Vin to Yin Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 7

Heaven Meets Earth

50 min - Practice


You are the antennae to the Divine. Open your mind and your heart as we explore feeling grounded on this earth with the freedom of flying high. Eagle is our guide as we fire up the hip flexors and core, move through Sun Salutes, explore Fallen Triangle with Eagle legs, play into Handstand, and fly our Eagle pose. Sink into Yin poses that release the glutes and backs of the legs, and close in a chant to align us with Source. You will feel accomplished, supported, and connected.
What You'll Need: Mat, Square Bolster, Strap, Block (2)


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Thank you for joining me today. We are going to get grounded and fly at the same time, so keep an open mind. In an open heart. We'll be working on our hamstrings today, some shoulder strengthening. And for our props today, you will need a a bolster two blocks and a strap.

So go ahead and meet me in. If sitting on your heels is a little challenging for you, put a ball or between your calf muscles and your seat giving the knees a little bit more space. And as you settle into your Vadrasana, if you need to do any little movement, for your shoulders and your back. This is such a great posture for our spine to really find the natural curves of our spine as we take a moment to connect with our breath. As you feel your connection to the earth, the shins, the feet, the knees, you can also feel that lengthening of the spine connecting us to the heavens or source.

And we're gonna play with those that as our metaphor for our journey today. Staying grounded, but connecting with source. Allow the breath to expand with the inhales. Enjoy a pause. And release with the exhales.

Take a moment to really feel all four parts of your breath. So that we can let the breath guide us as we move from posture to posture from movement to movement. Put your hands on top of your thighs. And then as you press slightly forward and down with your palms, lift the sternum lift the chest, and then finally look up nice big inhalation. And as you exhale, engage the core, draw the navel to the spine, lean back, and then tuck the chin towards the chest, maybe walk the fingertips forward.

Easy cotton cow tilts lift the heart. If you wanna feel more press softly forward and down to support you lifting the spine, extending the spine. And then as you exhale, engage the core, draw the navel back and up as you draw the chin to the chest, take 2 more pulses just like this. Nice, neutral spine. Inhale the palms to the sky. With your palms reaching up to this guy, you can almost imagine that you are connecting with source right here.

And as you exhale, slowly place the palms on the earth with a little rounding of your spine. Taking a moment, a little poststration, celebrating your connection with the earth is real, spiritual being being that we are residing on that's supporting us. And then as you exhale round the spine, roll up to your seat as you inhale, reach the palms to the sky, connecting with source, Draw the thumbs down the center line of the body. Pause it. Your heart center. Big inhale and send your good wishes out into the world, out to the earth, placing the palms on the floor once again. We'll do this a couple of times.

A little prostration connecting us rounding the spine as you exhale, inhale the palms to the sky. To these 2 supported forces, heaven, source, and earth, draw the thumbs down the center line of the body, the top 4 Chakra's pause at the heart center, connecting with the source. Thinking the source for the support. Last one, as you exhale round up, engage the core. Inhale. You are the antenna to the divine channel, the divine down through the crown chakra, the bra, chakra, the throat chakra and the heart.

And then finally, press those palms, touch them into the earth, If you'd like to create a dedication or an offering for your journey today, making it about something bigger than South, now is a great time to do it. Beautiful. And we'll return to this poststration, this offering, and this connection throughout the practice. As you come up to a comfortable seat, take a little shift of your hips to the right. So move your hips over to the right. Slide your left palm right underneath your left shin.

Let your right ear drop towards your right shoulder and roll to the chest. A couple of little trapezius stretches. Releasing that left trap where it connects to the neck. And then walk your right hand out another palm print or 2, release the left arm for an easy side stretch. If you need more, you can bring the right elbow to the floor, lengthening and rotating to the left, breathing fully into the left side body.

