Vin to Yin Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 3

Hip Hip Hoorah

50 min - Practice


Free the mind and body. Wade leads us through exercises to mobilize the spine and upper body like cat cows, Sufi circles, and Sphinx, and we begin finding space in the hips in Skandasana, lunges, and Koundinyasana B. Our Yin practice goes deeper into the hips with an old school glute massage, Janu Sirsasana, and a supported Half Frog over the bolster. Your body will feel a new sense of mobility, freedom, and joy.
What You'll Need: Mat, Square Bolster, Block (2)

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Happy day. Happy day. Welcome to a celebration of the hips and the side body. All about creating space today. You'll probably need two blocks and a bolster. Come join me in a nice comfortable cross legged seat And we'll move our little built in cushions out of the way. You can slide your hands underneath your shins and take a moment to connect with your breath.

And as you're checking in with your breath, just give yourself a little soft rock forward and backward. So we're just rocking at the sit bones kind of tilting the pelvis forward and backward. Let everything from the chest up be calm and neutral. You don't have to move anything. Just start to move at the pelvis, these little simple rocks forward and backward. And then you can start to connect the movements with your breath.

The next time you rock forward, take a pause and then inhale. And the next time you rock back, exhale. Now, start to proceed with your breath inhale rocking forward. And exhale rocking back. And then bring it up to the chest.

So as you inhale rocking forward, lift your chest. And as you exhale, engage the core, lean back around the spine. Take a couple more of those, but nothing with the head in that just yet. We'll kind of feel that wave of movement from the sacrum all the way to the crown. Now, we can add the head and neck as you rock forward with your inhale lift the chin, maybe take the drishti up. And as you rock back, draw the chin to the chest, navel to the spine, take 3 more pulses. These nice little mobilizers for the spine, gets our body ready for a fun little journey, finish off that last round.

And then come to a nice, easy, comfortable seat, place your palms on top of your thighs. And then choose a direction to circle. I'm gonna circle to my right are my left, lengthen the spine forward as you inhale and engage the core and round as you exhale, pulsing with the breath, It's not traditional to move at the head and neck in this one, but if it feels like you wanna explore a little space at the head and neck, circle the same direction that you're circling your torso. Little sufi circles, helping you to connect with that separation between the torso and the limbs. The next time you pulse forward, go ahead and pause, and then switch the direction of your circles inhaling it the other way. And exhale lengthening it forward.

Give yourself 2 more full circles and let the circle start to become smaller and smaller in diameter, even smaller until you find a nice comfortable seat. And we'll take just a moment to check-in. We'll offer our enthusiasm to the practice today. So grateful that we have this practice, allowing us to move deeper inside and connecting with the deeper layers of self. And while we're here, let's think of a bean or beans that we'd like to dedicate our practice to.

Visualize them in your mind, take them down into your heart. And then place the palms in front of you, plant palms in front of you, that energetic web that connects us to all, and send your dedication out, making the practice about something bigger than self. Beautiful. We'll keep checking into our dedication. Go ahead and exhale and roll all the way up. Free your left leg.

Keep your right leg bent in an easy, John, twist here, reach the left fingertips out to the side, about a foot, foot, and a half, and then inhale the right arm to this guy take an easy little side bend pulse, rise with the inhale, and then sink with the exhale. You'll start to find a little bit more space after a couple more rounds. Enjoy that space and the side body and really breathe into the side body to invite even more space around the lungs, the lats, the intercostals. Take a pulse over to your left and pause right here. This is the fun part.

Sweep your right hand forward, all the way back, easy side plank, plank the plant the right hand behind you, and lift your hips, send the left palm to this guy. Exel lower the hips. Go right back out to where your left hand started, right out to the side, and come to that beginning position right arm over the head. XL sweep forward. Plant the palm behind you.

Inhale. Lift the hips off of the earth, push down into the right hand. Exhale. Sweet. Left hand to the earth. Right arm up and over the year. Take a big inhale and then exhale one last sweep.

