Vin to Yin Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 2

Detox Twist Flow

45 min - Practice


Happy to be alive! Wade offers a creative and fun way to detoxify mind and body in this energizing class. After firing up the core and legs in floor and lunge sequences we explore Fallen Triangle, Half Moon Twist, and Baby Grasshopper, finding space in the spine and low back muscles. Our Yin practice explores Gomukhasana variations in Ustrasana, Reclining Virasana, and we close in Baddha Konasana while Wade offers a chant to Shiva. You will feel connected and at peace.
What You'll Need: Mat, Square Bolster, Strap, Block (2)


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Thank you for joining me on the mat today, and our bodies will thank us as we move through this detoxifying flow improving our circulatory digestive and lymphatic system. Wow. This is perfect. So today, we've got a couple of props here. We got a bolster, two blocks, and a strap. Get yourself set and ready. And meet me line on your back, and we'll connect with our breath.

As you settle in, you can keep your knees bent today. Relax the arms into a little cactus field goal position and feel the spine resting on the earth, feel the connection, feel the breath. Notice where you're breathing today, where the breath is moving Do you feel it on the chest? Maybe the side body? Maybe you're so relaxed. Do you feel the belly lifting with the inhales and falling with the sales.

Wherever you are breathing, see if you can stretch out all four parts of the breath lengthening the duration of the inhales, a longer hold, and taking your time with the exhales. Some short pause before you start that all over again. One way to think of it is just breathe like your happy to be alive, and your whole body will start to receive that sensation. Staying connected with the rhythm of your breath. The next time you exhale, let the knees drop slowly to your right, easy windshield wiper, and turn your head to the left.

As you inhale bring the head and knees back to neutral, as you exhale at the knees drop to the left and turn your head to the right. Inhale it back to center. Let the breath lead you. Knees to the right, head to the left, inhaling back to center, knees to the left, head to the right. Take the arms over the head grab onto the forearms or the wrists, and enjoy the same when wiping movements, but with just a little bit of a release for the lower back, you'll feel the ribs and the heart lifting just a little bit more.

And take 2 more massaging windshield wipers. Great way to start the practice out. And the next time the knees come back to neutral, lower the palms next to the side body, press into the earth with your palms and lift your hips off the floor for an easy bridge pulse. Nice begin to hail. And then as you exhale, massage your way down vertebrae by vertebrae when the sacrum hits the earth lift the head and shoulders off the floor.

Give yourself a little press into the palms. As you inhale, lower the head to the earth and lift your off of a floor easy bridge pulses as you exhale massage your way down until the sacrum touches the earth, engage the core, and lift the head and shoulders off the floor. If you'd like to feel more, take the arms over the head, more work for the hamstrings and the glutes, and reach for the knees if you'd like a little bit more core activation, looking straight up instead of forward. In hell, if the hips This is the detoxifying part we're jumping right into it. Exhale, pulse. Find 3 more rounds, feel that rhythm, that rising, and falling of the breath. So we start to open the front, and the back of the spine.

The next time you lower down, go ahead and hug the right knee into the chest. Give yourself a couple of circles of the foot, the ankle, and then switch the direction of your circling. Extend the right leg and hold on to your hamstring. Give yourself a nice strong grip. Press the knee away from you until that action lifts the head and shoulders off the floor and the lower back down.

This little traction for the mid and upper back. Press the knee away. Try not to use the muscles of the neck to help you lift. And lower back down. Last one.

Alright. So we're gonna bring these 2 together, little bridges. And a little core activation, keep the right leg extended, bring the palms to the earth, press into the earth, one legged bridge in hail lift, Exhale lower once the sacrum is on the earth, lift the head and shoulders off the floor. Puls with your breath. Inhale. The hips are lifting off the floor. Tothes are reaching to the sky. Exhale lower. And same option if you need a little bit more work today.