And anchoring that left zip bone down a little bit. Lower the left forearm or palm to meet the right for an easy twist so you can keep the elbows off the floor or lower the elbows to the floor with each inhale lengthen the spine And as you lower the left rib cage, pull the right rib cage up just a little bit to rotate this by. Great. Slowly work your way back coming back to Vadrasna, a little seat on the heels, and then we'll shift our weight over to the left. Sliding the right hand right underneath the shin, letting the left ear soften towards the left shoulder, feeling that release in the trapezius on the right side, maybe chin to chest or any little intuitive movements that help you feel this therapeutic release.

Great. And then walk your left hand out. Take your right arm over the head for a nice little side stretch. If you need to bring that left elbow to the floor to feel more of a side stretch, more resistance on the right side body. Go ahead and do that. And your right palm is gonna join the left, or you can bring those elbows to the floor, lifting the left rib cage, and softly twisting, maybe lowering the right rib cage.

It's just a subtle soft twist to feel the movements of the spine before we start our journey. As you move back to center instead of moving back onto your heels, swing the legs around extend them in front of you. You can shake them out a little bit. Grab onto your blocks. Place them next to the side.

We're gonna do a little strength for the triceps chest and the core. A little lift of your seat pushed down into your blocks. As you exhale, lift your seat off the floor, this could be your spot to play if you consider this play. If you'd like to feel more, lift one foot off the floor at a time. So you're firing up your hip flexors.

We'll go for 54 3, 2, and 1. Lower back down, shake out the arms. We have one more round. Do a ten count. You can keep the feet on the floor, or if you want to channel your inner gymnast, hug the elbows in, push down, draw the navel up, lift one at a time, or slide your hips back for 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, lower it down. Move your blocks out of the way. Take your fingertips and flip them back away from your seat to release the shoulders, slide your hips towards your heels, and just let the knees softly windshield wiper left and right.

You're gonna feel that connection between the torso and the limbs, but also the space in the upper back and the shoulders. If you'd like to intuitively move at the neck to also enjoy the space, feel free. Great. Everybody. Slide your hips back to neutral. Release the arms.

You can use your blocks for supported bent leg and navasana easier on the hamstring, lift the heart, sternum, and chest. See if you can lean forward a little bit more so you're not resting on the sacrum. Makes it a little bit more challenging. Stay here or straighten the legs for your boat pose. You wanna do the arms free variation, reaching for the calves, or parallel to the legs. And then just go back to that breath.

Keep the heart and the chest lifted. 2 more. Last one. You'll feel the firing up of the hip flexors. We're releasing them, bend the legs, fingertips facing forward, use the blocks under your hands. If you need them, reverse table, squeeze your shoulder blades together, push down into index and thumb, and lift your hips. The dristy can be forward or slightly up if that feels okay on your neck.

Think about spiraling your shoulder blades to forward and your bicep slightly out as you lift your hips. Try to keep the hips lifted the height of your shoulders just for those last two breaths. And then go ahead and lower down. Move your blocks to one side. We'll find our way into table.

You can swing the legs around. Or you can cross, plant the palms in front of you, and walk or float the knees back. Come right up to your fingertips so we can build some strength in the muscles of the hands and give the wrists a break, soft in the belly. Guide the heart forward as you inhale look forward and up. Cow tilting the spine, as you exhale lengthen the tailbone down, navel to the spine, head moves last. Inhaling the heart forward Looking up as the finale, exhale tilting the pelvis, drawing the navel up and back, pushing into the earth Really creating strength in the muscles of the hands.

Feel out that last round. Notice how much strength is in each finger as you come to your neutral spine, walk the palms forward a palm print, And then put that same strength in each finger while your palms are on the earth to set up for your down dog. Push actively a forward away from your toes. Like you're trying to stretch the mat away from your toes to move a little bit deeper into your dog. If there's a pedal out of the legs or a shrug of the shoulders or some intuitive movements that you need for that first down dog check-in, Drying the navels up and back, ribs start to pull to the back body.

Lengthen forward to plank pose, exhale bend the elbows and lower down. A knees are always an option. Untuck the toes, replace the palms with your elbows, easy swings, pose, little inner spiral of the thighs, as you press down to the tops of the feet, guide the heart forward. If sphinx pose feels really easy for you, you can press down into your palms, Hover the elbows a little bit in the draw your ribs and your heart forward. Try to move away from feeling compression in the back, lower down if you need to.