The next time you place that right hand on the earth, left palm to the sky, Bend that left arm and give yourself a couple of intuitive movements right here, opening up the shoulder. Send the left arm over the head, push strongly down into the right hand. Press into the pinky toe side of your left foot. Nice big side stretching inhale, and then exhale lower all the way down. Place the left hand right next to you, right hand on top of the right thigh, lengthen the spine, hip opening twist, exhale, twist away from the bent knee.

Lengthen and lift, and exhale. You might have to move that left hand behind you to find a little bit more space, last one. Beautiful. Come to a neutral spine. Slide your right foot forward about a foot foot and a half from your sit bones Bend the left leg, easy seated cat and cows separate the knees, lift the heart, sternum, and chest, engage the core as you exhale and round the spine pulse with your breath. In out lifting. Exhale, drawing the navel up and back.

We've got 4 more you can keep the hands at the shims for a softer version for the lower back. If you wanna try the last three hands free, palms to the skies, you inhale, Engage the core draw the navel with the spine exhale, pull the navel up and back. We're just pulsing. Last two Last one. Good. Find a tall spine.

Straighten your right leg. Bend the left leg, little hip opening twist here, take a soft twist to your right, walk the right fingertips out, and we'll go back into our side bend pulses, inhale the left arm over the head, and rise back up. Puls with your breath. Inhale lift, exhale pulse over to your right. Feel out that last one, and we're gonna add our sweeps here. Pulse over to your right, exhale forward, left hand behind you.

Plant the palm into the earth. Lift the hips easy side plank with a nice side stretch. Exhale sweep back down towards your right foot, plant the right hand where you began, and take the left arm over the head. Big inhale, exhale sweep. Find that rhythm.

Celebrate these movements in your side body and breathe fully into that right side body. As you move a little bit deeper. The next time you reach back with your left hand pause, lift the hips, push down into the right foot, easy side plank, bend the right arm, bring your fingertips to the top of your right shoulder, and explore a little bit of range of motion here. Little freedom in the shoulder, right arm over the head, press strongly to the pinky toe side of the right foot, and then exhale, lower back to the earth. Right hand next to the right hip, left hand on top of the left eye, lift lengthen and rotate.

Find a little bit more space when the spine lift lengthen and rotate. Beautiful. Come on back to center. We'll draw the knees into the chest and either swing the legs around for table Or the little sneaky trick, float the legs through for table. Press the palms into the earth, lower into your table pose.

Palms underneath the shoulders, knees underneath the hips. Let the belly drop and soften. Guide the heart forward. Take a nice inhale look up for your cow, tilt. And then exhale press down into your palms around the spine.

Enjoy this nice space between the vertebraes and the back. Lengthen forward for the inhale and round the spine. That next exhalation. Same movements, but in your down dog, So come to a neutral table, walk your hands a palm print forward, tuck your toes under, keep the knees bent, and look towards the thumbs for an easy how tilt in your down dog. And as you exhale straight in the legs, engage the core, round the spine, draw the shoulders right over the wrists, As you inhale, rebend the legs, look at the hands.

And as you exhale round the spine, navel to the spine, tops the toes, tuck the chin to the chest. 2 more of these sweet little cat and cows. Nice mobilizers for the spine. Feels like a little massage for the body. Fill out your last one.

The next time you're looking forward, Left the gaze go between the legs and then straighten the legs one at a time. Peddle it out one at a time. Push really actively forward with each finger so that you're not sinking into the wrist. Length and forward for plank pose, engage the core, take a nice, slow descent to the earth, maybe bend the knees if you need to. Lower all the way down and tuck the toes.

Replace your palms with your elbows for a sphinx pose. Guide the ribs and the heart forward. Take a moment right here, bring your palms into prayer, and your thumbs right to the brow. And remember that dedication that you placed at your heart in the beginning of the journey, the bean or beans that you're dedicating your practice to. And then as you plant your palms back into the earth, send it back out, soft pastration.

Palms next to the side body. Push up through table or plank on the way back to your down dog. Push actively forward with each finger. Paddle the legs out 1 at a time. And start your slow journey at the finale of your next exhale. To the front of the mat.

Take a little bend in the knees. Keep the knees bent. Easy fold. Grab on to the elbows of the torso sway softly left and right. Relax the face, relax the jaw. On the next exhale bend the knees a little deeper, engage your core roll all the way up.