Arms over the head, push strongly into that left foot, activating the glute and hamstring. And as you exhale, reach up for your toes. Keep breathing. Remember, we're happy to be alive, even while we're doing our cord pulses. Even more so, the body needs to move, it needs to explore, it needs to feel Fill out your last 3. The last 2.

The last one. And if you're doing this right, you should be sliding to the back of your mat. Cross the right leg on top of the left, Walk the left foot towards the left side of your mat and take an easy pulse to your right, releasing that outer right, glute and hip, and releasing your left IT band. We'll finish walking the left foot to the center of the mat and then take an easy twist over to your left. Take a moment and pause into that twist. No forcing here, just letting that.

Shoulders off into the earth, and then go ahead and unwind. I'm gonna slide back down and join you here. Switch your weight to your right leg, draw the left knee into the chest. Give yourself a couple of circles at that ankle foot connection. And then switch the direction of your circling.

Extend your left leg to the sky. Hold on to the back of the hamstring, a nice strong grip. Press the quad away from you until that lifts your head and shoulders off the floor without using the neck muscles and lower back down. You get some nice traction in the mid spine all the way up to that space between the shoulder blades, the Rom Boyd's. Enjoy that last pulse.

And then keep that left leg extended, bring the palms next to the side body. Supported one legged bridge in hell if the hips pushed down strongly to all four corners of the right foot, exhale, massage your way down, What's the sacrum touches the earth, lift the head and shoulders off the floor? Puls with your breath, lift on the inhale. Exhale lower. Head and shoulders lift.

We're taking 5 more. If you want the arms free version, a little bit more work, over the head as you inhale, reach for the toes as you exhale. Push strongly down into all four corners of the foot activating the hamstring and the glute. It's so nice to do hamstring strengtheners. We focus a lot on the stretching.

We're gonna play with both today. The next time you reach up, give yourself a little pull in with that left leg, cross it on top of the right, walk your right foot off the mat to the right and give yourself a little pulse over to the left releasing that it band and glute on your, right side. And then we'll walk the right foot back to the center, crossing the knees, shifting the weight to the left, dropping the knees to the right for an easy twist. Take your time with the exhales and your twist. Think of each twisting opportunity as a way of kind of surrendering into the exhale.

Go ahead and unwind the legs. Any little intuitive movements you need with your body. Enjoy this last couple of seconds. Line on the back. And then we'll rock and roll all the way up to our seat.

You can swing the legs around for your table pose. Or pull the heels in towards your seat, plant the palms in front of your ankles, lean forward, push into the palms, and step those feet right back to your table. From your table, walk your hands a palm print forward, tuck your toes under, Lift your hips for our first down dog of the day together, push actively forward with both hands, pedal the legs out one at a time. Spiral your biceps forward draw the navel up and back ears or by the biceps. And for the next couple of breaths, if there's any little intuitive movements that help you find a little bit more ease in your dog, feel free, either a shoulder shrug or a pivot of the heels.

Feel the first walking of the dog. For the day. Take a nice slow walk to the front of your mat. And let the knees bend if they need to as you get a little bit closer. Taking an easy forward fold, bend both knees, interlace your hands at the base of the head for a little neck traction.

Draw the elbows towards the midline. Keep the knees bent here and let the torso just softly sway left and right. Keeping these bent will help you release that space between the lower back, the top of the glutes. And then we'll finish placing the palms on top of the thighs supported chair pose, length in the heart, lift the spine, exhale engage the core around the spine. Puls with your breath.

Guide the heart forward on the inhale. Exhale engage and round. Last one. Inhale. Heart forward. Shoulder soften.

Drish Dee. Forwarder up. Exhale round the spine, roll all the way up to a tall mountain pose, inhale the palms to the sky, and exhale him right in the prayer. Take a moment. Here in prayer, connecting with your breath. As we move through this detoxifying flow, not only will we detox by in the body, but we can think of that which we'd like to cleanse in our mind.