Let's all lower down. Replace the elbows with the palms. Either press up through table or plank on the way back to your down dog. And then journey slowly to the back of your map in an easy fold at the back of your map. Grab onto the elbows.

Let the elbows soft leeway, left, and right with an ease back. Lax the face, relax the jaw. With the knees remaining bent, roll up with the next exhale engaging the quad and core muscles, inhale the palms to the sky. Keep the hands reaching up. Step the left foot in front of the right.

Keep the left leg. Crap a bentor. In front of the right and right leg straight. Inhale. Take a side, bend to your left, Keep the left leg bent. If you wanna feel more, you can reach up with your left hand. Grab onto the right wrist. If you're enjoying this, bend your right elbow, bring the forearm behind the head, lean the head back, and then lean to your left.

Great. Release the arms. You can unwind the normal way or you can do the fancy trick lifting up to your toes, turning to your right until the right legs on top. There's magic in the air today. Follow the line of your left ankle all the way up and over.

Right hand reaches up, grabs the left wrist. Keep the right leg bending a little lean to your left. If you're going deeper, left forearm behind the head lean the head back and side stretch to your right. Really lengthening and feeling space in the side body and opening up that left IT band. Great.

Release your hand. Step the left foot next to the right. Shake out the legs. And then feel yourself grounding, hit distance into the earth and bring the palms again right into prayer and take a moment to connect with your breath. As you stay connected with the breath, we're going back into that connection with source, and we're gonna bring that energy of source, the ohm, all the way into the heart.

When you're ready, inhale the palms to the guy. And as you draw the thumbs down the center line of the body to the heart, join me for an, almost the sound that connects the to source and connects us to all, inhale the palms to the sky, channel the source, home to the heart. Beautiful. The next time you, ohm, take a slow swand dive all the way to the earth, ohm, all the way down, inhale the palms to the Scott, hinging at their hips all the way. From your forward fault, Walk your hands halfway to down dog. Don't go all the way to dog.

Go into your little mini dog today. Shift your weight to your right leg. Inhale the left leg to the guy. We're gonna play with handstand prep. Play is the keyword here.

You don't have to lift your right foot off the floor. But you can, if you want to bend the right leg, look forward towards your hands. And as you straighten the right leg, rise up to the tops of the toes and push strongly down into each finger. Bend the right leg look forward and straighten push down into the hands. If you are playing with a hop, keep your gaze between the thumbs kick that left leg to the sky, and then lower the right foot to the floor.

It's a spring and swing sensation. So you're springing with a right leg and swinging with a left. Play with a couple of hops if it's calling you. When you're ready, keep that left leg high. Walk your hands to a full 3 legged dog.

And go ahead and step that low foot right between the hands. Coming into a low lunge here, lower the right knee to the floor, untuck your toes, If you're tighter in the hamstrings, make sure to have a block under each hand. Pull the toes back on the left foot and straighten the left leg, lengthen the spine forward. Then the left leg, keep the hands or the fingertips on the earth and look forward or maybe even up to open the back hip. Straighten the left leg, pull the toes back, inhale bend the left leg, lift the heart We're gonna do 4 more of these.

You can stay here or try the hands free version. As you straighten the left leg, pull the arms back, reach for the back of the mat, As you bend the left leg, send the palms to the sky, bend the elbows, cactus feel, go open the heart. Good. Exhale squeeze to the midline with the inner thighs. Reach back in space crown of the head forward. Inhale, bend the left leg palms to this guy when the heart lifts, bend the elbows to open the front of the chest.

Pulse with 2 more versions, whether your fingertips are on the floor or reaching to the sky, try to stay with each Movement. Stay present with each movement. The next time you come up into those cactus field goal arms, Stay right there. If your fingertips are on the floor, come join us in cactus filled gold arms and have a moment right here to just move intuitively, maybe fingertips to the shoulder, maybe circles or shoulder shrugs. Give yourself a little time, opening up the front of your right hip and exploring some space in the shoulders Lower the palms inside of the left foot, tuck the right toes under, lift the right knee, pivot the right heel to the floor and walk hand over hand to your right.