To Tedasena, our mountain pose, inhale the pumps to the sky, and exhale him right back into the center of the heart. Finding ourselves a prayer pose right at the front of the heart, remembering that dedication, once again, and we're gonna send it out into the world as we bow to the earth with a nice long swan dive in held the poems to the sky. Hanging at the hips and your dedication out into the world. Palms to the shins lengthen the spine flap back Exel, bend both knees, walk or float back to your plank post, lower down all the way. Guide yourself through your low cobra pose and give yourself a little bit of movement right here, a little shoulder shrug, one at a time, just so you can feel the difference between the shoulder blades, And then maybe a couple, both at the same time, finding some space here.

Lower down, either tuck the toes under a move through table or point on the way back to your down dog. Settle yourself in. Bend the left leg. Ground down into the right heel. Draw the left knee into the chest and circle the knee away from you.

If there's some hip opening circles isolating it in your down dog. So try not to move forward to plank. Just focus on isolating at the hip. Next time you bend the knee and open the hip hip opening dog, lift the left inner thigh, press down with a right heel, push actively forward with both hands. Take a nice big inhale look forward. X. I'll step your left foot right between the hands.

Pivot your right heel to the earth and walk a quarter turn to your right. So the hands are kind of far away from the side body. And from here, give yourself a little lean back into the left. So you feel that side stretch on the left side on the outer left hip. Take a couple of pulses forward towards the hand and back towards the left hip. Remember, this is a celebration of the hips, so we really gotta get into the back side of the hip, finding some space, how it connects to the side body.

Great. Walk hand over hand to your right. Let the left toes join you. Palms right underneath the shoulders. Look forward and bend the knees. How tilts in your Pacerita, exhale push down into your palms, lift to the tops of the toes, round the spine, cat tilt.

Pulse with your breath. Guide the heart forward, cow tilt. Excel round for the cat tilt. Pull a navel up and back. Last one.

The next time you find that flat back in your cow tilt, come up to your fingertips, and then we'll just bend one leg at a time. Feeling and releasing the adductors here. So those are pointing forward on this one. When you're ready with the spine nice and long, bring your hands to your hips. The next time you bend your left leg, rise up torso circles, lift the spine, exhale bend the right leg and bow forward.

Pulse with your breath, lifting with the inhale, and folding with the exhale. If you have no lower back issues and you wanna go a little bit deeper, You can send the palms to the sky and explore your range of motion in the upper back and the shoulders. Find a little freedom here. Where the space between the torso and the hips, see how the body's moving. If you have to play with any little intuitive movements.

That's a great spot to do it right there. Great. Rise up to a tall spine. We're gonna play with a little side stretch. Interlace the fingertips, press the palms to the sky. Now keep the right palm facing up.

Place the left palm on top of the right And then take a side bend to your right and push up with the right hand. It's a little side bending trick to really help you feel that stretch on the left side body. Breathe fully into the left side, buddy, and rise back up to neutral. Once again, interlace flip the palms. Keep the left palm facing up, place the right hand on top, and then take the side bend to your left and push up, that push up will help you feel a deep stretch in the right side body, and then breathe into the space where you're feeling the resistance. Beautiful. Release those arms 102, hands to the hips.

Easy prossery to a forward fold. Line up the palms with your toes and then lengthen the spine. And wherever you find your forward fold is perfect for you. Perfect today. Let all of the stories topple out of the crown of the head into the earth.

Use the inhales to cleanse and purify your mind and have a moment here in an easy fall. Rise up to your flat back. Turn the left toes out slightly to 10. The right toes slightly up to 2. Crouching tiker Skandasana, we're gonna move really slow.

Try to keep the hips really low. This is our ninja training here. As you move slowly back and forth, keep the hips low. Maybe less weight on your fingertips. So you're playing more with the ankle joint, the hip joint, the knee joint.

Finish off that last one. The next time you straighten the left leg, pause, look towards the front of the mat, Bend the left leg and walk your hands just inside of that left leg. Turn the right toes in slightly. Bring the left elbow on top of the left thigh. And draw the right rib cage back.