So if there's any stories in your that you'd like to start letting go of while you're journeying it on the mat today, feel free to let them go with your exhales. On your next inhalation, reach the palms to the sky, lift the heart, exhale hinge at the hips forward fold free, feel free to bend the knees. Bring the pumps to the shin's length and the spine flat pack. Ex help bend both knees fingertips to the earth. Step your left leg all the way back.

Plant your left palm on the floor and bring your right hand to the top of your hip. We're gonna do a couple little knee taps here. Left knee, right calf. Tap and slide back, firing up the gluten quad on the right side, tap and slide back. If you need More work on your leg come up to your fingertips.

If you're enjoying this, find a focal point and bring your left palm into prayer, and I promise you'll feel that one. You choose your intensity for the day. Feel the last one out. Tap, step back, left palm to the floor, right hand to the sky for your twist. Lower the right hand to the earth, lower the left knee, and pull the toes back on the right leg for your half split.

Point the toes to the earth and pulse back between, we call it, dorcey flexion and plantar flexion. So you feel that calf muscle as you pulse back Keep your block handy right underneath that left leg, low, medium, or high. And we're gonna move into that block with a little moment here. Paul, pull the toes back, have a moment here. Pulling the toes back.

Great. Rebend the right leg. Send the right hand to the sky. For your twist. And then straighten the right leg, but turn your torso to the right, pull the right hip back, rotate.

Bend the right leg, reach back in space with your right hand, and straighten the right leg. Alright. We're gonna add a little left arm to the sky, bend the right leg, right hand to your sacrum, left palm to the sky, lift, Exhale lower, pull the hip back, straighten the right leg. Squeeze to the midline with your inner thighs. Puls with your breath. Finding a little backbend with the inhale and a nice hamstring rotation with the exhale.

Enjoy those last two. Keeping that right hand at the sacrum will help you support the lower back and help you feel the lengthening of the sacrum down, pause right here in your exalted low lunge. And then hook the left elbow outside of the right knee and bring your palms into prayer. Length in the spine and rotate See if you can get taller with each inhale and rotate with your exhale. Feel out that last one.

Slowly release, frame the right foot, with both hands, move the block out of the way. Send the right leg to the sky, 3 legged dogs. Draw the right knee across the mat. Slide that right leg across the mat for a fallen triangle. So right to the middle of the mat pinky toe side of the foot to the earth, pivot your left heel, left palm to this guy.

You can keep that right foot on the floor or hover it for a little bit more activation of your hip flexor. The right lead foot is off of our lower back down. Bring your left hand to the earth. Lift your left heel for the IT band stretching down dog, you can feel that in the all the outer glute, the hip, the IT band. Beautiful, meet you in plank pose, slide the right foot back, bend the elbows, lower all the way down.

Untuck the toes. Keep the off. Keep the palms next to the ribs and move into a nice low cobra pose. Lifting the heart, softening the shoulder blades back, moving the rib cage forward, create space at the lower back. Press down into the tops of the feet. Lower back down, tuck the toes under, press up to table or plank, and your way back to your down dog.

At the finale of your next exhale walk or float your feet to the front of the mat. Length in the spine as you inhale. Excellent. Have a little moment in your forward fold. One hamstring should feel a little different than the other, so keep those knees bent.

Keep the forward fold nice and soft. Bend the knees deeply engage the core. Roll up to your stand. Inhale the pumps to the sky. Exhale him right into prayer.

Take a big clearing inhale. Let go of something as you exhale. Try that again. Clear and purify your mind as you inhale. Move it out with the exhalation.

Inhale the palms to the sky, hinge with the hips forward fold. Inhale lengthen the spine, flat back, exhale, bend both knees, fingertips to the earth, Step your right leg all the way back. Frame the right foot with both hands. Bring the left hand to the top of your hip, get it out of the way. Knee taps, right knee, left calf, tap, and slide back.

Excel tap and slide back. As you're pulsing with your breath, if you need more work for the left quad and glute, come up to your fingertips. If you're enjoying the challenge, look forward, find a focal point in front of you, and bring the right hand into prayer for your last three taps. Glutes of steel. Step the right foot back, right hand to the earth Keep the left leg bent, inhale the left palm to the sky.