Place the palms right underneath the shoulders. Link them the spine. Take a take a soft forward fold. And this might be your spot, or you might be able to walk the hands between the legs and deepen the fold just a little bit. Keep squeezing to the midline with the inner thighs.

Great. To come back up, bring your hands to your hips. You may take a microbend in those legs, lengthen the spine, and rise all the way up. Tee those arms, but take them a little higher to 10 and 2. This is kinda like the victory pose right here. Cactus the arms, lift the heart. Right arm on top, left arm on the bottom, eagle the arms. If it doesn't work, just reach for your shoulder blades. If you're able to find it, left hand wraps around the right wrist.

Lift the elbows. Take a little bit of a backbend here. Feel that pull that lift on the right shoulder. Lower the elbows down. Take your right palm to the left and take your left ear.

Right palm to the right. Left ear to the left. So you get the trapezius stretch on your right shoulder. Takes us a while. We're we're working together, though.

Coming back to center. Flip your right palm so the palm is facing this guy. Take a bend in the knees, hinge at the hips, The idea is to try to get your fingertips of that right hand to the floor. And if they're on the floor, keep walking them back between the legs. The farther back you go, the more you'll feel.

Once the hand is resting on the floor, squeeze the inner thighs towards the mid line to keep the posture. And then if you need more lengthen the face, the forehead away from your forearms to open that right shoulder with a little bit more depth. You should feel pool, especially on the right shoulder deltoid area trap. Enjoy one more fool around the breath. And then just release the arms.

Let them dangle like a little octopus. Let them kind of move around freely. Relax the muscles of the face. Relax the jaw. Place the palms in front of you right under the shoulders, flat back, wide prasarita.

Left hand stays inhale the right arm to the sky. And thread the right arm under across and through grabbing the outer left calf, ankle, or pinky toe side of the foot. Get the left hand out of the way, bring it to the waist, Lengthen the spine and lift it, try to turn it over the left leg. If you're enjoying this, move the left hand around the waist, If you want a little resistance, bend your right knee towards second and third toe on the right foot and feel that pull on the right side body. Beautiful. One more big inhale.

And soft exhale. Lower the right hand next to the left foot. Turn the left toes forward. Lift the right heel for an easy lunge twist left hand to the sky. Left palm frames, the left foot.

Slide your left foot across the mat to the right over to 3 o'clock. Options here. Pivot the right heel for fall and triangle, or see if fallen triangle might want to morph into eagle legs Bend the left leg, wrap the left foot around the right knee, and then start to bend the right leg and see if you can catch the foot around your calf muscle. Looking forward, a little bit more challenging, looking up a lot more challenging. Move to plank poles. Lower all the way down.

Guide through your COBRA, your updog. Have a little moment to feel that right side of your shoulder might feel a little bit more open than the left. And then clear it by sending it back to your down dog. Take a slow journey back to your feet, easy fold at the back of your mat. With the knees bent and head coming up last, exhale roll all the way up, power in your quads and core.

And held the palms to the sky. Exhale it right into prayer. Take a moment to feel grounded. All four corners of defeat. Remember your connection to source and we'll take that nice long, to the earth once again.

Start with your exhale. Inhale the palms to the sky, inching at the hip swan dive for your home. Palms to the shims, lengthen the spine, flat back. Take a little bend in your knees, walk to your mini dog, halfway to dog. Shift your weight to your left leg.

Give yourself a nice grip with all five fingers on each hand. And then bend the left leg, look forward. Straight in the left leg, rise to the tops of the toes, handstand prep on side 2. Remember, just the prep posture rounding the spine, drawing the navel to the spine. And then looking forward, is perfect. You don't have to lift the left foot off the floor. If you're playing with a left leg off the floor, spring the left leg swing the right leg. Play with your your pulses here, pulse with your breath.