Easy side angle. Take the right arm over the head. And because we're having so much fun with the side body, let's go for it. Lengthen the side body on the left side, really lengthen and expand, and then send the left arm up to join the right. Softly turn the torso to the right have 3 breaths right here and really feel that stretch in the side body as you reach away from the midline.

Rise up, straighten the left leg, bring the right hand to the right, it band, left palm to the sky. We're gonna add that arm trick once again. So send your right palm facing up. Left palm on top. Push back with your right hand and open that left side body.

Add the bent leg. So a little peaceful warrior side stretch. Bend the left leg and straighten it. Push up with the right hand. Bend the left leg. There's the spot right there. You'll feel that spot where you really get deeper into the side body and straighten it.

Next time you bend that leg, pause and take three breaths right here. Push up with a right hand. If a smile happens, it's gonna happen because your your ribs, your lats, they're starting to expand your breathing deeper. Great. Tea the arms.

Lower the left hand to your left leg. Draw your left hip back for easy side. Easy triangle. Draw the right rib cage back. Take the right palm over the side.

And because we keep going in for this side vent, take the right arm over the head lengthen the spine, and a softer rotation to your right. Keeping the dray steve forward or looking up if it feels okay. The good one to use your block on, if you'd like to go a little bit deeper. And then look forward. Bend your left leg.

Lower the palms to the earth, lower the right knee to the floor, and straighten that left leg. Pull the toes back for easy half split. Give yourself a little movement left and right with the toes and the hips turning the toes to the left, moving the hips to the right So you feel a little inner and outer hamstring. Perfect. Rebend your left leg.

Walk your left foot off the mat of footprint and turn the toes out to 10 o'clock. So a little hip opening frog pose. Palms right underneath the shoulders, untuck the back toes, and give yourself a little rock left and right. As you rock left and right, turn your torso the opposite direction that your hips are moving. The next time your hips move to the right, your torso turns to the left.

You can use that left hand as a soft guidance away from the midline, or you can bend the right leg, reach back with the left hand. Moving the heel away, opens the hip flexor, moving the heel towards, gives you more of a stretch for your quad, Both of them are really nice for that right leg, the front of the hip. Play with a little movement between both. Great. And then release that right leg.

Bring your palms to the earth. We're gonna play with a couple of knee taps here. Walk your hands a palm print to your right. Draw your shoulders over the wrists. Keep that left leg bent, lifted off of the earth, and then tap it towards your left tricep.

So these knee taps are really nice to help us move to a pose we call kundenasabi or a fancy word for just a little kneetap arm balance. If you're playing with the arm balance, Tap the knee, touch the toes to the earth, hug your right elbow in, lengthen forward, maybe the right foot stays on the earth, maybe it lifts off. Left leg can be bent or straight. And then come on back to your table post. That's a good one for your homework.

Shake out the wrist. Walk the hands of palm print forward. Take a moment in your child's pose. Connect with your breath. Remember your dedication you're offering, you can send it back out into the world.

Homes are still connecting with that energetic web that's connecting us to all. Great. Let's move back into our table pose. Walk your hands of palm print forward. Tuck your toes under.

Lift your hips to the sky. Cut all the legs out one at a time actively pushing forward with each finger. It's the right leg turn. Bend that right leg. Press the left heel to the earth.

Keep the right knee bent circle it away from you. Hip opening circles and dog. Draw the knee back into the chest. Opening and circling away. Try to keep the movement localized to the hips.

No moving the shoulders over the wrists. The next time you bend the knee and open the hip, pause, and enjoy that hamstring stretch, maybe draw the right inner thigh farther away from the floors, you press actively into both palms. Look forward. X. I'll step the right foot between the ants. Pivot your left heel to the earth.

Walk your hands a quarter turn to your left. Same thing. Lean the hips to the right. And then lean forward towards your palms and lean to your right. So you feel this in the outer glute. The outer hip, but you also feel this in that side body, the lats, the inner cottles all the way up to the shoulder. The next time you pulse back, pause, and breathe into that right side body, breathe into the area where you feel the resistance.

Great. Walk your hands over to the left. Let the right toes follow you. Palms underneath your shoulders. Now, take a little hop back right there. And we'll go back into our bent leg, cow tilts, look forward, and then engage the core around the spine.

