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Season 1 - Episode 3


30 min - Practice


Join Linda Baffa in movement focused on clearing and shifting your energy, represented through the symbolism of the circle. This practice embodies the principle that "the only way out is through", encouraging you to embrace the process of transformation. Throughout the session, you'll be guided to show gratitude for your body, cultivating a deeper sense of appreciation and love for yourself.

While this class is a part of Linda Baffa's Focused and Clear: A 7-Day Yoga Challenge, it can also be taken outside of the challenge at any time.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Hey, friends. Welcome back. Welcome to day 2. We're gonna get started just like we did before on the back. Hug your knees into your chest.

And, again, just self love here thank this body for being your vessel. Thank yourself for showing up. Maybe a little rock side to side. Free up your neck, your hodge, your face, And then you might wanna add in some circles here. So you could just grab your knees with your hands and start to circle the knees.

And then go the other direction. Good. And then bring the feet to the earth and let the outer edges of the feet come together and the knees open up into butterfly supta baddha konasana. Put one hand on your belly and one hand on your heart. Coming back to that connection that we felt in our first practice, come into your breath.

And just really honoring and recognizing this time for you. Today's practice is about clearing shifting. And one way that we can help shift is feeling circular patterns. It's a way of stirring things up and continuously letting things move through us. Right?

One of my favorite quotes, the only way out is through. And this life, we get to live all of our ups and downs, Just sort of letting them be there and letting ourselves ride the waves, the continuous circular pattern. Right. So go ahead and exhale. All the air out of your lungs here.

And then inhale deeply up the front of the body, up the belly, up the chest, all the way to that top hand. And then exhale down the back of the body, down the back ribs, down into the lower back. And then again, inhaling up the front of the body all the way into the heart space and then down the back of the body, hail. So you're visualizing the breath like a circle and a continuous circle that just continues to flow in between each inhalation. Andy Jexhalation.

One more. Good. Let's put the feet on the earth. Gather the knees back up. Take your arms right alongside your body. Wiggle the shoulders away from your ears and on your inhale, let's lift the hips for bridge pose and just feel out this first bridge strengthening the backside of the body, opening the front.

Good. Ground down into the soles of the feet and ground down into your arms. Inhale here. As you exhale, go ahead and slowly lower all the way back down. And then as you inhale, you're gonna lift the hips back up. And visualize that circular breath as you exhale lower back down the body. So it's like a wave.

Inhale as you lift back up. Opening the front of the body. Exhale as you slowly lower down. Good. Let's do about 3 more. If you want, you can waive your arms up as you lift the chest all the way up and over the head.

And then as you lower, you're just gonna softly bring the arms back down. Right? Couple more. And the next time you come down, just go ahead and hug both knees into toss and either rock yourself up or roll to the side, and let's come on to the hands and the knees. We're gonna play with that circular pattern here.

Go ahead and widen your knees a little further apart than hip distance. And then circle the hips over to the right back towards your heels over to the left and then come forward a little and then do it again over the right. Back towards the heels over to the left. Good. One more like that. Just turning the energy, circling it around.

It's like you're stirring up a big pot of soup, mixing all the ingredients. Good. Let's go the other direction. The circles might get a little bigger. Maybe you come all the way back towards child's pose and maybe even taking a little bit of a high COBRA. Keep the lower belly engaged.

Keep the palms rooting. Good. Feel yourself unwind. And then we'll come to a little more of a neutral tabletop, bring the knees back in about hip distance, the wrists under the shoulders, and we'll start to move the ribs now So rib circle over the right up and over to the left. It's like you're a big cement truck here. It's the only analogy I can think of circling the ribs, get into the side body, get into all the little nooks and crannies, Let's go the other direction.

Make it your It doesn't have to look a certain way. It's more about the feeling inside of you. Good. And then moving into the neck. One more little circle here. Just rolling the head down and to the side and up.

And maybe get your mouth involved too, your jaw, and your neck are really connected. You can make some weird. Faces. Go the other direction. Sometimes the ribs and hips wanna get involved too, and that's okay. You can sort of blend it all together. Good. And then we'll just roll ourselves into a first down dog. Tuck the toes, lift the hips, press the hips up and back.