Have a couple rounds, or feel free to use the wall. After you take a couple rounds of your handstand prep, keep the right leg high. Walk your hands forward to traditional down dog. 3 legged dog. Take a nice big inhale. Exhale. Look forward.

Step the right foot between the hands. Lower the left knee to the floor. Set your blocks up underneath your hand or stay on your fingertips as you straighten the right leg. Pull the toes back. As you bend the right leg, inhale, look forward and maybe up moving the ribs and the heart into extended spine.

And as you exhale, squeeze to the midline and pull the toes back on the right foot. We'll stay with one more round with the fingertips on the floor for those of you that are doing the no hands variation. The next time you straighten the right leg, squeeze to the midline with the inner thighs, lengthen the spine forward and reach back with your hands. As you inhale bend the right leg, send the palms to the sky, and cactus the arms lift the heart. Move with your breath.

Straight in the right leg hinge at the hips length and the crown of the head forward back with your fingertips, bend the right legs, send the palms to the sky, and cactus the arms. 2 more pulses flowing with your breath. Keeping that adduction of the thighs to help you with your balance. The next time you come up for your low lunge, hang out and explore. If your fingertips are on the block, then that right leg and join us for cactus expression of low lunge.

And then from here, start to feel. Stop thinking. Start feeling. Whether it's a shoulder shrug, a side bend, give yourself permission to explore, your range of motion in the shoulders. Lower your hands inside of the right leg. Tuck the left toes under, release the knee, pivot the left heel to the earth, walk hand over hand to your left.

Palms underneath the shoulders, lengthen the spine, flat back. Exhale. Round 2 of our forward folds. You can keep the palms in line with your toes. Or if you like to take posterior to d, you can grab on.

Towards the big toes, lengthen with the inhale and hinge at the hips and fold with the exhale. Try to find some ease, especially enjoying this reverse flow of blood here. When you're ready to come up, take a little bend in the knees, bring your hands to your hips, lengthen the spine as your eyes up. 102 with the arms. Celebrate with a little backbend.

Good. Cactus the arms. Right arm on the bottom. Left arm on top. Either reach for the shoulder blades and keep the hug, or try for the wrap around, right hand wraps around the left wrist. Keep that little bend in the knees, and take a little backbend here, lifting the elbows.

Keep the heart lifted. Good. Lower the elbows, the height of your shoulders. Palms move to your left. Right ear tilts to the right for the trapezius stretch on the left side. Good. Bring the palms back to neutral, and then flip the left palm.

So the fingertips are facing forward palm up. Keep that bend in the knees. Hinging at the hips with a bent knee lengthening the spine, keeping the forward fold a little safer. And then you can start to walk the fingers between the legs if you're moving deeper. Keeping the bent knees will help you guide a little bit deeper into the forward fold. And if you're straightening the leg squeeze to the midline, if you're taking that, shoulder stretch a little deeper, move your forehead away from your bicep.

So the crown of the head moves forward in front of you to facilitate that deeper shoulder stretch on the left. Great. When you're releasing, once again, just let the arms and the head and everything dangle, hang out, feel out, Any little movements as you get a little closer to the earth. Place your palms in front of you for a flat back. Right hand stays inhale the left palm to the sky.

Left arm threads under across and through grabs onto the right calf, ankle, or pinky toe side of the foot. Inhale the right arm to this guy, get it out of the way, or drape it around the waist. Lengthen the spine and start to turn your torso to the right inviting it to about over the right thigh. If you wanna feel more, bend your left knee towards second and third toe, and you'll feel a little resistance for the rotation. Excellent.

Turn the right toes forward. Plant the right hand to the earth. Lift the left heel off of the floor. Easy twist. Right palm to this guy. Push back with the left heel forward with the right knee.

Frame the right foot with your right hand. Inhale the right leg to the sky. 3 leg adult. And then bend your right leg Slide that right knee across the body, straighten the right leg for fall and triangle pinky toe side of the right foot to the earth, pivot the left heel, Inhale the left palm to the sky. If you're playing with the eagle form of side plank, Bend that right knee, pull it into the chest, wrap the foot around your left leg, and then bend your left leg.