Rise to the tops of the toes. Pull the navel up and back as you exhale and let the belly soften as you inhale. If you'd like to play with a couple of little hops lifting the seat to the sky, keeping the legs low wide, you can do these Nice little pusherita hops, bend the knees, inhale, exhale, hop, and lowers you inhale. Inhale. Exhale, hop, and lower.

Have fun with these. They're great strength builders. And when you're finished with that last round, come up to your fingertips. Bend one leg at a time. Link from the spine here.

Use that activation of your core to keep the spine long. When you're ready, bring your hands to your hips. The next time you bend your right leg, pots, rise up with a torso, lengthen the spine, Soft circle bow over a bent left leg. Enjoy these torso circles. You can keep the hands at the hips once again.

Or you can explore your range of motion in the upper back and the shoulders by releasing your arms. Fill out the next two. Last one. This time as we rise up, we'll pause at 102 interlace your hands behind the back. Lift the heart's sternum and chest.

Move the wrists away from your sacrum. Bend the knees. Take a bow with bent knees so that you can full focus on giving yourself a little space in the upper back and shoulder. A little wiggle left and right with wrists inviting them farther over the head. Maybe even straightening the legs as you squeeze the midline to move a little deeper into Pascery to see.

Remember that moment to pause and just let all of your story tumble out the crown of the head and connect. This is it. Then the knees, release the hands to the earth, turn the left toe slightly out to the left, right toe slightly out to the right, move back into your Skandasana, your crouching tiger, keeping the hips nice and low. As you move, you can move a little quicker this time if you're enjoying the space. We did it really slow in last time.

If you wanna move with a little bit more intuition and curiosity on the second one, Feel free. The next time you bend the left leg, pull the right toes back. Bring the right hand around behind you and lower your seat. If you need blocks on this one, they're available. Palms, blocks underneath the hand.

Keep the right hand where it is and use the left tricep or elbow to draw the left inner thigh away. So you get a little twisted version of Janu here. This is gonna set us up for our future Janu. Little foreshadowing here. Good. Lanken the crown of the head towards the toes. And then keeping the right hand where it is, left palm presses into the blocks of the earth, lift your hips up, and then shift your weight over to your right leg.

Pull the toes back. Left hand either inside or outside to help you lower down. Be kind to your knees and hips on this one. Right hand or forearm draws the right inner thigh away. Length in the spine.

Imagine the crown of the head moving towards the toes. Beautiful, everybody. Alright. Good luck coming up. Push into the earth. Lift. Rebend that left leg.

Turn your right toes forward. And as you bend into the right leg, we'll set up for our side angle, turn the back toes in slightly, right toes parallel, perpendicular, right elbow on top of the right thigh, draw the left rib cage back. In the hell of that left arm over the head, finding a really long spine, length and length and length and through the right side body, before you lift your right arm up if you're joining me. Keep reaching with the palms, soft twist to your left. Last round of breath, rise up straight in the right leg.

Great. And to lace the hands once again, right palm on top of the left. We'll go into that side stretching trick right here. This little therapeutic trick. Push up with your left palm and really find space in the right side body.

Bending into the right leg. Peace for your variation. Straightening the right leg, reverse triangle. Take 3 more pulses at your own pace And the idea is to breathe into the space where you feel the resistance. The next time you bend into the right leg, go ahead and pause.

Push up with a left hand and just breathe and experience. Beautiful, straighten the right leg, bring the left hand to the left hip, reach forward with the right fingertips, lower the hand to the shin, or the block on either side of the foot. Draw the left ribs back, hug the right inner thigh towards the midline, And because we're inside stretching paradise here, take that left arm over the head, lengthen the spine, and you should find a lot more space now that we're finishing the main part of our practice. Look forward. Bend the right leg. Lower the hands to the earth, lower the left knee to the earth, and go ahead and straighten that right leg.

Let the toes turn right and left So you feel the inner and outer hip. Beautiful. Rebound the right leg, walk your right foot off the mat, kind of towards 2 o'clock, and bring your hand back to the earth, and we'll do a little rocking left and right as we turn as we lean the hips to the left, turn your torso to the right, and vice versa. The next time you rock to your left, guide the right inner thighs softly away from you, or for those of you that are taking the, quad and hip flex or release, reach back with the right hand towards the left foot. Drawing the heel in helps you release that quad, moving the heel away, opening through the front of your hip flexer.