Spiral your right, bicep forward. Lower the left hand to the earth lower the right knee, straighten the left leg, pull the toes back. Point and flex. So you feel that hamstring cafe connection. And then you can use your block underneath the right hand, set it up, The next time you pulse, pull the toes back, walk the fingertips forward, rebend the left leg, right hand on top of your block.

Left palm reaches back in space, untuck the back toes, as you exhale, straighten the left leg and send the left arm over the head. Inhale, bend the left leg, and reach back. Let's try one more with our right hand on the earth. Straightening, twisting, turning with the exhale, and bending, left hand to the sacrum, right hand to the sky with the inhale. Exhale lower, twist to your left, squeeze to the midline straighten, inhale rise.

Sacrum down, heart up, pulse with your breath. Last two Last one. Let this pulsing rhythm move you into each of these variations and then hang out right here in this exalted low lunge, freeing the hip flexor, lengthening the sit bones down, hook the right elbow outside of the left knee, bring the palms into prayer, and before you twist, lengthen the spine, and then press the left and the right palm to rotate. Length and left palm presses into right to rotate. Last one, big lengthening, and ring it out.

Lower the palms, frame the left foot, Move your block out of the way, tuck your right toes under three legged dog, left leg to the sky. Push actively forward with both hands. Slide your left leg across the mat. So bend the knee cross the leg over to your right, straighten the left leg over towards 3 o'clock, for a little fallen triangle, pivot your right foot to the earth, right hand to the sky. Stay here or hover the left foot off to activate the hip flexor where it connects to your core.

Keep the left foot where it is. Lower the right hand down, lift the right heel, and then start to back the chest up, back the seat up for IT band stretching down dog. Should feel that all the way to the top of your glute. Beautiful. Slide the left foot back to meet the right.

Lengthen forward, lower all the way down, untuck the toes, cobra, or maybe you're starting to find a little bit more space and kinda slithering into your updog. Listen to the lower back here softening the shoulders pressing into index and thumb. Lifting the heart. Excel back to your down dog. Any little intuitive movements?

Finishing off that round. At the finale of your next exhale, bend the knees, look forward, walker flow. Length in the spine, flat back. Excel fold. Our hamstrings are a little bit more open evenly.

So if you're moving into a deeper straight leg forward fold, lean forward into your toe pads so your hips start moving over your heels a little bit. Then the niece for supported chair posts, palms on top of the thighs, draw the navel up and back. Engage your core. Pull the navel back, and then send your palms forward the height of your shoulders facing each other. Or send them up if your shoulders are finding a little bit more space in the posture.

Inhale straighten the legs. Cactus field goal of the arms. Open the heart. Have a moment right here. 2 breaths. Joy the soft backbend, and then exhale your palms into prayer, cleanse and purify with the inhale, detox fine exhale, let it go.

Ah, cleanse, impurifying inhale. One more time. On your next inhalation. Inhale. The pump of the sky, lift the heart, exhale nice, swan dive to the earth. Bombs to the shins, lengthen the spine, flat back. Set your blocks up in front of you a little bit to the outside of both feet so that you can prepare for your supported warrior 3 Palms on top of the blocks, shift your weight to the right leg lengthen the spine and extend your left leg, the height of your hip, reach up and see if those hips are equal, lower the back, the left tip if you need to, and then come up to your fingertips, lengthen the spine, draw the navel up and back.

If you're enjoying this, less weight on your blocks or palms into prayer, shifting your weight, a little gentle bend in that right leg to fire up the glute. And the quad. Enjoy those last two rounds of breath. One more. Lower. The hands.

Step the left leg back. Keep your blocks by the side body. Left hand to the earth. Right hand to the sky, lengthening with the inhale, pushing back with the left heel forward with the right knee with the exhale and deepening the twist. Place the right hand to the sacrum, look forward, squeeze to the midline with both legs, exalted, high lunge, left palm to the sky, For this one, try draping the right hand around the waist, left it back, and lift your heart.

