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Season 1 - Episode 20

Beach Therapy is the Best Therapy

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Justin is a happy person. So when he starts to feel cranky the first thing he does is to jump on his bike and whip out a couple dozen miles along the beach. He will also reach for his yoga mat or hop on his Pilates reformer to rediscover his joy.
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Nov 10, 2023
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I know when I need to do something to feel better when I feel stagnant or stuck and heavy. Because normally I'm a I'm a joyful, happy person, very positive person. So when my mind starts to spiral into the negative, that's when I have to do something different and shake it up. My usual go tos to feel better. First thing I'd like to do if the weather is nice is I get on my bike. The minute I get on my bike, I usually try to go about 25 miles all along the beach, and it is the best therapy. It might be getting on the reformer, it might be getting on my yoga mats, or just simply taking a walk on the beach.

I'm really lucky to live right by the water.


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