Play with a couple pulses right here. Beautiful. Release that left leg. This is the finale right here. Your arm balance finale.

Walk your hands. A palm print to your left. So you're facing the left side of your mat. Lift up to your right toes. Tap the knee to the tricep and then lift the hip. Tap and lift. If you start to bend those elbows, you'll start to feel a little bit more what the arm balance could feel like in the future.

And if you're enjoying this tap, you can keep that foot on the floor if you need to. Tuck the left toes under, lengthen forward to the left corner of your mat, maybe the right leg straight or bent if you can lift it off the floor. Come on back, shake it out, maybe a little wrist stretch. Good. We're gonna go ahead and swing our legs around and come into a nice, easy, comfortable seat. We have a treat today.

We're gonna do some massaging of the glute. This is a nice way to open deeper up into the hips So place your right ankle on top of your left thigh and walk your hands behind you fingertips facing back. Keep the right hand where it is. Hold onto your right foot with your left hand and just lean to your right and circle, roll on your outer glute, your hip. Back in the day before those fancy rollers were made, this is how we used to release our glutes and our hips.

So a little old school flash here for you. If you want to feel more here, you can place the foot in that hook of your elbow, the more you stretch the hip while you roll it, the more you'll feel a little bit of that resistance, and you'll start to feel little moments where the glute starts to soften. The piriformis area that our sciatic runs through our sciatic nerve. We release this, and we start to have a little bit more freedom in that space between our glutes and our lower back. This is a perfect setup for Janu. We're gonna hang out here in our yin posture, our held posture. So bring the right foot inside.

Grab onto your bolster. If you're having trouble with a lift and a tall spine, put a block underneath you, and we'll place the bolster on top of the left thigh. Bring the left fingertips to the earth, lift your spine, lengthen, and take a soft turn and twist over the bolster. And then start to find some ease here. With each inhale, if you'd like to go deeper into the posture, Lengthen with each inhale, and then take a soft twist to your left as you fold.

Johnu is such a great, Johnu Sureshassen is such a great posture because you get all the movements of the spine, you get flexion, extension, lengthening the spine, rotation, twisting, and then that side flexion, which we've been working on through the whole practice opening up the side body. If you are enjoying this and moving deeper, you can slide that bolster across your shin, and bring the forehead to the bolster. Let's see if you can find a little bit more length and space. And then while you're here in this beautiful moment of space, use the inhalations to help you cleanse and purify the mind. The exhales to move the physical, mental, emotional tension out of the body through the breath.

Give yourself 3 more breaths for lengthen out all four parts of the breath. The inhale, the pause, the exhale. And that short pause before you start all over again and see if you can really soften with each exhalation. When you are ready to come out of the posture, come out of it really slowly. Slowly come out and rise up. Move your bolster to the side.

You feel that right leg? Stretch that right leg out. Place the left ankle on top of the right knee. Easy figure 4 fingertips behind you, supporting you. Keep the left leg bent. Hold on to the left foot with the right hand.

Straighten the right leg, and we'll roll the hip over to the left and the back to center. Massaging the outer glute, giving us a little bit more space when we move into Janu by releasing some of these muscles that contract The hip is where we really feel that rotation, not at the knee. So we gotta release the hip to move deeper into our jawing practice. If you wanna place the foot in the hook of the elbow to find a little bit more depth in the posture, feel free. Your glutes are gonna be so happy after this. Keep the left leg bent.

Lower the foot right inside of the right leg. Grab onto your bolster, place it on top of the right thigh, make sure you have your block if you need for the hamstring. Lift the spine, take a soft rotation to your right, and then a soft fold. Are you in posture as we move really slowly We take our time with the movements. Let your breath move you deeper into the posture. With each inhale, the crown of the head moves towards the toes With each exhale, there's a really soft twist to your right and space for that left side body.

And the same thing, this is the great spot for you to rest and be. Feel free. If you need a little bit more, slide the bolster over your shin. Or wherever you can easily rest the forehead. Take your time here. And our end posture's time is on our side.