If you need to feel more bend a little deeper into the left leg, push back with a heel and look up tracking the drishti up if you're okay with the balance. Look forward. Lower that left hand. Step your left leg forward halfway. Grab onto your block again, place it in front of you. Half moon twist, right hand to the sacrum, lengthen the spine, lift your left leg off the floor, get long through the torso, and rotate to your right.

Keeping the dristy down is much easier, tracking the dristy to your right, or up towards your thumb, a little bit more challenging. Squeeze to the midline with your inner thighs to help you with the balance of the posture from the waist down. Lower and step the left leg back. Keep your blocks handy. Left hand to the earth or the block, right hand to the sky.

Take your right hand and make a soft fist and just give yourself a nice little therapeutic tap on the top of your glute to release some of that tension here. And then go ahead and lower the left knee to the earth and straighten the right leg. Great. Rebem the right leg. Keep your hand on that that block to your left.

And then once again, we'll tap the left knee to the right cap, but this time, slide the foot across And option 1, you're gonna stay right here for the twist. Option 2, let me give you a little different angle, option 2, instead of staying here for the twist, slide your block out an extra foot to your left and then turn your fingertips out and then draw the shoulder over the block keeping the right leg bent and see if you can lower. This is a great spot. Or if you can reach for the pinky toe side of the foot, you've just landed your little baby grasshopper. Have a little moment here.

You'll feel the IT bound stretch on the left side. Carefully step the left foot back. Finger tips on either side of the right leg or use the block take a moment to straighten the right leg. And we'll finish this beautiful side off with a standing split on the right leg, bend the right leg, walk your blocks forward. As the crown of the head starts to lower to the earth, the left leg can lift if you need to feel more, right hand to the heel, the calf, wherever you find support here, and then step the left foot forward to meet the right.

Ben both knees for chair posts. And then shift your weight. Find your focal point in front of you, and we'll take a little quad stretch for the right leg. Pull the heel up towards your seat. Squeeze to the midline with your inner thighs, keeping your focal point.

Get a lot of work on the legs. So give it a little break. If you're enjoying this, you can bend the leg a little bit on the left side for a little bounce chair posture. And then make sure to shake out both legs, shake out both arms, Sometimes just shaking everything out is a nice little detoxifying moment for the brain, for the activity on the mind. And then let's come back and settle, cleanse and purify the mind with the inhale.

Let it go. One more time. Cleans and purify. Let it go. Inhale the palms to the sky.

So on dive to the earth with your exhale. Palms to the shins with the inhale. Lengthen. Set your blocks up. 4 supported warrior 3.

Extending the right leg back, the height of your hip. Toes pointing down, reach up with a left hand, make sure the hips are even squeezed to the midline, and then get long with a torso. Stay here or come up to the fingertips or play with one palm into prayer or both. Try to find some steadiness. Keep that left inner thigh squeezing towards the midline to help you with the balance.

One more breath. Lower the hands. Step the right leg all the way back. Keep the blocks handy if you need them. Bend the left leg, left hand on top of the left thigh.

Lengthen, rotate, and twist. To move deeper into the twist, draw the left knee forward over the ankle, push back with the right heel, lengthen the torso and rotate. Place your left hand at the sacrum. Look forward, rise up with the right hand. Taking the Drish Dee forward or up.

If you wanna create a little bit more of a backbend, draping the left hand around the waist, right, it band for your exalted high lunge, sinking a little deeper into the left eye pushing the Right? He'll back lifting the heart. 2 more breaths. One more. Lower the right hand. Good.

Walk your right block forward and slide your right foot forward take a moment here, pull the left hip in, half moon twist, lengthen the torso, equal on the hips, lengthen and rotate. Great, everybody. From here, Ben, that left leg, Step the right foot back. You can slide your block back with you and then a little therapeutic soft fist top of your left glute right in that area where you're feeling that compression, that sensing up of the muscles from all that glute and quad work. Great. Lower the right knee, straight in the left leg just for a moment.