Good. And then any little movements here. So shifting and clearing is about exploring. It's about what needs to shift. Right? So you can think of yourself like an archaeologist today going into a deep dark cave and just getting your flashlight out.

What's there? Be curious. Maybe a little fearful. There could be a bear, but there could be some diamonds too. Who knows? Who knows what we're gonna find?

Let's pause in downward dog. Take a big inhale through the nose. Big exhale out the mouth. Good. And then shift forward. Sign plank pose, high push up position.

Maybe lower the knees here, especially if the arms are getting a little tired, give yourself some support, take 3 broths. And even in a whole, like, plank, you can feel little movements. Right? You could feel maybe a little shift forward and back, maybe a little buoyancy in the hips, up and down. And then let's all lower to the belly. So gentle, slow lower. Tops of the feet down, the hands are gonna come off your mat, hide your fingertips, elbows point up, inhale, lift your heart into a wide cobra.

Exhale as you gently lower down. Inhale as you softly peel the chest up. Exhale as you lower down. Good. This one, we're gonna come up and hold it and dip the shoulders right and left. So left shoulder goes to the right upper corner of the mat.

Right shoulder goes to the left upper corner of the mat. And just rock it outside to side. This is probably one of my all time favorite moves here, getting into the stress muscles, the shoulder heads that often get very locked up in a rounded shape. Open them up. 2 more. Maybe getting the shoulder head all the way down towards the floor here. Good. And then lower all the way down, hands back by your ribs.

You can push to plank or hands and knees here. And then let's go back to downward dog. Take a big inhale through the nose, hold it in, hold it in, and then a big side. Let it go. Let it go. Alright. Walk your hands back to the toes.

Take a halfway lift on your inhale, flat back, exhale fold back in. Good. Let's grab the elbows and forearms here. Again, a gentle sway. Who did this in the 1st class? Just sort of loosening up maybe a head nod. Yes and no. Good. And then keep your arms together and just rag all up one vertebra at a time towards standing. Good. And then take your arms up and over your head.

You might need to adjust that grab. I'm gonna face you, but you can Stay where you are, feet about hip distance. And I want you to feel like you're sort of pulling on your arms. You're adding a little traction here. K? Shoulders are down the back, and then go ahead and lean over to the right, and then either stay there keep going in a circle, bend your knees, come all the way down, and then up and over on the left. Good. Do it again.

Over to the right all the way down. And there's that circular pattern again. Let's do one more over the right. Let it feel good. Get it in there.

Yeah. And then pause at the top. And with the other feel free to switch your arm crossing all the way down, up and over on the right. Maybe closing the eyes here. Feel the feels. Last one.

Good. And then pause at the top. Reach your arms up, erd, Austin, take a big inhale as you exhale bow forward and fold over your legs. Good. Take a halfway lift. Inhale. Exhale. Full back in. Let's crawl ourselves back out and find plank pose.

Good. And then optional Vinyasa exhale as you lower down. Inhale as you lift your heart. Exhale as you go back to downward facing dog. Take a full inhale here. Take a full exhale out.

Walk your hands back to the toes again. Take a halfway lift. Inhale. Exhale fold. This time just rise all the way up reaching the arms back to Erba Haastasana pause there. And like you're picking fruit off a tree, just reach up with one hand and then the other. Right? So getting back into the ribs, the side body, finding space, letting things shift, I find movement, especially little movements, really help us explore.

Couple more breasts. What kind of fruit are you grabbing? Alright. Let's bend the elbows. Goal post the arms. Feel some space in the heart.

Put your hands behind your head, interlace your fingers, lean back, lean back, One more breath. Good. And then release the arms all the way down alongside the body. And then just give the arms a break. Shake them out. Shake out your hands.

Again, little little shifts or, you know, if you're feeling it, you know, you can just do some really big ones. Get weird. Shake it all up. Maybe shake out a leg. Check out the other leg.