We wanna let go of the thinking and doing and the stories in our mind and find more space, just like we're finding space in the body. You start to find that space in the mind, inviting us into more peaceful waters, Another three breaths here. Enjoy all four parts of the breath. A nice lengthening with the inhale, a hold, and then a softening with your exhale, and a short pause before you start that all over again. And scan and make sure you're not holding on the jaw, the outer hip.

And when you come out of this posture, do it nice and slow. Slow release, rising up nice and slow. And check-in and notice how you're feeling now as we move into some, other variations of our yin, postures today. We'll place the, bolster right under the head And the left arm is gonna tee out to the side, like a wing or a little tree branch straight out from the shoulder, opening up your pec. And then your left ear is softening towards the bolster.

Relax it on the bolster. You can roll maybe the right foot steps behind you, kneecap to this guy. Just try to keep that palm pressing into the earth. And then the left, the right hand can stay here or you can push the earth away. Relax into it.

Enjoy the inhale here. The inhale is the breath that helps you find more space. So breathe into that resistance that you're feeling, the front of your chest. And then as you exhale, You might relax deeper into the pec stretch. A beautiful heart opener opens up the energy lines of the heart And it's really nice for our posture too, keeps the shoulders from rolling forward.

It really helps us correct the posture. Scan the body, see if you're holding into any area, see if you can soften into those areas where they're scripting. And as you move a little bit deeper into the breath, stretch the breath out, like you're stretching the pec muscle, the pec major, and the pec minor muscle. As you move out of the posture, move out, really slowly. Use your right hand to push down to help you lift and slowly unwind.

I have no feeling in my arm, and it feels good. Place the bolster underneath your torso, And we'll open the left leg into frog pose, line up the knee with a hip, and the left heel with the right knee. For most of us, this is all we need just to soften into releasing the front of the hip. We did a nice work on the back of the hip. For those of you that need a little bit more, you can come up to your elbows here.

And then if you remember our dedication and you're enjoying the front of your hip releasing with a soft back and bring the thumbs to the brow once again. As we dedicate our practice and our energies to something greater than self, It's actually redirecting us back to the concept of connecting with the whole source, god, whatever you wanna call it, whatever it feels right for you. We are able to move out of our story, and deeper into our heart. Keeping that left foot flexed. If you need to feel any more here, you can walk your elbows back. Lift a little higher through the front of your right hip.

Let's just keep the muscles in the face relaxed here. And we're gonna move into our last transition on this side really, really slowly. So place your left hand to the earth next to the bolster. As you roll softly to your right, Slide your bolster under the bent left leg. Take that right arm across and let your heads off into the earth so you get this port of the bolster, bring the left fingertips to the top of the left shoulder and with the eyes closed, intuitively move here and see what feels right for your shoulder.

We're exploring a little range of motion and a little massaging space for that shoulder. And the next time you open that shoulder, keep the elbow bent and cactus the arm and just let it be where it is right now. Letting your right ear soften towards the right shoulder. We release the trapezius on the left side. And each time you exhale, you can visualize yourself melting and opening a little bit more without force.

Let the breath help you move deeper into the posture. If you're enjoying this, you can start to turn the head towards the midline or even softly over to your left. Use the exhales to help you soften a little bit deeper. Enjoy that last full round of breath. And then just as slowly as you moved into the posture slowly move back out of the posture.

You can go ahead and grab your bolster, slide it forward, and we'll place it right under the right side of your head once again. Teeing the right arm this time. Keep moving slow and enjoy these slow transitions. So the right arm's out like a wing. Out to 3 o'clock, push into the earth with your left hand.

If you need more step, the left foot behind you, and then relax your head on the bolster. Sometimes your face tells the story of how your body is feeling if you can even relax the muscles in your face, your jaw, all the way down to the throat, you might even fall a little deeper into the year and let go of some held tension, it kind of sends a message to the rest of the body that it can relax as well. And we go back to those inhales, the inhales create the space through the pec major, pec minor that connect us to our shoulder. Invite the inhales to be a little fuller if that feels okay in this posture for you. And the exhales are just a softening expression.

