Enliven Your Senses: A 7-Day Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 8

Day 7: Journey Through the Senses

30 min - Practice


On our final day of our challenge, Sarah leads a full body moving meditation that will enliven all of our senses. We move through Sun Salutes and familiar standing poses on our way to Crow Pose, before a closing mindfulness practice. You will feel fresh, energized, and balanced.
What You'll Need: Mat


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Welcome, and welcome to our final day together in this challenge. I hope you're feeling really good. Physically, emotionally, in the heart space and that you're able to kind of tune into the senses in a way that feels really nourishing for you both in your practice and off your mat, in your life, in your day. Maybe you're seeing things a little brighter. Tasting things a little slower, hearing the myriad of sounds around you, and really just feeling, a sense of of wellness and and happiness. It's been such a pleasure to be on this journey with you, and I'm really looking forward to this final practice as we'll start to call in all of the senses. So the physical senses, the intuition.

We'll move for a little bit, and then we'll end with a mindfulness practice that really will hopefully enliven those senses for you today. And thank you again. So let's start, seated. You can meet me there. And as you find your seat, just taking a moment to drop in, to arrive, If it would feel good to close your eyes, maybe you start to let the eyes soften and close shifting the gaze internally. Noticing your breath Just what you're showing up to your practice with today.

Meeting yourself there. Starting from that place. Just gently scan through your body from the tips of the toes all the way up through the crown of the head. Any sensations that may be appearing for you Any areas of obvious tension that you might let go of? And perhaps setting an intention for this final day together, What would you like to call in, or perhaps a release?

Let's move in the way that love makes us move. So starting to open the eyes, find some circles with spine, soofy rolls, linking breath to movement, the inhale can bring you forward. The exhale might bring you back. I'm just making these circles as big or as small as it feels good for you. Can linger anywhere.

It feels good to linger throughout this practice as we move. I'm just the invitation to move in a way that feels really good. And, again, how does love make you move? How does joy make you move Moving that way. Let's start to let the circles become a little bit smaller coming back toward your center. I think the energy start to settle for a moment as you come to center. Good. And then let's meet and downward facing dog.

So just coming through that tabletop for a moment, pressing the hands down, tucking the toes, lifting hips up and back. And just start to move around in your downward facing dog, maybe pedaling it out. Maybe swaying your hips side to side. You shaking head yes and no a few times. Laying your sitting bones or reach up toward the ceiling.

Let the spine be nice and long. Beautiful. And then slowly come to a forward fold at the front of the mat walking the feet up toward your hands so you could step separate the feet about hips width, softening your knees, let the torso drape down, maybe hold up as elbows, letting the crown of the head melt down. Couple of full deep breaths. Beautiful. And then slowly roll your way up. To stand. You roll out your shoulders at the top a few times in one direction and then the other direction.

Good. And then drawing hands together at the heart. Let's move into Surian namaskar a move through a few rounds of sun salutations starting to warm the body from the inside out, inhale, arms sweep up gaze up, exhale, long spine soft in the knees, forward fold, uttanasana. Inhale to lift halfway length and through the spine. And then as you exhale plant your palms, step back to plank pose, top of a push out.

But from here, we'll shift the weight forward, bend the elbows come halfway or all the way down. Maybe cobra to start as you hug the elbows in, just gently peel the chest up, spine nice and long, And as you exhale pressing back downward facing dog, allowing a few full deep breaths here, breathing in, breathing out. Again, maybe you start to focus your gaze, your drishti, giving the mind something to focus on, feel the breath moving in and out through the nostrils, sound of the breath, feel the sensation of the breath. Rise up onto toes, bend knees look forward step or lightly float front of the mat on an inhale lift halfway and lengthen through the spine. As you exhale soften and fold.

Gotta root down to rise. Arms sweep out and up. Exhale, hands together in front of the heart. Good. Let's take a couple more rounds. Serena Muscar, a inhale, arms lift, a's lifts, heart lifts.

Exhale forward fold, inhale lengthen come halfway up, Hexhale, move through your Vinyasa, step or lightly, float back as you move through Chaturanga. Inhale, cobra, or upward facing dog, exhale meeting back, endowered facing dog, allowing a few full deep breaths. Breathing in. Stay for the exhale. On your next breath in rise up onto toes, knees, bend, look forward, step, or float, front of the mat. Inhale lift halfway, lengthen, exhale soften and fold, root down to rise, arms sweep up.