You flutter your lips. Alright. Let's reach the arms back up to the sky or the inhale as you exhale bow forward. Inhale, halfway lift, exhale fold, and then crawl yourself. Ah, one more time. Let's find plank pose. Either hold here or exhale to slow lower, Vinyasa, inhaling to lift the heart space. Exhaling back to downward facing dog.

Okay. Take a big inhale and a long exhale. Alright. Right leg's gonna rise up. Bend the knee. Open the hip. Feel some length from your right hand to your right knee, inhale here.

As you exhale, draw your knee to your chest, and slowly step the foot up by your right thumb. Lower your back knee. Inhale. Sweep your arms up. Crescent moon shape. Good. Breathe here.

Let the left hip melt forward. Ground down into that right foot and lift your heart. So playing with that circle beam again, start to reach your arms all the way out and then all the way down to the floor. Good. Bring your right hand inside your right foot. Lift your back knee and just crawl around to the side edge of your mat into a wide fold bow forward.

Good. And then on the inhale rise up, you can put your hands on your hips, come all the way up. Warrior 2 towards the back of the mat, left toes, point back, arms, wide side to side. From here, you're gonna reach your arms out and up, a little half circle, inhale. And as you you're gonna bring your arms back down into warrior 2. Playing with some energy, inhale, gathering something up.

And then exhale releasing and grounding down. One more time, inhale reaching up. Exhale back down. Hold it for a breath. And then cart while your hands to the back half of your mat and step back to plank pose.

Optional Vinyasa here or hold your plank. We'll meet back and downward facing dog. Right. Leg again goes back up. We're gonna move in a circle around them up. Mandalanamaskar.

Good. Stop your right foot all the way up by your right thumb. Lower the back knee. Inhale, reach your arms up, crescent moon shape. Hold for a breath. Maybe go a little deeper this time. On your next exhale circle the arms all the way out and down.

Good. Bring your right hand inside your right foot crawl around towards the left side of the mat wide fold. Hold for a breath. Hands come to the hips, inhale as you rise all the way up. Open into warrior 2, front of the mat, left toes point forward. Good. And, again, reach the arms up as you inhale.

Ex. I'll float them back down. Moving meditation, inhaling up. Exhaling down. Inhaling up. Exhaling down.

Pause and hold for a breath. And then cart will the hands back down to the front of the mat step back to plank? Hold or again, Vinyasa? You're Vinyasa. Good. Pause and downward dog.

Full breath in. Full breath out. Let's go to the other side. Left leg sweeps up this time. Bend the knee. Open the hip.

Feel the link from the left palm to the left knee. And then slowly guide that left knee forward step the left foot by your left thumb, lower the back knee, inhale to sweep the arms up. Crescent moon shape here. Pause and feel the feels, little wiggles, little movements. Inhale to lift the heart.

Exhale. We circle the arms all the way down. We're going to wide fold. Crawl towards the right side of the mat. Parallel the feet. Bow in.

Hands to the hips. Inhale as you rise up. Warrior 2 to the back of the mat. Point the right toes back. So this time, we're gonna mix it up.

The palms come in towards the heart. Like, you're bringing a big ball of energy in, inhale. As you exhale, you're gonna push that energy out really flex your palms here. Inhale. Energy comes in. Exhale. We push it out. One more.

Hold it. Carte will the hands down, step to plank pose, optional vinyasa. Dalmer Duck. Left leg rise is bend the knee. Open up the hip. Inhale.

Exhale. Step it forward. Lower the back knee. Inhale. Reach your arms up. Good. And then slowly circle him down. Crawl around.

Wide fold. Grab your legs. Pull in. Hands to the hips in hail, rise up. Warrior 2 to the front of the mat. Palms come into the heart. Inhale.

Exhale out. What are you bringing in? Inhale. What are you pushing away and out exhale? One more. Hold it.

Release hands down to the front of the mat. Vinyasa, if you'd like. Hold your downward dog three deep breaths here. Inhale through the nose. Hold the breath.

Out the mouth. Say it out. Inhale again. Hold the breath. They stick the tongue out. Lion's breath out the mouth. One more time. Big inhale.

