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Season 1 - Episode 24

A Sense of Now

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Ashley's pup, Auggie, helps her find an amazing state of mind, and get back to herself. Travel, seeing and experiencing new things, anchors her into the present moment, which brings a sense of now, a sense of yoga.
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Dec 01, 2023
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The first thing that comes to mind when I think about feeling better is my dog, just the sweetest little fluffy, love bug in the whole wide world. Augie's favorite activity is definitely playing with the ball at the park. And then walks. Like, anytime a walk is involved, he's super excited about it. I love it because it, you know, gets me out my space and gets me into nature, which always brings me back to me. The thing that I enjoy most about traveling is the way that it forces you so fully into the present moment. It really is yoga, you know, in our day to day life, We get into the routine of what we're doing, and we sometimes go a little bit on autopilot.

We miss so much of the world around us. But when you're in a new place, you you have to. You have to pay attention to your surroundings in a different way, and you're getting to see things new, and it really does bring a sense of now, a sense of yoga.


Jenny S
Welcome To Yoga Anytime Ashley!  It's always so nice to meet the beautiful souls that come here to teach on this platform...and your DOG!  What a cutie Pie! ❤️
Ashley R
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Jenny S thank you for the warm welcome! I passed along your compliment to my pup and he did a little dance😂🐶 I’m so happy to be here❤️

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