of concentration where your mind's not thinking. Beautiful. Step that right right, like, all the way back to the high lunge. Make sure your feet are hip distance, lengthen the tailbone down, lift the heart, drape the left hand around the waist, behind the back, and then straighten that left leg, inhale the right arm to the sky, lengthen the tailbone down, and lift the ribs lift the chest. You can stay here or look forward or slightly up if you've got the balance. Squeeze to the midline with the inner thighs, and then sink into that left leg.

Lift the ribs, lift the heart. Maybe slide that left hand down a little bit deeper. Opening up that left shoulder. That's the left shoulder that's gonna be challenged in our warrior 1. So we're prepping it.

Reach forward with a right hand. Place it on your block, slide the right foot forward. You can bring the left hand on top of the block to lengthening the spine back to that supported warrior 3, Get along with the spine, left hand to the hip, or send it to the sky, first supported half moon twist. The more length you create with your inhales, the more space you can move into as you twist and exhale. Step that right leg three quarters of the way back.

Pivot your right heel to the floor. Slide your blocks in. Lengthen the spine, bring your hands to the hips, inner eyes all the way up. We're almost there. Warrior one on the second side.

Interlace your hands the non habitual way behind the back, bend at the elbows, flip the knuckles to the sacrum, This invites you to lengthen the sacrum down and lift the heart as you bend that left leg. So for many of you, this is gonna be a great spot to stop. If you need more, step your right leg back, straighten the left leg, press into the knuckles with your sacrum, lift the heart, and then bend into your left leg. Move the left wrist over to the right side body. And then inhale the right arm to the sky. A little squeeze of the right inner thigh towards the left as you lift the heart and either be right here or send the left arm up to join the right.

And we had our little celebration cactus field goal as we really open the heart in this posture. And breathe. Lower the pumps, back to your block, slide the blocks forward move right into that supported warrior 3 once again, lengthen the spine, scorpion tail to right, lag, Stay here or reach back with your left hand, pinky toe, or big toe side of the foot. Guide the knee away from the earth lengthen the spine for your treprostin variation. Tap the right knee slowly to the left calf and bend the left leg.

You've got your blocks if you need them to help you down or just squeezing to the midline as you lower down. To matsyandrasana, a clearing twist, wrapping the right arm around the left knee fingertips behind you. Lift lengthen. And rotate. One more round of breath.

Wonderful. Good news is you unwind. We're staying down. You can go ahead and shake out those legs one at a time. We'll move our blocks off to the side, and we're gonna use our bolster for a nice supported Don Yurasana or bow pose.

So swing your legs around to table pose, And from table, place your bolster long way on your mat. Slide your bolster right behind your wrists, and then replace your palms with your elbows one at a time for sphinx pumps. Step your right leg back, step your left leg back, and lower your belly onto the bolster. Your quad should be on the floor toes on tuck. This just gives you a little supported backbend for many of us. This is all we need right here.

Draw your heart forward towards your thumbs. If this is still feeling good, bend one leg at a time. Make sure you don't feel any compression at the top of your glute, lower back. And then once again, guide the heart forward, maybe lift one elbow off the floor at a time. This could be a great spot to hang out.

If you're feeling the leg grab, reach back with your right hand for your right foot. Draw your ribs and heart forward. Kick the right toes softly away so that you keep the spine uplifted as you reach back with a left hand for the left foot. Heart forward, inhale. Maybe the heels move away from the seat to lengthen the spine.

So we're just moving a little deeper into the back bend by moving the toes away from the seat. Try not to look up too much here. Look straight forward. And then let the backbend lift your heart up and the head just moves neutrally with a heart. See if you can be comfortable here for a couple more breaths.

This posture is a lot more challenging with the belly on the floor. With a supportive backman, you should be able to stay here a little bit longer with more ease for the last three breaths. See if you can really focus on the breath around the heart. Enjoy the breath. And then slowly release one leg at a time, replace one forearm to the earth at a time, and let the legs soften to the floor.

Yay. Alright. Let's come on back up to our table pose. We'll move the bolster out of the way for a supported fish pose, swinging the bolster around behind us, swing the legs forward, come to a nice dandasana with the legs extended out in front of you. Slide your bolster right to your sacrum and then slowly lean back. And enjoy the backbend.