Hanging out here or looking up. The eagle has landed, lowering back to your plank pose, lower the knees to the earth Back up your seat so it's aligned with your knees. And then we'll take a little puppy pose here just to Feel and open the shoulders a little bit more. Maybe forehead to the floor. Or shouldn't adjust.

Visualize in your mind's eye. The flight of your eagle and landing your eagle at the front of the mat because it's coming. Walk your hands back to table. Set up for your down dog. Walk your hands at home print forward.

At the finale of your next exhale walk or float your feet to the front of the mat. Lengthen the spine, flat back. Grab a block. Keep it handy. Well, let's bring it over to the right foot here.

Bend the knees. Roll up to a tall spine. So we're gonna play with this transition stepping in and out of eagle so that we can really feel what the posture could look like if we moved into it with more focus. So we will start by establishing our Drishgy point, hug the right arm under the left, take your version of Eagle, lift the elbows, the height of your shoulder. Bend your right leg and step your left foot back about two steps.

Keep your focal point in front of you. When you shift your weight to your right leg, keep the right leg bent, and then draw the left knee up into the chest. Keep the left leg bent tap it in front of and across the right, and then step it back. So we're trying to get this idea of the squeezing of the thighs to the midline as play with these taps and this entrance into eagle. Rebend your right leg.

Draw that left knee up. Cross, squeeze. Tap and release. You can keep playing with this one, or let's try to land the eagle together. Focal point, bend the right leg, keep it bent, bend the left leg, pull it up, tap, squeeze to the midline, and either cross or wrap.

See if you can hold your eagle for a couple breaths. And then unwind and shake it out and flap your arms. Okay. We don't have to do that, but it does feel good too. Have a little fun release. Take your block over to the left side.

Place your foot next to the block. Make sure your left arm is on the bottom, and the right arm is on top. We don't need to do that other one again. Step your right foot back. Keep a little bend in the left leg.

Lift your elbows the height of the shoulders. Bend a little deeper into your left leg. Drop the right knee up. And into the chest and then wrap and tap unwind. And just pulse with your breath.

Bend into the left leg, inhale that right leg up, cross and tap, and then unwind. Let's see if we can land it on this side. Focal point, then the left leg, Draw the right knee up. Squeeze, squeeze to the midline. Tap or wrap. Be there for a couple breaths if you can keep the balance.

Keep squeezing the left leg towards the right to help you with the balance. And seen. We did it. Shake it out. Move it around. We're gonna come all the way down to our seat.

So find your way down to a comfortable cross legged seat. And keep your block handy. You'll notice with all that glute work that we need to release the outer glutes And using our block is a really nice therapeutic technique. The area where we're putting the corners of our block when we sit on it, are about an inch inch a half away from the waistband. And then we're gonna roll to the outer glute on the edge of the block.

So think of setting yourself up for bridge pose, But instead of the block underneath the sacrum, lower it a couple of inches. And then once you lower down, hold on to the side of the block, lift your feet up, keep the knees bent. I'm gonna roll to the right so you can see As you roll to the right, you catch the corner of the block into the pure formous glute and then roll away. So this is a nice way to release that glute muscle that was really firing up during our eagle taps. Rolling and leaning to your right, you can really focus on this.

If you have a cork block or a wood block, you'll really feel this. If you don't have a block, you can use soft knuckles and just roll on to your soft knuckles and that really releases the muscle as well. Let's see what the other side has to offer on this left glute Feed up, roll to your left, creating a little half circle with a left leg. The more you lean to the left, the more you'll feel. You might have to adjust the block if you're not feeling that part of the pure form as the glue.

Wonderful. Go ahead and prets, press the feet into the earth. Slide off of your block. Give yourself a little clearing windshield wiper. And then we're gonna take a little restorative movement legs up the wall, grab your bolster, and your strap.

