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Season 2 - Episode 9

Moksha: Inspired and Free

30 min - Practice


For your moksha reflection class, Ali offers a Yoga Nidra practice to lead us to a wider perspective and the feeling that anything is possible. Find yourself comfortable lying on your back for a "rotation of consciousness" through a body scan. You will feel light, rested, and filled with possibility.
What You'll Need: Square Bolster, Blanket (2), Block (2)

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Namaste. Welcome to practice. This will be our Moxtra reflection practice. Moksha, the word Moksha means freedom or liberation. The other purushartas, the other 3 purushartas a bit more earthbound.

We had our dharma practice, which is our purpose in the world and our art, the practice, which is how we utilize, work in this world. And then our comma practice, which was pleasure, and now we've come to Moxtra which is a bit more connected to spirit. So I thought we'd go on a little journey together with a yoga need your practice. Hope you enjoy. You'll come off any seat.

You'll need two blocks, two blankets, and a bolster for this one. And you can set yourself up in a really good Shavasana. So here's what I'm offering. And if you have a Shavasana set up that you prefer, then you'll take that. But for today, I'm thinking Two Blocks on the lowest widest setting right up against each other end to end, and that's about a foot or so from the front of your space, maybe 20 centimeters.

You'll take your bolster and place it right over the top of the blocks at a forty five degree angle. You can take one blanket and fold it non fringe to non fringe. So it looks like this and use that as a pillow for your head. So that'll go towards the back of your space. And your second blanket.

Keep it close by so that you can cover yourself up. To come into this one, this can slide right up close to your bolster and swing your legs over. And the bolster should fill up and support the backs of the knees. And then I'm lowering myself down, and the blanket goes behind the head and the neck to fill up the cervical curve of the neck. Of the shoulders are brushing up right against the bottom of the blanket.

My second blanket, I can place over my pelvis for a little bit of extra weight and heat. And then you might start with one just big full breath in. Opening your mouth to breathe it out and let yourself get subtle here. Arms can be at a forty five degree angle out from the body with the palms turned up. And if you find when you do that, it's it's tough to get the backs of the hands on the ground.

Sometimes it's helpful to take the arms just slightly further away from the body as long as they're below the line of your shoulders. Right? You want them below your heart. It's more pacifying for your nervous system. So before we even begin to move into our new job, Just give yourself a moment to land here. Start to let the body become a bit heavier.

Almost sensation of leaving it behind, like, let it dropped down into the ground. Allow the muscles to go slack and the bones to grow heavy. And see if you can sense. A bit of blurring. By that, I mean, that the periphery of the body is not quite so crisp and distinct.

From either the air around it. Or the ground below it. Allow yourself to be a bit more amorphous here. See if you can allow the front body to fall back towards the back body. The back body can widen and spread.

Almost pulling around around you. We don't really think about it, and yet all day long, We're resisting gravity. We're holding ourselves upright. Right now, there's nothing to hold up. Right now, there's nothing to resist.

Right now, you can let it all drop. And then we'll bring in our Sun Kolpa. The words uncalpa is often translated as a sacred vow. Might be a simple statement Like, I am free. I am connected to spirit.

All is unfolding as it should. Find what comes through in a real way Search for it if necessary. So that it feels like you It sounds like you, and it is you. In this moment, it is you. Repeat it silently to yourself three times.

Let that settle into yourselves. And we'll begin our rotation of consciousness. Bring your awareness to your right thumb. Next finger, middle finger, ring finger, finky finger, the palm of the hand. The back of the hand.

Your entire right hand. Your entire right hand. You're right wrist, right forearm. Right elbow. Right bicep.

Right, tricep, your entire right arm. Your entire right arm. Your left thumb. Index finger, middle finger, ring finger. Thank you, finger.

The palm of the hand, the back of the hand, your entire left hand, your entire left hand. Your left wrist, left forearm, left elbow, Left bicep. Left tricep. Your entire left arm. Your entire left arm.

You're right. Big toe. 2nd toe. 3rd toe, 4th toe. 5th, the sole of the foot, the top of the foot, the entire right foot. The entire right foot.