See if you can keep your head on the bolster and open the heart. Cactus in the arms, or t in the arms helps to open the heart line. You might feel a tingle of energy around the chest, around the areas where the heart connects to the shoulder in the arms. We do a lot of work in that area. Enjoy the energy around the heart.

And then it'd bring your full attention and your awareness to the heart. We're gonna do a little clearing of the heart chakra. So place your right hand on the heart. The color of the heart chakra is green. Anahata chakra visualize the bright green light of vortex's spinning light underneath your palms at the center of your heart.

And connecting with the qualities of the heart compassion, patience, grace, love. All of those virtue to us words that bring you back home here. And as you're connecting with the heart a little bit more, I'm gonna bring in the Bijamanra or the seed sound that helps us connect at the heart. And I would love it if you feel like chanting while you're resting with a hand on the heart. You can join me for this Bija mantra.

The beach Bijamanra is YAM, y a m. And it sounds like this. We'll do it a couple times. Take a nice, big inhaler. Think of your chances like a tuning for clearing, balancing the energies at your heart one more time.

Give yourself a moment just to receive and feel energetically. And then that right hand that you have on your heart and your reclining position, bring very softly over your throat. Visualizing that brilliant light blue light of the shouda chakra, our throat chakra, some of the qualities here, speaking the truth from our heart, being the peacekeeper. Sharing love from their heart. Knowing when to, speak and when to listen. As you bring your awareness here, and you focus on that bright blue light that spinning vortex will bring in the beach of mantra for the throat chakra ham, h a m.

Take a nice speaking, and I'll inhale in. As you chant this field of vibration throughout the torso, nice weekend. One more time. With your eyes closed, or gently out of focus, help yourself up to a comfortable seat And just move your bolster over to your right a little bit. You're gonna move into a supported version of fetal pose, lower onto your right side. Slide your bolster on top of your right arm, and then just allow the left leg to bend and wrap around and give the bolster a little hug.

And as you settle in here, we're gonna do a nice little chant that connects us with the qualities of all that there is. Our Invocation for peace, allows us to really connect with the heart and the throat chakra, and to be the peacekeepers to move out into the world and share the peace that we're experiencing and cultivating in our heart with everyone that we meet. So as you hug the bolster, think of hugging your family members, and this first chant goes out to them, Loha, summer star, Super Nobbobon 2. Some, some, That's on that hug out to your extended family. Your friends.

Send them this chance of peace and love. Some some Now that you feel stronger, more open in the heart, visualize a few people that challenge you and send this hug out to them. Some, to and as you've extended the borders of that giving and receiving part, send it out as far as you can, hug and embrace the divine and everyone that's included in it. On to some, The sound of ohm connects us to all. And keeping that connection alive.

Slowly move your way up to a comfortable cross legacy. Keep the eyes closed. Receiving all the gifts of the practice. Take a nice, long, slow exhale. Inhale for a nice, big Sounds like home.

Welcome back home to your heart. As you open the eyes, slowly bring your awareness back into the room, and be the yoga messenger. And share your heart with everyone you meet. Send it out into the world. Happy day.


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Love love this class! The sequencing was such fun along with the chanting incorporated. Amazing! Thank you so much, Wade!
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What a beautiful class with thoughtful asana and peaceful chanting. Thank you Wade.👌🧘🏼‍♀️😍
Hi Jennifer E it's so nice to connect with you and so glad you are resonating with Vin and Yin!!
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Christel B always great to hear from you! Happy New Year! I am inspired by your dedication to the practice!! 
Silvia B
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Beautiful beautiful class! So reassuring! A path that guides you home, a peaceful, cozy, warm home. 
(PS - cherry on the top? that final incantatory chanting. You just relax and float)
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Oh so nice hear from you Silvia B yes feels like a path home to the heart! So glad you were feeling this!
Jenny S
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So overjoyed to get the green light to partake in a longer, stronger yoga practice after being sidelined for a spell with a (non-yoga related) injury.  I’ve missed these “Vin and Yin” sessions!  The asanas felt so good but the chanting took it over the top ✨✨✨what a delight!
Elizabeth M
Glad you are feeling stronger, Jenny S ! 🤗 
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Hi Jenny S I am so glad you are on the mend and able to practice again- big healing hug!
Juan Ignacio H
Thank you so much for your teachings and compassion Wade, that last chant made me feel so much again a trully heart opening practice
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