Exhale hands together in front of the heart. 1 more round, Syria, a, inhale, arms lift, letting our breath, guide the movement in this moving meditation exhale forward fold, inhale lift halfway lengthen, Exhale plant palms, step her lightly, float back Chaturanga, inhale cobra or updog. And exhale downward facing dog. Good. Floating. The right leg up and back three leg dog, exhale step the right foot through between your hands, you're welcome to stay on the ball of the back foot or spin the back heel down Ria Bedrasana 1 inhale arms sweep up. Maybe gaze up.

Good. Exhale. Hands down. Step back. Vinyasa, Chaturanga, exhale, inhale cobra or updog. Exhale landing in down dog, sweeping the left leg up inhale. Left leg lifts, 3 leg dog.

Exhale step through crescent or warrior 1. Just one breath as you come up, arm sweep up gaze lifts, exhale, step back, plank, chaturanga, in Hell COBRA or upward facing dog landing in downward facing dog. Rise up onto toes, knees, bend, look forward, step or float front of the mat on an inhale lift halfway, lengthen. Exhale release and fold. Chair, utkatasana, bend the knees deeply, arms sweep up. Long spine.

And then pressing through the soles of the feet, through the heels, straightening the legs, heart lifts, hands to heart. And we'll move through a few rounds of Syrian Amaskar B. As you're ready, Uts Katasana chair pose, arm sweep up. Let the breath guide you exhale fold. In how lengthened halfway, exhale plant palm, step her lightly float back chaturanga inhale cobra or updog. Exhale down dog.

Inhale sweep the right leg up. Exhale step through. Warrior 1. Inhale. Exhale, step back, Chaturanga, inhale cobra, or updog. Exhale downward facing dog, left leg, inhale, left leg lifts, exhale step through, Inhale warrior 1.

Exhale step back. Chaturanga. In how cobra or updog, exhale landing in down dog, allowing a few full rounds of breath. As always, you're welcome to lower knees. You could take child's pose, cat cow, or maybe you're holding.

Downward facing dog, focusing the gaze, honing your senses inward as we start to focus on that third eye. Seat of the intuition that inner listening. Good. As you're ready, inhale rise up onto toes, knee bend look forward. Step or float front of the mat. Inhale lift halfway.

Exhale fold. Knees, bend. Arms sweep up. And then straightening through the legs, feel the lift in the upper back. Hands to heart one more round together in health chair. Exhale forward fold, inhale lift halfway, exhale step or lightly float back, chaturanga, Moving through it inhale cobra or up dog.

Exhale down dog. Right. Leg lifts. Inhale. Excel step through. Cressen our warrior 1, Inhale brings us up. Exhale brings us right into Chaturanga, inhale cobra or updog, exhale down dog, left side, inhale left leg lifts, Exhale step through.

And how warrior 1 or crescent? And exhale step it through. Chaturanga, inhale cobra, or updog. Exhale downward facing dog. Take a moment lower than knees.

Let the hips sink back. 3rd eye to the earth child's pose. Notice where that movement lands. Find your breath. Feel the earth beneath you.

Hear the sounds around you. Notice what you might smell or taste. All these ways that we can allow the senses to bring us deeper inward inward. And also the way that they can allow us to be really present to the moment as it's occurring. Good. Take your time.

Come back to downward facing dog. Walker hop front of the mat. Inhale lift halfway, lengths in exhale fold. One more chair, bend the knees, uts katasana arms sweep up, straighten through the legs, feel the lift, and the heart space, maybe gaze up, maybe lean back a little bit, and draw your hands to your heart. Let's step open to face the side of the mat so you can step your right foot back, face the long edge of your mat.

And then we'll turn the right toes out Left toes can be parallel. Left foot can be parallel. And then we'll start to bend through the right knee for warrior 2. So taking a moment to sink into your legs, take a gaze over the right fingertips, soften your shoulders. And letting that right knee track over the second and third toe.

Just praise. Breathe and feel into the earth beneath you. And then taking the right elbow to the top of the right thigh, reach the left arm up and over your ear, extended side angle. Couple breaths. Feel the length from left fingertips all the way back to left heel.

Find spaciousness between the breath and your spine. Gonna let your next inhale bring you up warrior 2, straighten the front leg parallel feet, and then turn the left toes to face the front of the mat sink into warrior 2 left side. Gazing over the left fingertips. Breathing, softening. So a couple breaths.