Give yourself a little bit of freedom and that hamstring and hip. And we have our baby grasshopper for now. Revend your left leg. Tap your right knee to your left calf. Slide the right foot across for the curtsy.

You can stay right here inhaling the left palm to the sky. You'll feel the release of the outer hips, IT bent, If you're moving deeper, walk your block out of foot, fingertips facing out towards 3. The farther you reach The easier it is to move your shoulder over and lift your right foot off the floor. Bending the left leg deeper. Help you find the posture. Step the right leg back.

Shake out that left leg, send it to the sky, and move right into your table posts. Take a moment for a wrist stretch. Flip your pump so your thumbs are turning out and your forearms and wrists are turning forward. And then just sit back here for a moment. You'll know when to stop.

Alright. From here, you can shake out one wrist at a time. Grab your bolster and keep your strap handy. We're gonna have a little seat on our bolster as we set up the blocks. We're trying to use as many props as possible in this one. It's a prop day today.

So stack your blocks one on top of the other. And we're gonna do a little PNF technique with the right elbow on top of the block. So place your elbow right, the center of the block And then back up your seat and just notice where you normally naturally relax into the posture. For the count of 3, we're going to push down into our block with our elbow 321. And then relax, and you might find a new set point.

Head might drop a little closer to the earth. Let's try that again. Push down into your block 3, 2, 1 release. And then that last one pushed down into your block 3. 2, 1, and release. Great. That sets up the top arm for Golmakasana.

So walk your hands back. Grab a seat on your bolster. Grab your strap. I'm gonna give you a little sneak peek of the back. And make sure the strap is in the right arm.

Reach up with a left arm. And just take a moment to play. Give yourself some space. So not as far as you could go. We're gonna do a little flossing here.

Reach up with the right hand, pulling the left arm up, and then pull down with the left arm, drawing the right hand down. Take a couple of these movements just to see where that easy version is for you. And as you start to open up a little bit, you can slide your left hand up towards the right or the right hand closer to the left as you move into this nice little shoulder technique here. The next time you pull that left hand up, stay right there. And take a little side bend to your left.

This might help you reach for your fingertips. It might not. Just stay where you're at. Lyft off of your bolster, lengthen the tailbone down, and lift the heart for a nice shoulder opening, camel posture. You can look forward if this challenges your neck. Lifting the drishti.

Keeping the left hand where it is. Release your right hand to your sacrum. Hug the elbow in, lift the sternum, lift the chest. Heart to this guy. Try to breeze like you're happy to be alive again, especially in postures that challenge the inhales.

And then slowly release onto your poster. Outside one feel. Maybe this is the better side. It's not my better side. The right side is always more challenging up the spine for me.

So wherever you're at, place the left elbow on top of the block, Left hand moves towards the middle of your spine, back up wherever you naturally feel like you're settling in. Keep the right hand there for support, and then we'll push down, fingertips up, push down into that left tricep elbow 3, 2, 1, and relax. Finger tips up. Push down. 3, 2, 1. Relax. And then last one, fingertips up, push down, 3, 2, 1, and soften. Beautiful push down into the earth with a right hand.

Come up to your seat. Grab your strap. Place it in your left hand. Let the strap drop down the spine. Wrap the right arm around.

Come up. Keep it nice and loose. As you work through your little shoulder flosses here, As you pull up with the left, the right hand's gonna get a little closer between the shoulder blades. And as you pull down with the right, the left hand's gonna get closer. The idea is to really work on that right one. So the next time you pull the right one up, either shorten the space with your strap, or see if you can find fingertips.

A little trick is to take a side bend to the right that helps you move the arm up the mid line a little bit more And then you can hang out right here, drawing the shoulder blades back. From here, we'll lift off of our bolster, for our gomacosin variation, Vustrasana camel pose, hug the left elbow to the midline, lift the ribs and hard as the tailbone lengthens down. Try to go back to that easy full breath. I'm happy to be a live breath. Breathe fully to the ribs and the heart as you inhale.