You might notice with the exhales that that left knee starts to track a little bit more out to the left as you opened burn to the front of your right chest. And so wonderful to go back into the broth and slow down all the activity in the mind. Appreciate this time you're giving yourself. When you start to move out of the posture remember we're moving really slowly. And so select to slowly come on back to center.

You can grab the bolster with your left hand, slide it next to your torso, bring your palms on either side of the bolster. Lift up, place the, the bolster right underneath your torso. And then we'll take frog leg with the right leg, Flexing the foot, bending the knee. Softest experience just fully lying down less on the inner adductors, letting yourself really just hang out into a softer expression, Or if you're ready to move a little bit deeper, come up to your forearms for sphinxpose. Listen to the inner right thigh.

If you need more and you're not compromising the lower back come up to your elbows, you can bring the palms into prayer and the thumbs right back to the brow. This just feels like a nice spot to remember our dedication and I remember our offering. Remember the bean or beans that you're sending your well wishes and intention and compassion to. And then for those last couple of breaths, if you need more of a backbend, the farther you walk your elbows back, the more you'll feel and the front of your left hip. Just make sure you don't feel any compression in the lower back here.

If you're lifting up a little taller. This is actually a nice little restored of backbend from all the folding we did today. And then same thing. Each time we transition out of a posture, we move really slow. This is a sloth movement. So lower your left forearm to the floor.

Take a little roll to your left off of your bolster. Slide your bolster right underneath your bent right leg. Take the left arm across the mat. So the palms facing up. Let your left ear soften to the earth and bring the right fingertips to the top of your right shoulder for a little bit of exploration in that shoulder. Finding a little freedom with movements.

Not too much. Make it feel good. The next time you open the shoulder, keep the elbow bent, cactus the arm, Allow each exhale to help you move deeper into the posture. Think surrender opportunities to really let go of the working, let go of the doing. As you move deeper into relaxation, You're moving closer to a deeper layer of view, a deeper layer of south. Your true nature. Enjoy those last couple moments here.

Not only in the pasture, but in the crease create the place that you're creating in your mind and in your heart. This place you're moving deeper into in connection with you. And as you move back out of the posture, do it really, really slowly. Take your time. If you'd like to use the bolster for Shavasna, you are more than what them.

If you'd like to join me in a comfortable cross legged seat, we'll take a moment to check back in. And scan the body, notice the shifts, the changes Scan your mind. Notice the space that you created. Check back in with your heart. Remember the dedication that you offered and see if you can remain in the space of union connection, allow it all to integrate and to the rest of your day.

Thank you for sharing your good energy with me today. Poems into prayer. Maybe share the peace and love in our hearts with everyone that we meet. And once again, as you place your palms to the earth in front of you, send out that dedication to that energetic web that connects us all. To roll up to a tall spine, thank yourself.

For putting the time into your practice. Thank you for joining me.


Christel B
3 people like this.
What a lovely sequenced class from yang to yin; a bit of everything for the hips and spirit. Feeling peaceful and settled at the end.
1 person likes this.
Hi Christel B So great to reconnect and happy you are enjoying the Hip Hip Hoorah!
Jenny S
3 people like this.
Wow!  What a journey we’ve been on 💥 this was amazing - I’m feeling transformed in body, mind, and spirit ☄️✨ Thank you so much Wade 🙏🏻❤️
David G-
2 people like this.
Master class Wade. Love that palm side-body stretch. That was new. Definitely feel yin-tastic after the warm-down. 
Elizabeth M
1 person likes this.
Thank you for this class, Wade . The old school glute massage helps loosen the muscles in my hips so much, as a person who sits a lot, and especially after taking a run or a bike ride. I make space to get down onto the floor just to do them. Sweet relief! thank you! 🙏 
Lina S
2 people like this.
A slow practice with profound effects. I feel calmer, revitalized. I've enjoyed the variations of well-know postures. Namaste!
Lina S I'm so glad you are feeling the new variations - they always spice things up that we know well!
hahahha David G- YES to that one!
1 person likes this.
Always great to hear from you Elizabeth M love keeping the connection alive!
Kelly K
2 people like this.
thank you so much for this brilliant practice! I loved it :)
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