And as you're ready, left elbow, left thigh, right arm up and over your ear, Feel the length from fingertips all the way to the right heel. You might gaze up being deliberate with your gazing point and then fill the shape with breath. Beautiful. Softly come back up. Warrior 2 straighten your front leg parallel feet.

Drawing hands to hips, you can start to draw the elbows back, feel the lift in the heart space, and then keeping that length with the spine, prasarita. I'm just gonna let my hands find the earth, You might find your ankles. You might bring peace fingers to big toes. Just taking a moment to let it all melt down. Keep engaging through the quadriceps to lift up on the kneecaps.

And breathe. Beautiful. And then walking your hands forward. Under the shoulders, inhale to lengthen come halfway up, and then you can draw your hands to your hips with a long spine. Come up to stand, turn your right toes to the back of the mat. Arms open wide. And you might shorten the stance a little bit as we set up for a triangle pose keep the length in the right side body, right hand below the knee, left arm lifts, maybe gaze up to left fingertips, and breathe.

I mean, just finding that engagement through the right quadriceps, lift up on the kneecaps, and then expand, take up space, spaciousness. Rute down to rise, come up to stand, turn the right toes in, left toes out toward the front of the mat. Arms open wide. Inging at the hips, keep the length in the left side body, left hand below the knee, right arm lifts up. Maybe gazing towards your fingertips, find your breath.

Beautiful as you're ready. Route down to rise up. You can parallel the feet. One more time, maybe hands behind the back find interlace, draw shoulders away from the ears, heartless. Exhale any variation of prasarita wide leg forward fold with the crown of the head meltdown. Breathe.

Let something go. Lovely. And then releasing hands to the earth. This time, we'll come halfway up. Hands under the shoulders, lengthen, and then walk to face the front of the mat for a runner's lunge, we'll step the left foot back to downward facing dog. Good allowing a big full breath in.

Long breath out. Pick up the hands, walk them back to the feet. And then step your feet as wide as your mat toes out, heels in, sink the hips down for melasana yoga squat. Get a little deeper into the hips. Maybe draw your hands to heart center.

You could take your hands to the 3rd eye. Maybe close your eyes. Rest in the spaciousness, stillness, noticing through all of that lands notice what you notice. Watching Lowing. What would it mean to bring the attention to the right here right now to be here now?

Knowing that no other moment truly exists. Forward fold as you're ready fingertips to the earth parallel feet. Either stay here in forward fold. If you wanna play with a little arm balance, you can bring big toes and heels together, knees wide, squat down for a moment, bring the hands to the earth setting up for Bakasana Crow posing. You never even have to leave the earth. If that's not in your practice today, no worries. Just give that option.

You can let the knees find the upper arms gaze forward round a bit through the spine. Really, finding that drishti, that point in front of you. Welcome to put a cushion under your face. Otherwise, you might lift up one foot, both feet, find your balance. And it will meet back in that forward fold, stepping feet down to the earth, letting everything just melt down. Go.

Walk your hands forward. Come all the way to plank pose, top of a push up, take a moment to land. We'll lower all the way to the belly. Reach arms back actively. Maybe find that interlace one hard opener here peel up shalabasana active through the legs if they're lifted.

Spread the toes. Find length as you lift. Big breath in and release long breath out, press back to child's pose. Let the hips sink to the heels. One more time here. Breathe. Feel the support.

Notice. Lovely. And as you're ready, roll up, we'll take the weight off to one side. Come on to our back, and then roll back, hug your knees into your chest. Rock a little side to side, maybe take your knees in circles, massage through lower back, Good. And then letting the soles of the feet find the earth. Let's do a hip opener here crossing the right ankle on top of the left knee. Find that figure for shape can draw the shape in toward you.

If there's another hip opener that you'd prefer, feel free to honor that single or double pigeon. I was allowing a few cleansing breaths, breathing in through the nose. Maybe out through the mouth, letting out an audible sigh. Breathing in through the nose, feeling the air, through the nostrils, maybe a sound of the exhale releasing that side, souls of the feet to the earth crossing left ankle on top of the right, start to draw that shape in towards you. Thread the needle.

Let your shoulders soften. Couple cleansing breaths. Allowing a big full breath in. Let something go. Breathing in.

Exhale. Release. Release the shape. What step your feet as wide as your mat? Let your knees knock into touch.