And we're gonna slide the bolster right underneath our sacrum. You can come up towards the waistband here and then extend your legs to the sky. If you need a little bit more support, slide it up a little bit towards the lower back. Listen to how your lower backs experiencing this version of legs up the wall. Enjoying that reverse flow of gravity using the strap, Bend the knees, wrap the strap around the toe pads, and then you can give yourself a soft little pull Imagine this pull is really nice to help pull the toes towards the face and heels to the sky, which really stretches the calf muscle.

We're doing a lot of contracting of the calf muscle when we were moving it in and out of our equal posture. So we'll give that muscle a nice stretch. Feeling the support of the earth. Enjoying the support of the breath. Letting go of guiding the breath and letting the breath breathe itself. With the eyes closed as the thought patterns start to fade, you'll have more moments of peace and clarity.

The peace and clarity connects you with source. Supported by Earth connected to source. Give another couple of breaths right here. Enjoying this. Restorative posture.

Cultivating ease in the mind as thought patterns arise, You can We're gonna slowly transition into our last restored of posture. Take a little bend in the knees. Release the strap, move it to the side. Keep the knees bent and lower the feet to the earth. And then all you have to do is lift your hips off of your bolster and slide your bolster towards your heels so that your but can rest on the earth.

Your bolsters between your heels and your seat And then you can straighten the legs and give those hamstrings a little soft release. As you settle in, bring your right hand to your heart. And the left fingertips, plant them into the earth. Remembering to connect to tread softly on the earth to appreciate gaia, this life force. As you enjoy, I'm going to do a little chant that connects us It's one of the deities that helps protect the earth.

And connects us to our experience on the Earth. If you feel like joining in the chant as you start to connect with a mantra, Feel free. Munchers are mind protection. They help us move out of the stories, the conflicts in our mind, and the mantra draws us into virtuous thoughts, patterns, and ways of being that align us with heaven, that align us the source. Celebrate your connection with Earth Gaia. Pachamama, whatever you call her.

Thank her for supporting you. Celebrate your connection with the source. Remember the space in your heart Remember to keep coming back and checking in. And as you start to bring intuitive movements to the body, let that heart felt space integrate in with that deeper layer, the source, but it all integrates as you move back into your physical shape and form and slowly find your way to fetal pose, and up to a comfortable seat. Take a moment to receive and absorb all the effects of your journey.

Thank you for sharing your energy with me today. Thank you for flying high. I must stay.


Merryl S
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I'm really enjoying this show, thank you so much Wade. this combination of challenge in the flow, alongside yin, and the delight of both inviting us into our own sound and also sharing mantra with harmonium alongside you.... wonderful!  Looking forward to the next episode already! With respect
Hi Merryl S it's so great to connect with you! I am so happy you are resonating with this Vin - Yin journey, it has been so cool to create!
Catherine A
Loving this show, Wade. I very much enjoy the challenge of the Vin part of each session and I seriously luxuriate in the physical release of the Yin part at the end . Many thanks for your excellent cueing as always and your gentle guidance 🙏💕
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Dear Wade,  what a joy.  Thank you for another beautiful,  powerful,  transforming season.  It was grounding,  freeing and so much fun.  Blessings to you.  
Haya M
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Dear wade, thank you for a great and wonderful classes. Looking forward to what comes next.
Jenny S
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Thank you Wade for this episode of Vin to Yin…the whole season was a beautiful journey.  This finale felt like a warm hug, something I venture we could all use right now.  I just loved this ❤️🙏🏻  see you for season 2? 🤞😍
Oh I am so glad you were feeling this whole experience Catherine A it was honestly a joy to share and a win-win to know it supported you in return!!!
Thank you Viri for this share, it means so much to know how it was received on the other end and it fills my cup up!! 
Haya M I am excited about what's next too, thanks for giving me a nudge to think about it!!
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Jenny S -YES- i think this could be a good season 2 opportunity! Lets put it out in the Yoga Anytime airwaves and see what comes back ahhaha- thanks for being on the journey! I appreciate you!
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