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Season 1 - Episode 26

Playful Heart Energy

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Travel, get outside, enjoy your pets, have yourself a dance party, resist comparing yourself to others, and be kind to yourself. This is Wade's recommendation for feeling better and finding a playful heart energy with which to move about the world.
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Dec 08, 2023
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When I wanna feel better, I get outside. I usually take the dog with me. We go for a nice long run. I live really close to the lake So if it's summertime, we jump into the water, we swim together. She takes me out of that mindset of busyness and into this playfulness into this heart energy that I love so much. My love of travel started really early on when I moved to Japan as ten year old.

I found this whole new world of language and adventure and food and I was addicted. If I don't travel at least a couple times a year, I feel like I'm missing out on life's adventures. We see a lot out in the world and we compare ourselves a lot and come back and be kind to yourself. And physically move some energy out. Get up and have a little dance party.

Go go outside and play. Go do that a little bit. Create space for yourself with a little bit of kindness.


Kate M
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This created a big smile! Love, love!!
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Yes Wade! Get out in nature-Sun, trees, and water-nothing better! And travel, I so agree! Pura vida!
Christel B
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Great to see you back on YogaAnytime.  Ah yes, travel and the out of doors.
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Christel B great to reconnect!!!
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Marlo you know that life well too!! big hug!
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Kate M so nice to reconnect with you in the forum!!

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