Maybe rest your hands on the low belly. I'm just taking a moment to land and constructive rest to bring that attention and the physical body scanning through the toes, all the way up through the crowns. Along the way, noticing any sensations that arise. Allow yourself to feel held supported knowing that in this moment, all is well. I'm gonna reach your arms up over your ears.

Drop both knees to the right. On the left, and then maybe side to side a few times. And as we start to move into this, final mindfulness, present moment awareness practice. Feel free to lay down. You could stretch your legs long and take Shabasana.

You might choose to roll up to seated and meet me there. Just take your time to get cozy, comfortable might grab props and just take a moment to arrive. If it feels safe for you where you are to close your eyes, and take a moment to soften and close your eyes. Allowing the breath to move through you and with you and for you. Start by noticing 5 things that you can see.

And that might be with the eyes open, or you may bring them to your mind's eye with the eyes closed. So seeing with the eyes, any textures, shapes, colors, What are five things that you can see right here right now? So you notice what you see. Notice if that brings in a certain sensation or feeling or emotion. Without attachment, just become aware.

Allowing a big full breath in, releasing the sense sight as you start to bring the attention to sounds around you. Eyes open or closed. Always find it a little easier to listen when my eyes are closed. It might feel differently. But 4 things 4 things that you can hear right now.

Could be in the space around you, could be outside, of a heater, a bird, and the distance. For things that you're able to hear in this moment. Noticing the sound of the breath. This link between the external and the internal space. 3 touches.

Touches. What can you feel? What are you touching right now? What is your skin making contact with? Your clothing, the earth beneath you. So calling in that sense of touch. What can you feel?

Maybe it's your hands resting on your knees, your sitting bones, on the earth, Maybe it's more subtle in body. Heartbeat. Lowing a big full breath in. She feel the breath moving in. Feel the breath.

Moving out. 2 smells. The smell and the space around you? Maybe it's outside the trees. Freshly cut lawn. Maybe it's an imagined smell of your favorite pie in the oven.

Noticing what that brings in, sensations, feelings, feel the breath in the nostrils as you breathe in, taking in, taking in any smells, releasing. And finally, one thing that you can taste. Just holding that with you as you bring the attention to the seat of your intuition, listening, seeing, hearing inward. What comes up for you as we take these final moments to just observe. Or if you are, you can gently blink the eyes open.

Stay here as long as you like. Otherwise, just let me take this moment to thank you for joining me for this 7 day challenge. It's been a beautiful place to offer these teachings also to be very much a student in in this work, in livening our senses together. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Wishing you a beautiful rest of your day, your journey, namaste.


Carol W
3 people like this.
This was an excellent challenge to open all our channels to our senses. Thank you, Sarah!
Jenny S
3 people like this.
Thank YOU Sarah, for this challenge for the senses, that to me felt like a special gift or treat to look forward to each day ❤️ love, love, love to you and YA 🙏🏻✨
M Angela C
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Thank you Sarah  for sharing these practices and for the additional teachings  you  provided throughout the 7 day journey.  I  am certain to return to this challenge especially when  I find myself ‘speeding through life.”   This challenge was certainly the gift that keeps on giving. Many thanks 🙏.
Sarah Beston
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I am so happy to hear that, Carol W! I had a lot of fun creating these sequences and it was fresh off of a retreat with one of my dear teachers, David Whyte, so I was feeling really inspired. Thank you for practicing with me.
Sarah Beston
I am so happy to share this challenge with you, Jenny S! You've inspired me to tune back in and revisit some of these practices. I am so grateful to be part of this community with you. Much love, Sarah
Sarah Beston
Thank you so much for sharing your experience of the challenge, M Angela C! It was so fun to pull these practices together and I am happy that we get to share them together here on yoga anytime! Warmly, Sarah
Catherine A
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Loved the focus of each day of the challenge, Sarah! The pace was just perfect and put a stop to me simply flitting  blithely from pose to pose 😃! Look forward to joining you again soon and I will happily revisit these classes meantime..... 💖 
Charlotte M
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So beautiful and just perfect timing for me. I feel so connected and open,, thank you SO much!
Francesca Venturini
Dear Sarah, being a teacher like you I treasure the moment I can step on the mat and became one of your student. For me it's a Gift I honor every time I can. Thank you so much Sarah!!
Christel B
Thank you for offering these seven days of flow.  As always , I enjoyed participating in a series led by you. You have a gentle style and always offer us alternatives to meet us where we will find success in the asana. Much love, Christel
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