Your right ankle. You're right calf. You're right, shin. You're right, me. You're right hamstring.

You're right quadricep. Your entire right leg. You're entire, right, leg. You're left big toe. Second toe.

3rd toe. 4th toe. 5th to the soul of the foot. Top of the foot, the entire left foot. The entire left foot.

The left ankle. Left calf, left shin. Left knee. Left hamstring. Left quadrice up, your entire left leg.

Your entire left leg, your pelvis, your right buttock. Your left buttock. Your naval, the back of your waist. Your right ribs, your left ribs, your right breast. Your left breast.

Your right shoulder blade. Your left shoulder blade. Your right shoulder. Your left shoulder. Your entire torso.

Your entire torso. The front of your neck, the back of your neck. The right side of your neck, the left side of your neck. Your entire neck. Your entire neck.

Your chin. Your right cheek. Your left cheek, your bottom lip, your top lip, your bottom teeth, your top teeth, the root of the tongue, the tip of the tongue. Your entire mouth your entire mouth. The tip of your nose the bridge of your nose.

You're right, nostril. Your left nostril. Your entire nose. Your entire nose. Your right eye You're right eyelashes.

You're right eyebrow. Your left eye, your left eyelashes, your left eyebrow, your forehead, your right temple. Your left temple. Your right ear. Your left ear.

The crown of your head, the back of your head, your entire head. Your entire head. Your entire upper body. Your entire lower body. Your entire body.

Your entire body. Your entire body. Allow the rotation of consciousness. To land fully. And then leave your body behind.

See if you can come to a place. While you're hovering just above it. You might even look down and see the outline. Of your limbs, your skull, and your feet. See it resting there.

Trace its outline. Lovingly. Softly. Notice the curves. The bumps and indentations.

Your body at rest, your consciousness, light, and free and liberated. Give yourself one more loving glance. Your body resting there so peacefully. And choose to step back into it. Choose to inhabit.

Choose to manifest. Spirit and body coming back together. Yoking together. Joining together. No separation.

So that we become, Liberated beings. Still in human form. Bring your syncope back into the forefront of your mind. I'm free. I am liberated.

I am connected to spirit. Again, let it come through in a real way. Repeat it three times to yourself. Let it infiltrate yourselves. Especially your mind.

That's what yoga does for us. It gives us this wider perspective perhaps. What seemed impossible becomes possible. When we use the tools to set ourselves free. And now gather your body back up.

Tidy up its edges. Allow its outline to come back together. Bring the back body. Move it up towards the front body. Removing some of the density and the gravitational pull.

Take ownership of your body again. And make some little movements with your fingers and with your toes. Perhaps rolling out the ankles or the wrists. Or gently nodding the head from side to side. Stepping one foot and then the other onto your bolster.

Rolling over onto your right side. Pressing into your hands and come on up to sit. Find your seat and give yourself just a couple more breaths and stillness and silence. Allow any feelings of urgency. For what comes after just to melt away.

And we'll seal in our practice and our Sunculpa with a protective breath. So try this. Breathe up your back. Over the crown of your head and down your front. Circle the breath underneath you and again, breathe up your back over the crown of your head. And down your front.

And one more time, circle the breath underneath you and breathe up your back over the crown of your head and down your front. Like, you're zipping up a cloak of protection. Feel that all around you. And as you're ready, blink your eyes open. Take your hands back into Angeli Mudra. And we'll chant the sound of home just wants to close breathing in.

Thank you for sharing your practice, Namaste.


Jenny S
1 person likes this.
Oh how I love the transformative powers of Yoga Nidra…being awake and yet feeling so completely at rest, the sound of your voice so anchoring and the cares of the world completely forgotten.  Thank you for this gift Ali 🙏🏻❤️
Sarah Beston
1 person likes this.
I love this, Ali. I plan to revisit again and again. Thank you for sharing your gift.
Ali Cramer
Sarah Beston thank YOU for co-creating with me! Deep Pranams...
Lorraine Marek
This class was perfect after a hectic day thanks
Ali Cramer
Lorraine Marek thank you so much! Namaste. ❤️🙏🏽

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