Big exhale. Let's go to child's pose. Take a little rest. Drops ahead, drop the arms, smooth out your breath, Let's roll ourselves up and come to a comfortable cross legged seat. Maybe pull the flash from your sit bones, I'd like your butt to be on the floor here.

So not on a blanket, even if you're rounding a little, that's fine. Hands to your knees cop your knees, and we're gonna move through something called sufi roles. So it looks like this. The chin and chest goes to the right knee, and then we circle forward over to the left knee, and then we round back. Good. So over to the right, forward, left, and then round back and try to get your us involved in healing as you come forward. Exhaling as you round back.

And we'll just keep going. Maybe close the eyes. Feel your hands on your knees, pushing and pulling. And these can be deep circles really getting in there, or maybe they're more subtle like we've been talking about. Just real subtle shifts, but you're It's like you're churning up the energy. You're churning the butter.

You're stirring the soup. Keep going. Let's do about 3 or 4 more in this direction. Shake it up, move it up, clear, shift. Other direction. You might wanna switch your legs other direction.

Maybe get your shoulders involved, your neck, your jaw again. Inhaling as you come forward as sailing as you round back. Keep going. Maybe you wanna pick up the pace. Maybe you wanna slow it down. Last 3 or 4.

And then just let's pause at center. If you wanna sit on an if you wanna sit up on something now, go ahead. Just pause. Feel the shift. Feel the energy. Feel the breaths.

Good. And then let's bring the souls of the feet together. And we'll do, seated badoconasana. Maybe pull the flesh back. Again, maybe sit up on something, grab your ankles, your shins here, inhale, lift your heart. As you exhale, pour the heart towards the toes. Let the head round.

Just breathe into the hips and back. The elbows might stay where They were sort of near the knees, or you can walk your arms forward and let the elbows come down towards the floor. Feel free to widen the diamond shape in your legs, wiggle your hips back, maybe extend into the shape a little more by reaching the heart away from the hips and then bowing just a little deeper. Let the head hang. Witness the quality of your breath.

Coming back to that place of connection to yourself. And through the connection to yourself. And this practice of stirring things up Really feeling a clear energy. A little more space. Let's take one more breath here.

And slowly roll your body all the way back. Alright. Let's end our practice either in a seated meditation or on your back in Shavasana. Make yourself comfortable. Let the body get heavy and relaxed. I softly close.

Shoulders melting down. So maybe by mixing it all up and shifting everything around, we can start to focus A little more. Find the clear spaces in your minds. The ones that maybe don't feel so scattered and jumbled. And confusing.

The spaces between your thoughts. Perhaps visualizing some lights. Behind your closed eyes. Spacious, clear lights. You are more than welcome to stay where you are and soak in this practice a little longer.

If you're ready to get back into your day, just gently wiggle your fingers. Maybe move the head a little back into those subtle movements. And you can join me in a seated position. Prayer to the heart, bowing the chin down as a gesture of gratitude for this practice. For this time that you carved out to connect and to clear Let's take one more easy breath in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Have a beautiful rest of your day. Thank you.


Jenny S
2 people like this.
I’m so grateful for another expansive yet grounding offering.  Feeling an awakening in my soul…✨✨✨🕊️
Catherine R
I really like the pace and feel of these practices!
2 people like this.
Fun and groovy! Thank you Linda 😊🙏🏻
Laura M
2 people like this.
I loved this one! So grateful to have you back Linda!
Sandra Židan
What a beautiful creative and intuitive practice! Thanks, Linda, for sharing it with us! Namaste! ❤️🥰💖🦋
Kate M
1 person likes this.
This was so interesting - some of these sequences are ones that I've been exploring. There was a nice sense of recognition, and then an invitation to improvise beyond what was being called out. It was quite lovely. Thank you, Linda!
Lina S
2 people like this.
I like circling or mandala-inspired sequences. A fun class.
Linda Baffa
1 person likes this.
Jenny S I love your comments!!  yes yes yes... soul awakening!  Isn't that what it's all about?  
Linda Baffa
1 person likes this.
Catherine R Thank you for sharing your feedback! So happy the practices are serving you here... Stay Well!
Linda Baffa
1 person likes this.
Monica You're welcome :) Happy to practice together here!
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