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Lydia welcomes us to Everyday Somatic Yoga. This season, we bookend each class with somatic movement explorations, and flow through familiar Yoga poses to integrate our newfound tools. Each practice focuses on a different part of the body, and is designed to help you find more mobility and ease in that region. You will feel strong, curious, and playful as you learn how to move your body with more grace, control, and confidence.
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Every day, we have an opportunity to land where we are and locate our awareness in the moment. I'm Lydia Zam Moreno, and this is every day somatic yoga. In each practice, we'll book and with somatic work, which I learned from my teacher, Megan McCarthy. In the middle of the practice, we'll use yoga as a place to integrate our new found tools. Somatics are based on neuromuscular retraining or neuromuscular connection.

So if there are areas within that we move in habitual ways or get underused, the good news is that these practices can wake them up and get them more online. Thank you for being here. Let's begin.


Jenny S
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Somatics!  Im so excited for this season Lydia!👏👏👏
Lydia Zamorano
Jenny S Happy! 

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