Don't worry about breathing into the belly here. Breathing into the heart is a rib cage lifter. Right hand can stay. Left hand supports the lower back, lengthening the tailbone down, lift the ribs and hard up, if you need a little bit more depth in your. And then slowly release.

Move your blocks out of the way. Grab a seat. On your bolster. We're gonna release the quads for a second. If this feels okay and your quads are nice and open, place the bolster between your knees for a supported Verasana.

And if you feel like you could easily lean back, then slide the bolster towards your seat and then lean back from here. If you have a long body, a long torso like I do, you might have to slide the bolster towards your sacral region so that your head doesn't take too much of a backbend dive. The knees are drawing towards the midline heels are up. Verasana is a really powerful posture. Really how you feel the hip flexors and that connection between the quads and the knees.

So be kind to yourself and see if you can just soften into the posture. If you notice you're gripping and it's because of some of these muscles, maybe lift up. We're only gonna be here for 5 more breaths. See if you can relax into those five breaths and maybe go back into moving the tension out of the body through the breath, for each exhale. Some verbal size always help feeling like you're moving any busyness Any stories?

For the last two breaths, if you'd like to take the arms over that head, and grab onto the elbows that might feel interesting for all that space that you've created in your shoulders. And then when you're ready to move out of Verasana, move nice and slow, help yourself up. You can lean to one side. And then we did a lot of closing of the hips So our counter balancing posture, we're gonna keep the bolster right at the sacrum, and we'll let the knees butterfly open into, if you need a little rock left and right before you settle in, feel free, let the knees rock, left, and right, maybe cactusing the arms, opening the heart, softening through the adductors that we contracted so much. When you're ready, you can let go of the doing.

This is the opportunity to really transform and detoxify the patterns in the mind. I'm gonna help you with a little chant, a chant to Shiva, when we think of detoxifying transforming or destroying patterns, we call on Chiva. So you can connect with this mantra. Or even chant along, if that feels interesting to you. When we call out to the deity's, we're really just connecting with the qualities that they represent The qualities of transformation, helping us change a pattern, Or to drawing the pattern all together, and birthing something new that aligns us with more depth on our path.

Uh-huh. Whenever you're feeling connected, wherever you're feeling at ease, at peace, anchor into that space and place as you start to bring intuitive movements back to your body. Very, very, very slowly in your own time and in your own way. Start to help yourself up. Do a comfortable cross the leg and seat keeping the eyes closed.

Enjoy and receive all the detoxifying qualities of your journey on the mat today. And make sure to share your heart, the space where you're connecting right now with everyone that you meet. As you open your eyes nice and slowly. I thank you, and thank you for sharing and going on the detox fine journey with me today, Namaste.


Sarah-Jane Stephens
So nice to be practicing with you again on yoga anytime
Jenny S
2 people like this.
Loved this powerful class!  This was a signature “Wade” in that it was quite challenging, but very fun. And, I always appreciate a class with lots of props 🙌 chanting at the end was 👨🏻‍🍳🤌!
Peggy L
2 people like this.
Great practice-agree with Jenny and Sarah!
Lina S
3 people like this.
I was missing your classes! What a great practice with a nice progression! I feel grounded and calm!
David G-
2 people like this.
Hey Wade: Happy Holidays. So sneaky to add the baby grasshopper.  Very chill practice otherwise. Look forward to this season. 
Lisa P
1 person likes this.
Wade! I just love you. Thank you for this perfectly balanced class. Practicing with you always feels a bit like coming home. Hope to see you soon!
Sarah-Jane Stephens it's been a while but I am back, great to see your face and know you are practicing with me!
Jenny S we are ringing out the old and making space for the new year! So great to reconnect!!
Thank you Peggy L happy to be on the yoga journey with you!!
Lina S We are back in it together! So great to see you!!
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