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Season 1 - Episode 16

Ali's Feel-Better Prescription

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If you need to feel better, start by drinking a glass of water - that's Ali's advice. Her dog, Marty, provides endless love, music connect her to others and gets her dancing, and silence offers a moment to tap into "the hum".
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Oct 13, 2023
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No. I do off my mat when I need to feel better right away. First thing as silly as it sounds is drink a glass of water Other times, I would say, go to my puppy. Meridian is my 12 pound toy Australian Shepherd. I go and I empty the garbage and I come back, and he is thrilled to see me. So that's the kind of love that you want. Music to me is as essential as breathing.

It's still something that can change my mood when I feel like I need to change my mood. It's a way that I bond with people it gets me dancing, and that's always a good thing. It brings me to my mat. And then there are times where I deliberately need silence as well, just to kind of tap into the, I guess you could say. The sometimes it's just about looking up and prayer comes.


Christel B
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Thank you for this little insight into your life.
Sarah Beston
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Beautiful, Ali. Love that our dancing made it in! 😂
Ali Cramer
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Sarah Beston me tooooooo!!! oxxo
Glenford N
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I loved it when you looked up, Ali. It felt like you were being showered with goodness, life and blessings.

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